New Life New Begining


23. New Begining

The next morning I woke to the smell of food. I smiled. I rolled over onto Niall's side of the bed. I smiled. I sat up and pulled my hair up in a messy bun. I kicked the blankets off and got out of bed. What ever Niall made smelled good. I smiled as I opened the door. I walked out into the livingroom and saw some bag's. That's weird. I looked around the corner and saw Niall talking to someone.
"Yeah mum she's good to me." I could hear the smile in Niall's voice.
"That's the only thing I want to know." I saw his Mom hug him. She saw me and smiled. "This must be Heather." I smiled at her. She walked right up to me and hugged me.
"Yes Mum that's Heather." Niall walked over to us and put his arm around me. I leaned my head on his shoulder.
"It's nice to meet you." I smiled at her.
"Nice to meet you too Heather." My stomache made a noise. "Ah someone sounds hungery." I laughed.
"Yes I am." Niall's mom turned around and walked over to put some food on the plates. "It's a good thing I made breakfest when I came in the door." She handed us the plates and we walked to the table. We all sat down and started eating.
"You know when I woke to smelling my Mum's food, at first I thought it was you making food." I smiled.
"When I woke up to the smell of food, I thought you were cooking." We all laughed.
"So do you live together?" Niall's mom looked between us.
"No not really, I live with my cousin and his family. I just stay here a lot." I smiled.
"Plus Mum would it be bad if she did?" Niall looked at his mom.
"No it wouldn't. Heather seams like a wonderfull young lady." I smiled.
"Thank you." We finished eating. "I'll do the dishes." I picked everyones plate off the table and walked into the kitchen.
"I'll help you. Gives me a chance to get to know you more." Niall's mom walked over to me and handed me the pot's off the stove.
"You don't have to. You made breakfest." I started the water.
"I want to. I'm used to doing everything when I come to see Niall." I washed the forks and put them in the otherside of the sink. Maura Niall's mom rinsed the forks.
"So what do you want to know about me?" I smiled at her.
"Well why are you living with your cousin and not your parents?" My smiled dropped a little. Maura gave me this i'm sorry look.
"Well my family kinda didn't want me anymore." I looked down. "It's not cause of the way I am. My family wanted me to be a spoiled brat and that's not me. I come from money and they wanted me to show it off. I don't like doing that." I washed the last plate. Maura pulled it out of the sink and rinsed it.
"That's no reason to not want someone." Maura hugged me.
"Awe thank you." I hugged her back. While we were hugging Niall came into the kitchen.
"Awe my two favorite girls hugging." We smiled. Niall joined in on out hug.
"So what do you two have planed for today?" Maura looked at us.
"Well Mum I have a interview, the girls are coming with us again. Then after I'm taking Heather to the docter." Maura looked at me with concern in her eye's.
"Is everything okay?" I half smiled.
"Yeah i've just been sick and Niall's making me go see his docter." Maura looked releaved.
"Okay. When's the interview?" Maura looked at Niall.
"Well it's in like an hour. So we better go get ready." I walked towords the door.
"I'm going to get clothes off of El. Be back in a few." I smiled before I walked out. I walked down to Lou's door and walked right in. Harry was walking around naked again.
"Harry!" I covered my eye's. Harry just laughed.
"Get used to it. I like being naked." I laughed. "It's not like you haven't seen me naked before." Harry laughed again.
"Yeah but your dating my niece." I moved my hand but kept my eye's closed as I walked to Lou and El's door. I knocked once then opened the door. "Lou are you covered?" I laughed.
"He's in the bath. Harry still naked?" I opened my eye's.
"Yes he is." I sat down on the bed. I didn't even have to ask. El handed me a pair of shorts and a cute zebra shirt with a big pink heart on it.
"I told him you'd be coming over for clothes. I swear that boy likes making people feel weird around him." We laughed.
"I know." I looked at the bathroom door. The shower was still on. "Mind if I change here. Maura is here seeing Niall and I want to give them a few minutes alone?" El smiled.
"No I don't mind go ahead. I have to get ready too." I walked over to El's make up and did my make up.
"El should I wear my hair down or up?" El smiled at me.
"How about I do your hair after you change your shirt. I have an idea." I smiled at her. I thought I heard the shower going still.
"Okay." As I had my shirt half way over my head Lou came walking into the bedroom.
"Awe just what I like two half naked girls in my room." Lou laughed. I pulled my shirt back down. I blushed. "Awe did I make you blush." I laughed.
"Yeah you did just see my boob's." Lou turned to face the wall.
"Go ahead and change your shirt." I pulled my shirt off and pulled the zebra shirt on. Harry came running into the room.
"Did I hear the words two naked girls?" Harry looked around.
"You missed it man. There were boobs everywhere." Lou put his arm on Harry shoulders. I laughed at Harry's face.
"Damn it!" He turned around and sulked out of the bedroom.
"I have to get clothes to wear." I now just noticed Lou was only in his boxers.
"Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?" I laughed.
"No at first I thought all this open ness was weird but once you get used to it. It's not trust me." El and I laughed. I sat back down on the bed.
"So what do you have planed for my hair?" El sat behind me. My hair had natural waves, El didn't have to do much to get in wavy. She pulled my hair to oneside and clipped it so it would stay.
"There it's all done. It looks pretty." I stood up and walked into the bathroom to look at it. I loved it.
"Awe El I love it." I walked back into their room. I grabbed the shorts and walked back into the bathroom to change into them. By the time I walked out Lou and El were dressed sitting on the bed. El had black heals sitting on the bed.
"Wear those. They'll look cute on you." I sat beside her and put them on. I loved them.
"Thanks El. And thanks for letting me get ready here." Lou smiled at me.
"No problem. You and Nialler fighting or something?" I laughed at the nickname Lou had for Niall.
"Oh god no. We haven't had a fight yet. Maura is here visiting and I wanted to give them sometime alone." Lou smiled.
"That's sweet of you." I laughed.
"Yeah I've been told." I smiled at Lou. "Let's go before Liam comes in yelling at us that we're going to be late." I stood up and walked out of their room. Sammy was sitting in the livingroom with Harry. "Nice to see that you have clothes on now." I smiled at Harry.
"Let me guess walked in to get clothes and saw him naked?" I smiled at Sammy. "Harry I told you when the door's unlocked you can't walk around naked." Sammy laughed.
"Come on guy's if we don't leave now we're going to be late." As we were walking out of Lou and Harry's, Liam and Zayn were walking out of their flatts.
"Where's Niall we're going to be late." Liam looked at me.
"He's with in his flatt getting dressed. Maura came to see him." Liam lightened up a little.
"Okay go get him." I gave Liam a calm down look. I didn't see Dannie anywhere. I thought all of us girls were going. I walked into Niall's and saw Maura sitting in the livingroom.
"Hi Heather he's in his room." I laughed.
"Thanks. Liam sent me, we're going to be late." Maura laughed. I walked into Niall's room and got knocked onto his bed. "Niall." He kissed me. "We can't do this with your Mum out there and were going to be late."
"But babe." Niall stuck his lip out.
"No but's lets go." I kissed him. He got off of me and helped me up.
"Okay let's go babe." Niall put his arm around me. We walked out into the livingroom. "Bye Mum be back later got to go to an interview and then the doctor's after." Niall walked over to his Mum and gave her a kiss and a hug.
"Bye sweetie bye Heather." I waved bye and smiled at her. Niall walked back over to me and put his arm around me.
"Come on babe." I smiled. I loved it when he called me babe. We walked out into the hallway.
"Finally we're going to be late." Liam was holding the door open. Apparently everyone was in the car waiting for us.
"I was saying by to my Mum." Niall looked at Liam with this i'm telling the truth look.
"Yeah and that's why Heather's hair and clothes looked messed up." Liam laughed.
"I swear we didn't do anything. He knocked me onto the bed and gave me kiss that it." I laughed.
"Yeah yeah come on." We put on our sunglasses as we walked out the door. There wasn't that many people but still a good amount. We got into the car and went on our way to the interview.
"Oh yeah Niall I got to tell you something." I looked at him with my forgive me eye's.
"Yeah?" Niall looked at me like he was scared.
"When I was getting dressed at Lou and Harry's, I was changing in Lou's room he didn't know and kinda walked in on me and saw my boob's." I looked away. Niall put his finger under my chin and made me look at him.
"Hey i'm not mad. It's not like you purposely flashed him." We laughed.
"Yeah I didn't." Niall kissed me.
"Lou better not happen again." Niall gave him a I mean it look and then started laughing.
"Yeah yeah." Lou started laughing with him.
"Harry I heard something." I looked at him.
"Whatcha hear?" Harry looked at Sammy.
"Well I heard that your telling everyone today at the interview that your dating Sammy." I smiled. I remember when Niall told everyone he was dating me. I leaned over and kissed him.
"Yeah I think it's time everyone knew, we have been dating awhile. And I think it's the right thing to do." Harry kissed Sammy.
"Awe." I couldn't help but smile. Harry makes Sammy happy and Sammy makes Harry happy. No one said anything else. When we got to the interview place everyone got out. We walked into the building and the boy's walked into the Dj's room and sat down. El, Sammy, and I sat in the room but not in the way.
"Hello boy's." The man behind the mic was nice. "Oh and hello Lady's." We waved and said hello.
"Hello Micheal. Thanks for having us again." I loved how Liam knew everyone by their first names.
"Now boy's we have to get down to the questions, you're only here for a few minutes." Micheal smiled at the boy's.
"Hit us with the questions." Niall smiled at him.
"Okay then, all of you boy's are in a relationship beside Zayn and Harry right?" Micheal looked at the boy's.
"Well i'm dating Dannielle." Liam smiled when he said her name.
"I'm with Eleanore." Lou winked at El.
"I'm dating Heather." Niall smiled at me. I smiled back.
"Well Zayn and Harry." Micheal smiled. "I've seen pictures of all of you out and about. Harry is there anything you want to say?" Harry smiled.
"Well i'm in a relationship, with Sammy." Harry smiled at Sammy. I looked at her and she looked happy that everyone knew that they were dating.
"Okay. That would be her right there?" Micheal pointed at Sammy.
"Yup that's her." Harry smiled.
"If you don't mind me asking how'd you two meet?" I smiled. I still remember it.
"Well it's not like we bumped into one another and knew we were ment to be together. Actually at first we couldn't stand each other." Harry laughed. "I was forced to keep an eye on her while Niall and Heather went on their first date." We all laughed.
"What do you and Heather have to do with Harry and Sammy?" Micheal looked at Niall.
"Well Heather is Sammy's aunt. Sammy was sent here to live with Heather for awhile." Micheal smiled.
"That's a unique way to meet someone." Harry laughed.
"I would say it is." Harry took a sip of his water.
"Well boy's seems we used up our whole time talking about Harry. But I have one more question."
"Yes?" Liam looked at him.
"Your going on tour soon. How long are you going to be away?" Micheal looked at us girls to see our reactions. We just smiled.
"Well we're going to be away for a while but we're going to have breaks and what nots, to be able to spend time with our friends and loved ones." Liam smiled at us girls.
"Well that's it for now. Thank you One Direction for coming and spending sometime with us." Micheal pulled his headphones off and walked over to the boy's. "Thanks for stopping by. Next time stay longer." Everyone started laughing. Even us girls. Micheal looked over at us.
"Next time we'll try and stay longer." Liam smiled at him.
"Are you going to introduce me to all your birds?" The boy's walked over to us.
"This is Eleanor my bird." Louis put his arm around her.
"This is Heather." Niall kissed my cheek and put his arm around me too.
"This here is Sammy." I looked over at them and Sammy was smiling.
"Nice to meet all you girls." Micheal smiled at all of us.
"Nice to meet you to." I smiled at him.
"I'd love to stay and talk but I have to get back to the show. Next time the boy's come, you girls come too. It'd be nice getting a few of you up there to talk about the fans and everything." He smiled at us before returning to his mic. We all walked out to the parking lot. There were two cars. I looked at the boy's.
"The second car is for us. To take you to the doctors." Niall pulled me towards it.
"Bye guy's see you later." I waved to everyone else. We got into the car. "Niall i'm scared." He put his arms around me.
"Don't be babe. I'm here with you." I half smiled at him.
"Yeah until I go back by myself." He smiled at me.
"Yeah and i'll be waiting in the waitingroom for you." He kissed me. We were in the car for about ten minutes when we pulled up to a building. "We're here." Niall got out and helped me out. We walked inside. Niall sat down. I walked up to check in. The lady behind the window smiled at me.
"How may I help you?" Her name tag said Nicole.
"Hi my names Heather Black. I have an appointment." I smiled at her. She pulled out some papers.
"You've never been here before. You need to fill out these papers and wait for your name to be called." She handed me the papers. I walked over to Niall and sat beside him.
"I have to fill out some papers first." Niall smiled at me. I filled out most of the papers. Niall helped with some of the questions.
"That's the last question." Niall handed me the papers. Just as he did a nurse came to the waiting room.
"Heather Black?" I stood up. Niall smiled at me.
"Remember i'll be here waiting for you." He kissed me.
"I'll be back." I walked over to the nurse. She led me to a room and told me to sit on the bed. She took my temp and pulse.
"So Heather, what brought you in today. Other then my boyfriend and friends making me come." She laughed. "Well i've been getting sick alot and they're all scared." She smiled at me and wrote down what I told her.
"Okay i'll let the doctor know. She'll be in shortly." The nurse walked out. I waited five minutes for the doctor to come in. She walked threw the door.
"Hello Miss. Black. It's nice to meet you." She smiled at me. "My names Dr. Jonas. My nurse told me that your getting sick?" I smiled at her.
"Yeah my friends and boyfriend are freaking out over it, so they made me come in." She nodded her head.
"Well i'm going to take some blood and run some test's on it." She pulled a neadle out. Pull a big rubber band thing on my arm and took some blood. "It shouldn't take long."
"Okay." I smiled at her. She walked out of the room. I was left alone. Waiting, scared out my mind for 20 minutes. She walked back in. She had this look on her face it made me scared.
"Well Miss. Black your not sick. Your pregnant." She smiled at me. I didn't know what to think.
" far along am I?" It was hard for me to say that.
"Well do you know when your last period was?" I had to think about it.
"Um I think a month or so ago." This couldn't be happening. How was I going to tell Niall. Oh god this was going to ruin Niall's dreams. I couldn't do that to him. My eye's teard up a little.
"Well then I would say you about two months pregnant." She smiled at me. "Congradulations. You are free to leave when your ready to."
"Thanks I think." I got up and walked out to Niall in the waiting room.
"So what the doctor say?" I smiled at Niall.
"Um she said it was nothing but a bug going around." He smiled at me.
"See I told you nothing to worry about." He kissed me.
"Yeah." I couldn't tell Niall the truth. We walked out to the car. We got in. "Niall could you drop me off at David and Stacy's. I want to stay there tonight. You know to give you and your mom some time alone." I smiled at him. He smiled at me.
"Sure thing babe." Niall put his arms around me and held me the whole ride to David's. When we got to David's Niall helped me out of the car. "Bye babe." Niall kissed me. I kissed him back. "I'll see you tomorrow?" I half smiled at him.
"Bye Niall." I kissed him again. I couldn't tell him yes. I started walking to the door. I turned around. "Niall." He was half way in the car.
"Yeah?" He smiled at me.
"I love you Niall." I smiled at him.
"I love you too babe." He smiled at me before getting into the car and pulling away. I walked in the house. David was at work. Stacy was in the kitchen cooking.
"I'm home." Stacy walked into the livingroom.
"Hello Heather." The second I closed the front door I fell to my knees and started crying. Stacy ran over to me. "Oh my Heather what's wrong." Stacy pulled me into her and held me while I cried. All I could do was cry. "Heather it's okay. You can tell me anything. I'm here for you." I slowly stopped crying.
"Stacy I...i'm...oh god." I cried a little more.
"You what Heather?" She rubbed my back.
"Stacy i'm pregnant." she didn't say anything to me. "What am I going to do." We sat there not saying anything. Just me crying.
"Awe sweetie, everythings going to be fine. Your going to be fine." I just looked at her. How could everything be fine? "What does Niall think?" I looked away from her. "You didn't tell him did you?" I couldn't look her in the eye's.
"No I can't tell him. It will ruin his dreams. I couldn't do that to him." I started to cry again.
"What are you goint to do, not tell him. Don't you think he'll find out?" I knew she was trying to help me.
"I think i'm gonna leave." I looked down.
"Where are you going to go. Back home with your parents?" I laughed.
"Hell no. I'm never going back. I think i'm going to call Conor. It's been awhile since I've seen him." How could I do what I was going to do.
"I've never heard of Conor. Who's he?" I laughed.
"Well I don't know if you've heard of him. My best friend Conor Maynard. I met him threw my school. My school did this penpal thing with his school. We've been friends since." I pulled out my phone and texted him.
"Conor I need to talk to you." I waited a few minutes he texted me back.
"Whats wrong Heather?"
"Well I want to come see you. I can't go back home and I need my best friend." With in a few seconds he texted me back.
"You know where I live, your always welcomed here." I smiled.
"Okay i'll be there tomorrow."
"I'm going to Conor's." I stood up. I went to go to my room. "Stacy?" I turned around.
"Yeah?" She looked at me with sad eye's.
"Don't tell anyone. Louis or any of the boy's or El and Dannie." She smiled at me.
"I wont say anything. What about Sammy?" I frowned.
"I'm going to tell her and David." I walked up to my room. I looked around. I smiled. I loved being here. I'm going to miss being here. I'm going to miss Niall. I pulled out my bags and started putting my clothes back in them. It only took me an hour to pack everything. I carried them downstairs and had them setting by the door. I was sitting in David's livingroom when he got home. When he walked in the house and saw my bags.
"Moving into Niall's. I knew that boy was going to ask you to move in with him. You pracitally already live there." David laughed. My eye's teared up a little. "What's wrong?" David sat down beside me.
"I'm not moving in with Niall." I looked down. "I'm going to stay with Conor." David gave me a weird look.
"Why would you be moving with Conor. What did Niall do? I'm going to kick his ass." I laughed.
"Niall didn't do anything. He doesn't know i'm leaving. No one does." I frowned at the leaving part.
"Then why in the bloody hell are you leaving? Aren't you happy here. What about you and Niall?" David stood up and walked around the room.
"I"m leaving cause i'm pregnant and I don't want to ruin Niall's life. I can't do that to him. I couldn't live with myself knowing that." I started crying again.
"Oh god. Heather." David sat down beside and hugged me. "I don't think you should go. Stay here with us. We'll help you with the baby. We're your family. You can't leave." David looked pissed.
"I have to. I can't stay here. If I stay Niall's life with get ruined and I can't do that. I already baught the plan ticket." I hugged him back.
"I'm going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you too. I uh need to call Niall before I leave." I got up and walked outside. I pulled out my phone and called Niall.
"Hey babe." I smiled.
"Hi Niall. How are things with your mom?"
"They're great. She keeps talking about you. I think she likes you." I could hear the smile in his voice. I felt a pulled on my heart.
"That's great Niall. I just wanted to call and say I love you." I started crying again.
"Awe babe I love you too." I didn't want Niall to hear me crying.
"Uh Niall I got to go Anna's about to get into something." I hated lying to him.
"OKay babe I'll call you later. Bye."
"Bye." I hung up the call and walked inside. "David will you take me to the airport. I need to get there soon."
"Sure lets go." David helped me get my bags into his car and we pulled away. This is the last time i'll be here.

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