New Life New Begining


16. It means dedicated to fans pt2

Heather's Point of View
I woke to Niall holding me on the couch. I looked up at him and smiled. "You didn't have to hold me the whole time. You could've done something with the boy's."
"I could've but I wanted to cuddle with you." He was so cute and sweet.
"Thank you." I leaned up and kissed him.
"I've got to go do sound check." I leaned off of Niall and he left. As I was laying back down Eleanor took Niall's seat.
"Go ahead and put your head on my lap. I don't mind." I did what she said. I looked over and Danielle and Sammy were sitting there looking at me.
"What?" I laughed.
"Well we want to talk about you and Niall." Danielle leaned forword incase one of the boys forgot something they wouldn't hear.
"Niall is like a little brother. We love him. He's never been like this with a girl. We don't want him getting hurt." Danielle wanted to know if I actually cared for Niall.
"I don't want you getting hurt." Sammy seamed to be the only one on my side.
"Well i'm not here to hurt Niall. I've never been like this with anyone before either. It's all new to me. I don't plan on leaving him. I can't say the love word. We've only been together for a few days. But there's something strong there." I looked at them.
"Good to know." Danielle and Eleanor hugged me. "Your offically one of us. I think were going to be having this same talk with you missy." Eleanor was pointing at Sammy.
"Right. I got to have a talk you Samantha." I looked over at her.
"Yeah?" She was confused.
"I know you said that your not going back to your old ways but what happens if you go home and everythings still the same? You going to go back to the fake Samantha? I don't want Harry to get hurt. I know I told him not to hurt you. I don't see him doing that. But what I do see is you turning back to your old ways and Harry getting hurt. He's a strong boy but he don't need that. I think of him as one of my brothers. All the boys are my brothers but Niall." I laughed. "Just don't hurt Harry please." Sammy looked at me.
"Well i'm not planning on going back to my old ways. I know that nothings going to change at home. I just have to deal with it another way. I like Harry but I've only met him yesterday. I don't know where him and me are going." I leaned over to hug Sammy at the same time as Eleanor and Danielle. Eleanor and I fell off the couch and landed on top of Danielle and Sammy.
"Looks like we don't have to have the talk with anymore now Danielle." Eleanor laughed. "Heather beat us to it." We heard the boys coming. I didn't notice we had talked for that long. When the boy's opened the door we were still on top of Danielle and Sammy. The boy's looked confused. We laughed at them. "Girl talk." Eleanor laughed.
"well looks like you girls had fun back here." Louis sat on the couch.
"That we did my friend."I stuck my tounge out at him. We got off of Danielle and Sammy. "I'm hungery."
"You are Niall's bird." Liam started laughing.
"Hey we didn't have lunch. It's dinner time." I acted hurt.
"Let's order some pizza." Niall pulled out his phone. He ordered some pizza and pop. "It's going to be here in twenty minutes." We all sat around talking and messing around. The pizza guy brought the pizza. We paid and tiped him.
"Pizza smells good." I took a slice and started eating. We randomly talked about anything. Some how someone brought up the meaning of DTF. I laughed.
"You boy's really don't know what it means." I took another bite.
"It means dedicated to fans." Liam sat beside me.
"You think it means that? No. You want to know what it really mean?" I laughed again.
"Is it rude?" Louis took another bite of pizza. I got up to get another slice of pizza. Harry was standing next to the pizza. I leaned in and told him what it means. His face was priceless. "What's it mean Harry?" Louis started laughing.
"It so doesn't mean dedicated to fans Liam." Harry took another bite.
"My god it means down to fuck." Sammy blurted it out. I started laughing. The boy's faces were funny.
"So did not think it ment that." Louis looked at me. "How did you know what it ment and we didn't?" I truely didn't know why.
"Why didn't you know and I did?" I laughed.
"Tushay Heather tushay." Louis and I laughed
"Guys we got to get ready. It's almost show time." Liam stood up. The rest of the boy's got up and started getting ready.
"So what are we girls doing?" I looked at Danielle.
"Hm we usually just talk and hangout." I thought of something we could do. I pulled my camera out of my purse.
"Let's make a video. We had fun last night making one." I set up my camera.
"The concerts starting." The boys ran up on stage.
"We're going to make a video of us saying were in love with each others boyfriends." I laughed. "I'll pretend to love Liam. Danielle you pretend to love Harry, Eleanor you love Niall, and Sammy you love Louis." We all started laughing. I pressed the record button.
"Heather did I tell you why I love Harry so much." Danielle started off the video.
"No you haven't. Why?" I looked at her.
"Well he's so cute and charming. Not to mention he makes me laugh. He's so cute." Danielle gushed about Harry.
"Louis is all that and more. He's funny and sweet." Sammy played that well.
"Liam is so smart and handsome. He knows how to keep his girl." I laughed.
"Let's just say Niall doesn't have a problem keeping his girl either." Eleanor laughed. I looked at the time. It's only been a few minutes. We all started laughing. The boy's caming running back to do a quick dress change.
"Are you making a video?" Louis walked behind us without a shirt on.
"Hi babe." Sammy smiled at Louis. He caught on quick.
"Hello love." Louis hugged her and whiped his sweat all over her. He laughed and walked away.
"Ew!" Sammy got up to clean Louis' sweat off of her. I ended the video there. It was going to get a lot a views.
"That was a lot of fun. Louis playing along with it made it even more funny." I put my camera away. "Let's go to side stage and watch some of the concert. We got up and walked through all the doors and hallways. When we got to side stage the boy's were singing my favorite song, More Than This. I smiled.

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