New Life New Begining


15. It means dedicated to fans

Even after we got inside the boy's didn't let go any of us girls. Even Harry kept his arm around Sammy. Later on I'm going to have to have the 'talk' with mr Harry Styles. Thats my niece he has in his arms. But it was cute. He didn't want anything to do with the 'fake' Sammy but he likes the 'real' Sammy. I'm going to have to have a talk with Sammy too. We walked into a room with a few people. One of the guy's behind a mic gave me and Sammy a weird look.
"As if on que the boy's walked through the door." The man behind the mic said. "Looks like there's some new love in the air too." That made me blush. I looked at Niall he had a smile. The boy's all walked over to their mic's and put headphones on. "Hey boy's been a long time."
"Hey Mike." Liam acted like he was talking with one of his friends. "How you been?"
"Liam I'm supposed to be the one asking questions not you." Mike laughed. He looked over at us girls and waved. We waved back.
"How are you boy's" Mike had something he really wanted to ask, I could tell.
"Well we've been really good. Recording almost everyday. Which we love doing." Liam answered a little too fast. I could tell he loved being the one who talked.
"We've also been spending sometime with family and friends." Louis smiled over at us. Cheeky little boy. Found a way to mention us. I laughed. Mike looked over at me. I mouthed 'sorry'.
"Well we've had some fans tweet in some questions. So here's the first question that popped up the most. Niall." Mike looked at him.
"Yes?" Niall smiled like nothing bothered him.
"They want to know if it's true that you have bird." This was the question that he wanted to ask since we walked in. Niall looked at me. I gave him a go a head look.
"Well the truth is that I do actually have a bird." Niall smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile.
"Now I have to ask. Is that her over there?" Mike pointed at me.
"That would be my bird." Niall laughed. Mike smiled
"Wow you got your self a looker." Mike pushed a button and wholf whistles went off. Niall laughed and so did I. "You mind saying how you met?"
"Thank you. Well we met on a plane coming home. She actually didn't know who I was or any of the boy's but she was a fan of us." I smiled.
"Awe that's cute. Damn I sound like a girl." Mike laughed at himself. "Well onto another question. Who is the best kisser?" The boy's all looked around.
"ME!" They said at the same time. Mike laughed.
"You all can't be the best kisser. How bout we play a little game?" Mike pointed over at us girls. "You." We all looked around. "Niall's bird come here." I got up and walked over by Niall. I leaned into the mic.
"Yes?" I looked at Mike.
"My god Niall I know why you asked her to be your bird. Looks and the voice." Mike laughed.
"Okay the game is each boy gets to kiss you and then you say which is best." My eye's bout popped out my head.
"I can't kiss the boys. I'm dating Niall. I couldn't kiss the boy's sorry." I went to turn around. Mike stopped me.
"How bout we have them kiss you on the cheek?" Mike looked at Niall.
"Love it's fine. It's just the cheek." Niall grabbed my hand and smiled.
"Fine." I sulked down the line of boy's up to Liam.
"Don't sound so mad." Mike laughed at me. "Okay Liam kiss. Wait what's your name?" Mike realized he never asked it.
"My name is Heather." I looked at the girls. They didn't seem mad.
"Okay Liam kiss Heather on the cheek" Liam laughed and kissed me on the cheek. "Now Zayn it's your turn." Zayn kissed me on the cheek. "Now Harry." Harry acted like he was going to kiss my lips but turned at the last minute and kissed my cheek. "Sneaky Harry." Mike laughed. "Okay Louis your turn." Louis made a funny face, which made me laugh. Then he kissed me. "Okay even though we all Niall has already kissed you. Niall your turn." We laughed. Instead of kissing my cheek Niall kissed me on the lips. Louis jumped up.
"Cheat. Cheat. Your were supposed to kiss Heather on the cheek Niall not the lips. I say your kiss doesn't count." Mike laughed.
"Okay Heather out of Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. Who kissed your cheek the best." I laughed. I walked beside the boy's and back up beside Louis.
"Well Mike, since I can't pick Niall. I guess it would have to be Zayn!" I ran over and hugged him.
"That's no fair! They're best friends." Harry stomped his feet.
"Thank you Heather for playing our game. Another question." Mike hugged me and I walked over to the girls. "Louis I do have to ask about this magazine cover. If Niall hadn't just said Heather was his bird I was going to ask if you were cheating on Eleanor." We all laughed. "Who's the little girl?"
"Well it's a friend of the family's daughter. Heather's little cousin. That's why were holding hands with her. Basically having a family breakfest." Louis smiled.
"Thanks for clearning that up for us." Mike smiled at us. "That's all we have for today. Thanks for coming in boy's maybe next time you'll sing a song for us." The boy's laughed.
"Maybe next time we'll sing instead answer quesstions. Like three songs?" Liam looked at Mike.
"I think the fans would love that. Bye boys. Bye girls." We waved bye. Then walked out of the room with the boys behind us.
"I think that went well." Louis was the first to talk. the boy's put their arms around us as we got to the doors. The staff unlocked the doors and the boy's body gards were right there pushing the girls back.
"I think it went well too." I smiled and kissed Niall as we were walking out. He smiled. We all got in the car and Harry stuck his head out the car.
"Hope to see all you beautiful girls at the show tonight." The girls started screaming and Harry shut the door. We really didn't say much on the way to where the concert was. Niall put his arms around me. I smiled. I noticed Sammy was looking at us.
"What Sammy?" I laughed at her. She thought I didn't see her looking.
"It's nothing." I knew her too well.
"Really what?" I smiled at her.
"Well it's just all the time i've spent with you it's just I've never seen you so happy and smile so much. Niall you make my aunt to happy. I've never seen this side of her. I love it." I blushed. I looked up at Niall he was blushing and smiling.
"Thank you Sammy. I'm glad I make your aunt happy cause she makes me happy." Niall leand down and kissed me. We kissed for like three minutes.
"Niall. Heather. Stop. Ew. Get a room." Louis covered his eye's laughing. I looked at Sammy she was smiling.
"Thank you Sammy. Oh yeah that reminds me. Mr.Styles me and you have to have a talk later." Harry looked at me.
"What in the bloody hell did I do?" He laughed.
"Nothing yet. I just want to make sure it stays that way." I laughed. He put his arm around Sammy. She put her head on his shoulder.
"What do you mean?" I looked at Harry like he was dumb. It took him like forever to figure out what I was talking about.
"Oh that. My god what kind of man do you think I am? I don't just sleep with any female." Harry looked at Sammy. "I don't mean anything about you at all."
"It's fine. We just met. I wasn't planning anything like that for a very long time." Sammy smiled. Out of no where Harry kissed Sammy on the lips really fast. Sammy smiled and blushed.
"My god right infront of me. Styles I don't want to see that." I laughed. The car came to a stop. I looked out not a lot of girls out there yet. Bet the boy's will stop and sign somethings. I smiled.
"We're here." The driver got out and opened door. We all got out. The girls started screaming. I smiled at the girls. Niall put his arm around me. We walked up to some girls. Niall took a cd from one girl.
"Thank you so much Niall. I heard you on the radio today. I love how you met." She looked right at me. "You really didn't know the boy's were One Direction?" I smiled at her.
"I really didn't." She smiled at me.
"Awe I think it's cute. Niall found a girl that he knew liked him for him." She hugged me. Niall hugged her too. Went a little down the line and a girl stopped us.
"Are you two really dating?" I looked at her shirt. It said Mrs.Niall Horan. The only thing I could think was oh god. Louis heard and him and Eleanor walked over to us.
"No I'm dating Heather and Niall's dating Eleanor." The girl looked confused. "Yes they're really dating. They L.O.V.E. each other. Even thought they haven't said it to each other." Louis winked at the girl and she looked even more confused. I laughed and we kept walking until we were inside. I looked around. It was big.
"So what do we do now?" We were still walking. No one answered me. We walked backstage. There were a lot of people runing around.
"We hangout and mess around until sound check." Harry jumped onto the couch. Sammy was walking by and he pulled her down onto him. They cuddled. It was cute.
"We're walking off and spending time by ourselfs." Both Liam and Danielle and Louis and Eleanor walked off.
"Follow me." I loved Niall's voice. He grabbed my hand. We walked out on the stage.
"Are we aloud out here?" Niall smiled.
"They can't stop us from being out here." Niall smiled. He put his arms around me."Would you like to dance my lady?" Niall started moving back and forth.
"There's no music. I can't dance." I laughed. Niall suprised me. He started singing. How did he know that I loved the song I'm Yours. I smiled. We danced for a while. I looked up at Niall and kissed him.
"AWE!" We looked over and Eleanor and Louis were standing there. "Who knew Niall could be so cute and sweet." Louis sounded like a girl.
"Lou leave them alone. I think it's cute." I blushed.
"I'm getting tired."I leaned into Niall more. He picked me up bride style and started walking backstage.
"Then lets go kick Harry and Sammy off the couch." I smiled. I leaned my head on Niall's shoulder and closed my eyes. He walked into the dressing room. "Harry get up." Nothing. "Sammy Harry! WAKE UP!" I heard someone moving around.
"What happened?" Niall laughed.
"Nothing happened. Heather was tired so I carried her back here. Let me lay here with Heather until sound check." Sammy sat up and woke Harry up.
Niall's Point of View
I looked down at Heather. She looked so cute sleeping. I leaned down and kissed her. She started to move around. I started humming and she stopped moving. I felt lucky to have Heather. It was weird we only knew each other four days and it felt like years.
"Niall?" I looked up at Zayn. He smiled at me.
"Yeah?" I talked low so I wouldn't wake Heather.
"She makes you happy doesn't she? I haven't seen you like this with someone before." I smiled at him.
"She does. I've never felt this way about a girl before. I feel lucky that I have her." Zayn smiled.
"Good. Your one of my best friends I don't want you getting hurt."
"Thanks man." He walked away. I fell asleep. About an hour later Harry was waking us.
"Niall get up. Heather Niall! WAKE UP!" Harry started laughing.
"Haha Harry." I sat up holding Heather. "Love it's time for sound check. Wake up."

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