New Life New Begining


18. Hey your the ones that look like your constipated

I woke to Sammy and Harry jumping on the bed. "Wake up!" I pretended like I was still sleeping. "We have to go!" I still didn't get up. "Photoshoot today!" I forgot that Niall told me about a photoshoot. I sat up.
"I'm up i'm up." I looked over at Niall he was still sleeping.
"My god. What the hell is that?" Sammy pointed to my neck. I put my hand up and rubbed it. Nothing came off. Then I remembered Niall gave me a hicky.
"It's nothing." I laughed.
"Five bucks says Niall has one too." Harry looked at Sammy and smiled a pervy smile.
"Five bucks says your about to fall." I looked at Harry.
"No i'm not." I laughed and pulled on the blankets. Sammy jumped off as I pulled them and Harry fell on top of me and Niall. I wasn't planning on him falling on us.
"Thought you weren't going to fall?" I smirked. Niall started moving around waking up.
"Who's on top of me?" Niall mumbled into his pillow. Harry put his arms around Niall.
"It's ME!" Harry yelled. "We got to get ready to go." Harry and Sammy got up and left.
"Babe I got to go barrow a long neck shirt from Eleanor. I'm wearing your green sweats." I started to get up.
"Your leaving without giving me a goodmorning kiss?" I laughed.
"Oh yeah. I knew I was forgeting something." I leaned into kiss him.
"That hurts." He laughed and kissed me.
"I was messing with you." I hugged him and got up. "Get into the shower while I go get a shirt then i'll make some breakfest." Niall got off of the bed.
"Okay." Niall went into the bathroom. I walked into the livingroom and Harry and Sammy were cuddled on the couch watching tv. "I'm going down to your flatt. I'll be right back." I went to walk out the door.
"Wait." Harry came over to the door. "Here's my key's let your self in." He handed me his keys. I walked out the door. I went to knock Harry and Louis' door until I remembered Harry's keys. I unlocked the door and walked in. Louis was walking around the flatt in nothing but his boxers.
"Louis! Cover up." Louis jumped and turned around. I laughed.
"When did you get here. How did you open the door?" I laughed again.
"Well Harry gave me his keys. I need to barrow a shirt from Eleanor. I'm wearing Nialls sweats." I went to walk past him and my hair moved.
"Bloody hell." Louis grabbed my hand. "The hell is that." He pointed at my neck.
"It's nothing." I put my hair back over my hicky.
"Niall gave you a love bite?" He laughed.
"Maybe." I went to walk into his bedroom.
"You give him one? We have a photoshoot today." He smirked.
"Maybe. If i was to have gave him one you wouldn't see it on his neck." Louis' eye's got big. I knocked on the door and Eleanor opened the door. She stepped aside so I could walk in.
"Hi Heather." She hugged me.
"Hi Eleanor." I hugged her back. She smiled.
"You know you could call me El like everyone else. Oh and Louis is Lou and Danielle is Dannie." I smiled at her.
"Okay El. I need to barrow a long neck shirt." I smiled at her.
"Hm a long neck shirt? That could only mean one thing." She smiled at me.
"Yeah i'm wearing Niall's green sweats." I pretened not to hear the on thing part.
"How about a white one and you can wear my converse." I smiled at her.
"Yeah. Thank you." She handed them to me.
"Here this will help cover it up. So it's not that see able." She handed me some cover up and laughed.
"Thanks El." I walked out of the room and Louis was still walking around in just his boxers.
"Lou didn't I say cover up." I laughed at him. He turned around and smiled at me.
"That's the first time you called me Lou." He ran over and hugged me.
"Lou I love you and all but your practically naked." I laughed.
"Fine go get dressed and what. And I'll go get dressed." Lou stuck his tounge out at me. I laughed and walked out the door. I went to Niall's flatt and Sammy and Harry were making out on the couch.
"Hey I thought I said no where I could see or hear." They pulled apart.
"You weren't here. So we could." Harry smirked.
"Yeah I was just going to get a shirt and shoes. I was coming right back." I laughed and kept walking. This time I knocked on Nialls bedroom door.
"You can come in Heather i'm covered this time." We laughed. I walked in and he was just in boxers. He had his green sweats laying on the bed for me. I layed the shirt beside them and sat the shoes on the floor.
"Lou and El messed with me about the hicky." Niall walked over and kissed me. He was still wet from his shower. I put my hands in his hair. He smiled.
"Wait until were at the shoot. The boys aren't going to let this go." He pointed to his hicky. Not as bad as mine. He put his shirt on. I walked into the bathroom to get a shower. When I got out I walked into Nialls room and he was laying on his bed. He looked over at me and smiled. I only had a towl on.
"I forgot to take my clothes into the bathroom." All Niall was doing was looking at me and smiling. "Hey you do it all the time." I grabbed my clothes. I pretened like I was going to get dressed. "Cover your eye's." Niall put his pillow over the top half of his face. I got dressed. "Covered. You can uncover your face." Niall moved the pillow.
"You look nice in my clothes." Niall smiled at me.
"Awe thank you. I like these." I pointed to his sweats. "El gave me some cover up for my hicky." I laughed. I pulled my hair up. I didn't feel like doing anything to it. I didn't put any makeup on but cover up. I sat down beside Niall and put on El's converse. He pulled me back to where I was using his stomach as a pillow.
"I like when you don't do your make up or hair. You look beautiful." Niall smiled at me.
"Thank you. Today's my lazy day." I smiled at him. I looked over at the clock.
"Then lazy days are my favorite." I kissed him.
"Me too." I smiled. Lou came running into Niall's bedroom.
"Guy's it's time to leave!" He jumped ontop of us and laughed.
"Lou your heavy." I laughed. He rolled off of us. I got off of the bed and grabbed El's cover up. "I need a girls help putting this on." Lou laughed at me. "It's not my fault. Niall gave it to me."
"Come on people we got to go." Lou was rushing us all out. Harry had his arms around Sammy. "Ain't they so cute." Lou smiled and pointed to Harry and Sammy.
"Yeah yeah yeah. Let's go." I pulled the door shut. "So where is this photoshoot at?" We got to the car and everyone got in.
"It's not that far from here. Usually we go over to America for the photoshoots for magazines but J-14 said they wanted to do it here, so we didn't have to go out of the way with all the concerts and interviews." Liam explained to me.
"Oh okay. I read a couple of those magazines when I was younger." I smiled at him.
"I still read those." Sammy gushed.
"Do you normally take your girlfriends to work with you?" Don't get me wrong I loved it but wouldn't people get mad after awhile?
"Not to everything but the fun stuff we do. So we can bond with you." Niall put his arm around me. I snuggled into him. I loved this. Us being able to be all cute like.
"Oh okay. I love spending time with you." I looked up and the boy's were all giving me sad faces. "I love spending time with you too but I love spending more time with Niall." I smiled at them. Liam gave me a look. "What? Got something on my face?" He laughed.
"No it's a little lower." Danielle looked back. I put my hand over my hicky.
"Um yeah. El I need your help covering it up." I pulled her cover up from my pocket. El turned around and took the make up from me.
"Here if you put too much on it, everyone will be able to tell your covering something up." El put the cover up on me. "See it's pretty much covered." El went to put it away.
"Um were going to need that again." I looked to Niall. The boy's all laughed. Niall blushed.
"How bad is it." Louis turned around and turned Niall's head. "I don't see anything." He looked confused.
"Um not on his neck." I laughed.
"Then where?" Louis was still confused.
"His chest. If you plane on taking photos shirtless, he'll need to cover the hicky up." I laughed. Louis jumped toward Niall lifting his shirt.
"Not as bad as yours." Louis dropped Nialls shirt. "I don't think were shooting shirtless anyways. Your lucky." Louis pointed to the two of us.
"Hey I gave him a small little hicky somewhere he could cover it up. He gave me a monster hicky on my neck." I laughed.
"So others know your mine." Niall kissed me. I smiled in the middle of the kiss.
"Awe that was cute." Louis smacked Niall.
"What was that for?" Niall gave Louis a mean look.
"Your making Liam and Me look bad." We all laughed.
"Eh don't listen to Lou" I kissed Niall. We pulled up to a big unmarked building. "We here already?" I thought we would have to drive for a while.
"Yeah, they wanted it to where we didn't have to go to far. Make it better for us." Liam opened the door and helped Danielle. Harry helped Sammy out. Eleanor got out before Louis. Niall helped me out.
"We're at a storage place?" I was confused.
"Yes and no. It's a building where a lot of movies and video's and stuff are made." Niall put his arm around me. I smiled. We got to the door and a lady opened it.
"Welcome boy's!" She looked at us girls and was confused. "And girls? Come in i'll show you where hair and make up and clothes is." We walked in and off to the left was a lot of cameras and chairs. At the back of the building were two sections. One for hair and make up and the other for clothes. "Right this way boy's." She looked at us girls. "You can wait here." She pointed by the cameras. They kept walking.
"I don't think she likes us." I mocked her.
"Not a lot of the boy's interview and stuff like that they bring us. But they put up with us for the boy's." Danielle pulled me down beside her. "But we put up with people like her for boy's so we can see them and spend more time." I understood I just don't do well with how she was acting. It was rude and mean. I smiled.
"I understand, it's just I don't like it. I treat people how I want to be treated. I didn't treat her like poo so she shouldn't treat me like poo." We all laughed.
"So Heather have you been on twitter lately?" Eleanor was so thoughtfull.
"I checked it last night after Niall fell asleep." She smiled at me.
"So what are people saying?" I smiled at her.
"Well a lot of the girls are supporting Niall and me. They want us happy. But there's still a handful that don't like it. I don't care what they have to say. I'm happy most of Niall's fans like us together. I can only put up with so much hate." I smiled.
"That's good. Don't let them get to you. If we did, we wouldn't be where we are now with the boy's. And those who hate on you, odds are they will never be anywhere you are. A lot of the fans care for us like they do the boy's. It's so sweet and nice." Eleanor put her arm on my shoulder.
"So Sammy, how are things with you Harry?" I wanted to know if they were dating nothing more.
"Well I really like him. I think he likes me. But he hasn't said anything about us being girlfriend boyfriend." Sammy was smiling until she got to the girlfriend boyfriend part. I got up and sat beside her. I put my arm around her. Eleanor moved to Sammy's other side and Danielle sat infront of her.
"I havne't known him long but I think he likes you. From what i've seen, when he's around you he's so sweet and kind and not a hornball." We all laughed at the hornball part.
"We know Harry a lot, and he's never been like this with any girl. I think he really likes you. Just give him time. I know he'll ask you out. Trust me." Eleanor tried to cheer Sammy up. The boys came running out of the clothes section yelling and laughing. They ran over to the camera's. Laughing.
"Hey Heather! You should have seen Niall's face when he took his shirt off and the girl picking our clothes eye's bout poped out her head." Louis started laughing more. "His face turned red." I laughed.
"Hey I could take off my make up and go show her my neck." The boy's started laughing more. Harry saw that Sammy didn't look all to peppy. He pointed to her and mouthed something. I shook my head and he understood. The camera guy came over.
"Hello boy's." He shook all their hands. He turned to us girls. "Hello girls." He just waved to us.
"Hello camera dude." I smiled at him. He smiled back.
"Okay boy's I need you to come in together. As close as possible." The boy's did as they were told. Someone brought out a large rope. "I want to rap this around you boy's and you be yourselfs. That okay?"
"Sure." Liam was the one to speek. The camera guy rapped it around them. Niall and Zayn in the front. Liam, Harry, and Louis behind them. The boy's were taking a lot of pictures with the rope. I pulled my camera out and started taking photos too. I didn't think they would mind.
"Okay were going to take photo's of you by yourself's." They boy's dropped the rope and laughed.
"How bout Niall you stand in the center." Niall walked over and started making funny face's and smiling a lot. "I like these. Liam come over here. We need a photo with you two." Liam did as told. Some girl came over to the camera guy and wispered something to him. He turned around and pointed to me. "You come here." I pointed to myself. "Yes you." I walked over.
"Yes?" I didn't know why he wanted me to come over.
"Are you taking photo's?" Shit I knew I shouldn't have.
"Um y..yes I am." He looked at the girl standing beside him.
"You can go back to the back Sara." The girl looked pissed. "Um what's your name?" I looked at him.
"I'm Heather." I smiled at him. He seamed nicer since the girl left.
"Well Heather. I'm not aloud to let you take photo's." I looked down at my camera. "Who are you here with?" I looked at the boy's they all looked confused.
"I'm here with Niall." I looked at him like he was crazy. It's been all over everything. I laughed.
"Ah Niall's new bird. Well how about I let you take photo's if you promise not to leak them. J-14 would kill me." We laughed.
"Deal." I stepped back a little and he continued to take photos. It looked like they were trying to make this photo shoot fun and funny. But Liam and Niall looked stuck on being fun and funny. I figured I would help out a little. "Hey Niall Liam!" They looked at me.
"Yeah Heather?" Liam looked confused.
"Guy's lighen up, they want you to look like your having fun and be funny." Liam gave me a look. As if looks could kill. "Hey your the ones that look like your constipated." Everyone started laughing and Niall and Liam's jaws dropped and the camera guy took the photo fast.
"That's not funny Heather." Liam looked hurt.
"Everyone else thought it was." I laughed. He stuck out his bottom lip. "I'm sorry i'll give you a hug when your done." He cheered up. The photo shoot took what felt like hours. I got a lot of great photo's of the boy's and some of the girls.
"Okay that's all boy's" The camera guy hugged all the boy's bye. "Oh yeah Heather." He walked over to me. "Here's my card it has my email on it. Send me those photo's of the boy's. I'd like to see them." I took the card.
"Okay thanks." I smiled.

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