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6. @Louis_Tomlinson your not my best friend anymore @Harry_Styles is :P

"You two keeping something from us?" Zayn asked. I think that is the first time Zayns talked to me tonight. He really don't talk that much.
" I don't keep secrets from you mates." Niall looked nervouse. I smiled at him and Liam handed us plates. We all were sitting around eating and laughing.
"So Heather tell us a little about you." Liam looked at me and sat his food down.
"Well I'm 19. I am one of the middle children of four. I love making videos for youtube and I love taking photos. I plan on making something of myself, I don't want to fall back on my parents. Thats kind of why i'm here. My parents don't want me around anymore, I'm nothing like them. I live here now with mine and Louis' cousins David and Stacy and little Anna." The whole time I was talking all the boys were looking at me. Harry was the first to hug me. trying to make me feel better.
"I say we have a hug pile." Louis ran and jumped onto Harry and me, he wraped us in his arms. Liam, Niall, and Zayn followed Louis.
"Guys....boys...can't..breathe." I could barly get that out. The boys may look small but all together they weigh a lot. The boys all got off of me. Louis helped me up.
"Lads lets clean up and finish the movie." Liam started picking up the plates and taking them to the kitchen. I stood up to help and Louis pushed me back down.
"No you don't. You don't live here you don't clean." Louis stuck his toung out at me and grabed my plate and rest of the plates.
"That's so mean. Your not my best friend anymore. Harry is." Me and Harry stuck our toungs out at him and laughed. I grabed my phone and tweeted both Louis and Harry.
@pokadotzpants - @Louis_Tomlinson your not my best friend anymore @Harry_Styles is :P
Liam and Louis finished cleaning up. Louis turned the lights out and Liam started the movie. Niall got up and sat beside me.
"Heather you can sit on my lap again if you want." He smiled and blushed.
"If it's okay with you I want to." Niall didn't even give me a chance to breath. He pulled me over on his lap and smiled at me.
"I don't mind." He put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. As if we could get closer. We all sat there and watched the movie. Even though it was creepy and scary I didn't really freak out that much. I think it was being in Niall's arms was what kept me calm. The movie ended and most of the boys were asleep.
"I'm gonna wake everyone and make them go to their flats and go to sleep." Niall unwraped his arms and I got up. I turned the light on and turned the movie off. "Boy's wake up!" No one moved. "Boy's get up." Still no one moved. I had an idea. I took of Niall jumper and picked up a glass off the table. I dumped it on my shirt and Niall's eyes got big and he laughed. I pretended that i triped and it spelt on me. "Damn it. My shirts all wet and you can see my bra." That got Harry awake.
"Did you say wet shirt and your bra's showing?" Harry sat up fast and tried to see. I turned around and yelled for Niall to through me his jumper. I put it on fast. "That's not fair." Harry sounded like a little kid.
"Who ever said I was. You boys wouldn't wake I had to think of away to wake you. Now wake the others." Harry shot me a look and got the others wake. Louis didn't even open his eye's, he just walked into his room and shut the door. Harry stood at the door waiting for the boys to go so he could lock up. Zayn and Liam left and went home.
"Um Heather? Where are you going to sleep?" Niall was standing next to me.
"Well I was just gonna sleep on Harry and Louis' couch."
"No you can sleep at mine. I have a spair room." I looked around and thought bout it. i guess I could sleep at Nialls in his spair room.
"Um sure i guess. No funny games." I gave Niall a stern look.
"I wouldn't." He blushed and started walking out the door. I was walking behind him and stopped half way.
"Oh night Harry." I gave him a hug and followed Niall. We walked down the hall two doors down.
"This is my flat." Niall opened the door. It looked the same but different.
"I like it. It's different but the same as Harry and Louis'." He smiled.
"Make your self at home. My rooms through that door. Your going to be sleeping in that room there and the bath is in that room there." Niall walked around and showed me where everything was. Niall started walking towords his room.
"Um Niall do you have something I could change into. My shirts kinda wet." Niall blushed remembering me in my wet shirt.
"Oh yeah come into my room. I'll give you a shirt and some sweats to wear." I followed him in to his room and sat on his bed while he dug around.
"Will this work?" Niall turned around and noticed I was sitting right behind him. He was holding up a green t-shirt and black sweats.
"Yeah thank you." He handed them to me and I walked into the spair room. I changed and layed down. I couldn't sleep. I layed there for 2 hours. All I could think about was my parents and Niall. About an hour later I got up out of bed and walked into the hallway. I noticed Niall was in the livingroom sitting in front of his laptop. I walked up behind him and saw he was doing some kind of video thing but I didn't see anyone on the screen just a lot of tweets. This was my chance to pull a prank on him. I gave who ever he was chating with a be quite look and I leaned down beside him.
"Whatcha doing?" I laughed as Niall jumped and kinda did a yelp thing.
"Don't do that. How long have you been standing there? Why did't any of you tell me she was there?" He looked at his screen and was reading tweets? "Ah she told you not to. Figures she's a prankster." He started laughing.
"I've only been here like 2 minutes. What are you doing?" I walked over and sat beside him and looked at the screen.
"Well i'm on twit cam. Say hi to everyone." I smiled at the screen.
"Hi?" I looked at Niall then the screen.
"I'll tell you later." He started reading and so did I. Someone had asked who I was and another had asked if we were dating.
"She is my American friend Heather. No were not dating, just friends." I blushed and smiled.
"I'd only be lucky to date someone as sweet and charming as Niall." This time we both blushed.
"Your too sweet Heather." He huged me. We leaded over to read more tweets. One said we looked cute together. That made me blush. Someone else said that we should stop lying, that they know were dating. I looked at who it came from, what do you know. @Louis_Tomlinson sent it.
"Louis i'm kick your butt. Stop making people think that were dating." I laughed and looked at Niall he had this disappointed look. I felt bad. "It's not that I wouldn't date Niall it's just we just became friends, I don't know him. So stop making things weird Louis." I stuck my toung out at the cam. "Niall and everyone I don't know and Louis I'm gonna try and go lay down and try to sleep. Night." I waved goodbye.
"Night Heather and Louis says to say good night bestfriend." Niall waved night to me. A couple minutes later I heard Niall say goodnight to everyone. I heard his laptop close. I timed it just right, as I opened my door Niall was walking past to go to his room.
"Um Niall?" I don't think he saw me open my door. He kinda jumped.
"Yeah Heather?" He looked sleepy.
"Do you mind if I lay with you. I can't fall asleep." He looked shocked that I would ask him that. "I mean if you don't want to." I couldn't finish the sentence.
"No no I don't mind. Come on." Niall put his arm around me. We walked into his room. "You can lay down I'm gonna walk into my bathroom and get ready for bed." He smiled at me.
"Okay and thank you." He didn't hear me say thank you. He had already walked into his bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. He sings in the shower. Thats so cute. About 10 minutes later Niall walked into his room in just a towl. Let me tell you, he never and I mean never looked better.
"Oh and your welcome. I forgot to bring boxers to put on." He blushed and went over to his dresser.
"I didn't think you heard me. I'll close my eyes so you can change." I smiled and covered my eyes. I heard him moving around then there was weight on the bed beside me on the bed. He covered up.
"It's okay to uncover now." I could hear a smile in his voice. I opened my eyes and smiled.
"I said I wouldn't look. And I didn't." I blushed. I looked away and rolled on my side. "Thank you for letting me sleep in here."
"No problem." There goes that smile in his voice again.
"Oh and fair worning. I cuddle in my sleep." I smiled thinking about cuddling with Niall.
"I don't mind." Soon after we fell asleep. I slept the whole night. I felt at home with Niall. I woke when sunlight was in my eye's. Niall's arms were around me and I smiled. I tryed to get off the bed and Niall pulled me back down and kissed me. I freaked out and pulled away and ran. I ran out of Niall's flat and right to Harry and Louis'. I was banging on the door trying to wake them. They wouldn't wake. I heard a door opening. I prayed it wasn't Niall. It wasn't it was Liam. I ran to his flat and shut the door behind me.
"My god Heather. I thought you were some crazy person." He was still sleepy.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." I was mad freaking. What the hell just happened?
"What happened?" It was like Liam was reading my mind.
"I...I...Niall...he kissed me. I ran." That woke Liam up.
"Niall did what?" Liam seemed happy.
"He kissed me and I ran." I couldn't believe I kissed Niall.
"He likes you." Liam was gushing. "Wait why'd you run? I thought you liked him?" Now Liam seemed upset.
"I can't fall for him. Everyone I love hurts me and I hurt them. I don't want to hurt Niall.
"Oh love. Everythings gonna be okay." He tried to make me feel better.
"Please don't tell Niall i'm here." I walked over to Liam's couch and layed down.

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