New Life New Begining


13. I like a boy who's not a perv

We all sat down and just talked. I like Eleanor she was really nice. Everyone was here except for Liam. He and Danielle were out on a date but they were coming back here later. "I'm bored." I looked at my purse. "I have an idea. Let's make a video." I pulled my video camera out of my purse.
"What kind of video?" Eleanor looked like she was thinking. I laughed at her fake thinking face.
"Let's pretend the boy's are in the bathroom shaving and we sneak in there with the camera and attack them with shaving cream. Shaving cream wars are fun." I laughed. I liked that idea.
"You boy's up for making a funny video?" Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis looked back and forth then smiled.
"Sure!" Louis jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I looked down at my dress.
"Wait!" Louis came back out of the bathroom. "I need something to wear. I can't wear my dress and have a shaving cream war." Eleanor got up.
"Follow me. I have clothes in Lou's room." I followed behind her. "If you ever need clothes I keep a lot here. Just clean them and put them back. I don't mind." I looked at her clothes.
"I'll wear the zebra shorts and the pink shirt." Eleanor handed me the clothes and walked out. I changed really fast. Know Harry and his pervness he's waiting outside the door for the right moment to open the door. I opened the door and Harry fell in. "See that's why I changed fast." I laughed while steping around Harry. Harry got up and walked up behind me.
"I like a girl in pink." He winked at me. I knew he was just messing with me. I walked up to Niall and put my arms around him.
"I like a boy who's not a perv." I kissed Niall on the cheek. Harry stuck his toung out at me. "Who's ready for a shaving cream war? Sammy are you joining us?" She looked around.
"It does sound fun. I guess so." Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis went into the bathroom and put saving cream on their faces. Us girls waited until the had part of their faces shaved and sneaked into the bathroom with the camera and shaving cream.
"Be quite girls." Eleanor looked back at us and smiled. "1.2.3." We started spraying the boy's with shaving cream. Then we ran out of the bathroom. We waited out in the livingroom for the boys. They came out with shaving cream.
"You girls asked for it." Zayn ran at us and sprayed us. Louis, Niall, and Harry ran at us too and started spraying. There was shaving cream all over the flatt. I stopped recording and sat down.
"That was fun." Just as everyone else sat down Liam and Danielle walked in.
"What happened here?" Danielle laughed looking around.
"Damn everything fun happens when I'm not around." I looked at everyone and pointed to Liam and Danielle.
"Attack!" We ran at them and takled them. Covering them with shaving cream. Danielle started laughing even more.
"I can tell were going to be great friends Heather." Danielle laughed. We all got up. I helped Danielle up and Louis help Liam up.
"Oh yeah Niall do you want me to stay the night? If I stay Sammy does too." I looked at him.
"Yeah your staying the night. It's fine she can sleep in the spare room."
"Okay." I texted David and told him we were staying the night.
"I know what we can do next. We can do a group twitcam. We haven't done one in a long time." Louis ran into his room and got his laptop.
"Sounds good. We'll sit on the couch and you girls sit on the floor." Liam sat down and Danielle sat in front of him. The rest of the boys sat down too. Eleanor in front of Louis. I sat in front of Niall and Sammy sat beside me in front of Zayn. "Lads send a tweet telling everyone that were doing a twitcam." Liam pulled his phone out and tweet. The others did the same.
"I'll set up the twitcam." Eleanor sat forword and turned on the twitcam and tweet the link.
"What do we talk about during the twitcam?" I've never done one. I laughed looking around. "People are going to wonder why there's shaving cream everwhere." We all laughed while the twitcam was loading.
"HI!" The boy's yelled. Us girls really just sat here while the boys talked about what's next with their music.
"Well we just finished in the studio." Liam seemed to be the one who did most of the talking. Louis leaned behind Niall and grabbed Harry's butt some how. He yelped.
"My god Louis how the hell did you grab Harry's butt. He's sitting on it?" I laughed at Harry's face. The fans were starting to ask more and more about who I was, who Sammy was.
"Well Sammy." Niall pointed to Sammy. "Is Heather's niece." Niall looked down at me and I smiled at him. As if saying go ahead and tell them who I am. "Heather is my bird." Niall put his arms around me and I smiled. Eleanor started reading what the fans were saying.
"Some are saying 'Awe' 'Cute' axw that one's my favorite. Someone said that you two make a cute couple." We all laughed. Eleanor kept reading a lot of them but didn't read them so we could hear them. "That is so mean. Girls don't you want Niall happy?" Eleanor kept reading.
"It's fine. Nothing can be said to come between us. I'm a big girl and can take what people say." I looked around at everyone. They didn't look like they believed me. "Trust me. It takes a lot to get to me. Look who my family is." I started laughing. Sammy seamed more pissed.
"I know your going to yell at me for saying this but I have to." Sammy looked at me. "Truefully how many of you actually thought you were going to end up with Niall?" Sammy waited a few seconds. "Well not of you could've been his girlfriend. Don't hate on Heather cause you want to be with Niall. If you actually cared for him like you say then you would be happy that he's happy with Heather. And." Sammy couldn't say anything else. Harry and Zayn put their hands over her mouth. She tried talking more but no one could understand what she was saying.
"Thanks Sammy but don't be mean." I hugged her. It's the first time she was actually nice to me since she got here.
"On a lighter note we can't wait for the new single to come out. We know you'll love it." Louis took some shaving cream off of his shirt and put it on Danielle's face.
"Louis!" Danielle turned around and took some off of Eleanor and put it on Louis' face.
"What? You didn't have enough on you. So I thought I would put some on you." Danielle started laughing. Soon after we were all laughing.
"Well I think it's time to call it a night." Harry looked at his phone for the time. "We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."
"Bye!" We all said at the same time. Eleanor leaned forword and logged off.
"Well that went better then I thought it would." I laughed.
"Don't listen to what they say." Niall hugged me.
"Trust me. We all went through that. By tomorrow moring #teamNiather will be trending." Eleanor laughed.
"Truefully it doesn't bother me what they say. If I let things like that bother me. I would be going crazy." I really didn't care.
"Tomorrow we have an interview then a concert about two hours away." Harry put his arm around me and Eleanor. "You lady's want to come?" We laughed.
"Lou already asked me. Yes i'm coming." I looked at Niall and Sammy.
"Well i'll come if Niall wants me to and if Sammy doesn't mind going." Niall laughed.
"Why wouldn't I want you to come?" Niall kissed me. Sammy walked over to me.
"Why would I mind. It's one direction and I kinda like hanging out with you." I smiled at her.
"Does this mean you'll stop being a stuck up brat?" She laughed.
"I never wanted to be a 'stuck up brat' but my dad married Beth. They had the twins and the only way I could get dad to notice me even if it was for a minute was to act like this." I smiled at her. It wasn't going to take long to tame the wild child. "I hate dressing like this. All the tanning I had to do to get this tan. The fake hair. I love my natuarl hair. And these clothes. I HATE them. They're not me." I laughed and hugged her.
"Did you try and tell your dad that?" I can't believe all Cory had to do was spend time with Samantha.
"I tried but he didn't want to listen."
"It's going to be fine. How about we wait a week then I'll call your dad and tell him. To give you time from Beth and the twins." She smiled at me.
"I missed you aunt Heather." I smiled. I missed hearin that. Gah I miss the monsters.
"I missed you too." All the boy's and Danielle and Eleanor hugged us. "Awe guys." We all laughed.
"Oh yeah guess who was on the front of a magazine?" Danielle walked over to her purse and pulled one out. Liam laughed. I'm guessing he's already seen the magazine. "Guess who the new couple is?" They handed the magazine to Eleanor and she laughed.
"How could you Lou. I loved you so much. And with my best friend." She lauged and turned the magazine around. We all laughed.
"Wow we go to breakfest with Anna and they think you cheated on Eleanor with me. And that we have a kid together." I started laughing.
"I'm so sorry Eleanor. We did mean to do that. It just happened." We all laughed.
"My god I can't wait to see what they say about me dating Niall now." I had to sit. I couldn't breath. I was laughing to much. "Shit I have to call Stacy and tell her that Anna's on the front cover." I took my phone out. I pressed Stacy's name.
"Hello?" Stacy sounded tired.
"Did I wake you?" I felt bad.
"Oh no. Anna wont go to bed." Thank god I didn't wake her.
"Um well I was calling to tell you that Anna's on the front cover of a magazine with me and Louis. She's our secret child." I started laughing.
"My god you mean to tell me i've been taking care of your's and Lou's kid all this time." We both started laughing.
"That's what the magazine says. I just wanted to tell you so you wouldn't get mad. I'll let you go so you can get her to sleep."
"Alright. Night."
"Night." I laughed. "She wasn't mad about the magazine. She's mad that she's been taking care of our kid all this time." Louis laughed. Zayn pulled his phone out and looked at the time.
"I'm calling it a night." He started walking to the door.
"Night best friend." He laughed.
"Night." He shut the door. Liam picked up Danielle's purse.
"Were calling it a night too."
"Night guys." Liam put his arm around Danielle.
"Night." I picked up my dress and walked over to Niall.
"We calling it a night too." He put his arm around me.
"That we are." We started walking to the door with Sammy.
"Hang on I need to give my babby daddy and the perv and night hug." I laughed as I walked over to Louis and Harry. "Night guys see you in the morning." I gave them both a hug.
"Night babe." Harry winked at me.
"Night baby mumma." We laughed.
"You know we have to tell everyone that's a lie." I walked over to NIall.
"I'll tweet everyone and tell them that the magazine lied."
"Okay." Sammy pulled the door shut. We walked down to Niall's door. He didn't even lock it.
"Sammy your sleeping in the spare room." Niall showed her where it was. We walked into his room and shut the door. I sat on his bed.
"Love i'm getting in the shower." Niall walked into his bathroom. I layed down on his bed. Didn't know I was this tired. I smiled. When I came to live with David, I didn't think I would like it here but Niall made it much better. I was almost asleep when Niall came out of his bathroom in just a towl.
"Sorry forgot clothes again." I laughed.
"I wont peak." I covered my eyes. I'm not a perv like Harry. I heard Niall get in his dresser. The towl dropped and I heard him moving around.
"Okay i'm covered." I uncovered my eyes. Niall layed down beside me and cuddled me.
"You know you made my life better." I looked Niall in the eyes. I turned around and kissed him. "I didn't think I would like being over here. But I do." Niall smiled.
"I'm glad I made your life better. It's been a long time since I had a relationship. But with you it feels like we've been together for a long time." He kissed me.
Sammy's point of view
I could hear Heather and Niall being all lovey dovey. I so didn't want to hear my aunt making out with her boyfriend. Even if it was Niall Horan. "Ew guys. I'm in the room right across the hall." I laughed. "I don't want to hear that."
"Were only kissing Samantha!" Heather laughed.
Heather's point of view
Me and Niall laughed at Sammy. She's acting like she's never heard to people makingout before. "It's not like you don't makeout with your boyfriends Samantha!" We started kissing again. I put my hands in his hair.
"We better stop before she comes in here yelling at us." Niall laughed. "And we have to get up early." I kissed him one last time.
"Night babe." That's the first time I called him a nickname. I smiled.
"Night love." We cuddled and fell asleep.

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