New Life New Begining


2. It was just like my parents to do this

I was sitting in Caylie's living room trying to explain why I was leaving. She knew I didn't want to leave and that the main reason why was because of our friend. "Caylie you know I wouldn't go if I really have a choise. I hate the fact if I stayed i'd only be staying somewhere I'm not wanted and I don't want that. At least I know that my cousin David and his wife and daughter want me. And before you ask yes David and Stacy are happily married." I started laughing. Caylie always had the hots for David, he always thought she was way too young for him. "My god I wasn't going to ask, but since you brought it up that's bull. He's mine and will always be mine." Caylie always knew how to make me smile. She was giving me that evil look, I tried not to laugh but it was way to hard. "Not trying to make things sad but Babe when do I have to have you at the airport? I'm really gonna miss you." We both started crying. In between crying and sobing we managed to get on the floor holding each other. "Saddly we talked the whole night. I have to be there in like 2 hours. I'm gonna miss you too. We are going to text, talk, and skype everyday." We started getting sleepy. I couldn't go to sleep not now. If I did I would miss my plane and deep down I kinda wanted out of here. "No we can't sleep now. I can't miss my plane. If you want to so you can get sleep take me to my house to get my stuff and then take me to the airport. I'll only be an hour early." "Heather! I'm not gonna just leave you there. I'm gonna stay with you until you leave. But we can still go. We can get food. I'm starving." As usual shes starving. I think that may be my fault. "Um yeah I'm starving too. I also want to get one of those pillow thingys." I started laughing because I couldn't think of what it was called. Oh well Caylie knew what I was talking about. "Okay lets go. I don't want to be at your house for long. You know because I may say something to your parents if you know what I mean." There's that evil look again. "Yeah I know. I'm really going to miss you." We left Caylie's house crying again. These past 20 hours seems like all I could do is cry and cry. Hopefully things start getting better. "I know. I'm gonna find a way to come to England and see you and your hot cousin." Caylie winked at me and licked her lips. "My god Caylie how many times do I got to tell you David's married and has a daughter now." I started laughing. I knew the second I told her about me having to leave and go to David's this was what she was going to do. Even though I know she's acting like this for me. "I don't care about what's her face. Like I said David is mine and will always be mine." She's crazy. But I love her. I'm going to miss this. "Heather be fast and quite. I don't want your Mom coming out here. If I see her i'm gonna go all types of crazy on her ass." We started laughing. It's times like this that I love being around Caylie. "Okay okay I'll be right back. My stuff is in the front room. I'll be like 3 minutes." As I was walking from Caylie's car to my house I started seeing flash backs from when I was kid playing in the yard to me standing here now. All my childhood memory's are from here. I opened the front door and like I said. All my things were sitting in the front room along with my plane ticket. I grabed my bags and started for the door. Until I heard someone say my name. "Aunt Heather?!" The second I heard Aylssa I wanted to swear at my mother. She knew I was leaving and she kept Aylssa over night. "Yeah sweetie?" I couldn't move. All I could think about was I was leaving my monsters in 2 hours. "Where are you going?" She gave me this puzzled look. "Oh um Aunt Heather is going away for a little while. Didn't grandma or grandpa tell you?" Unbelieveable. They weren't going to tell her or the other's I was leaving. "No. Why are you leaving?" It was just like my parents to do this. "Um well grandma and grandpa want me to see what's out in the world for me. I swear I'm not going to be gone forever. Just a little while." "Okay. I'm gonna miss you and I love you." She looked hurt, like I really wanted to leave her. "Oh sweetie I'm gonna miss you too. And I love you too." I set my bags down and picked her up. I hugged her for like 5 minutes. Then Caylie started honking her horn. "I got to go Aylssa. I love you. Bye." I kissed her on her head and set her down. I grabed my bags again and walked out the front door and shut it. "What the hell took so long? What happened to 3 minutes?" Caylie was trying to pretend that she was pissed but Caylies the type of person she don't get pissed. "Aylssa saw me leaving. My parents didn't even tell her I was leaving. It was hard for me to say goodbye." Yet again I was crying. "Oh babe everythings going to work out for you. You wait and see." We started to pull away from my house for the last time. I was going to miss my monsters and my life here. The car ride to the airport was quit. All that could be heard was my crying. "Heather do you want help carrying your bags?" Caylie looked at me with this sad look on her face. "Um sure." We started walking into the airport. There wasn't a lot of people but there was still people here. "Caylie lets take my bags to the bag drop and then we'll go get food." "Okay sound good to me." We took my bags to the bag drop. We started for the food court when I noticed a small group of boys just joking around and being loud. "Oh there cute. And there going to be on your plane. Lucky." Caylie was checking them out and stairing at them. "They are but I'm not looking for anyone over there. I don't plan on staying there forever." "I know that, but come on if all the boys look like them in England. Then I'm coming with you and we're staying for ever." Caylie started laughing which I think caught the boys attention. Because they stoped doing what they were doing. "Let's just go get food and come back. I wanna sit." I really just "Okay let's go."

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