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19. For not a lot of people knowing about the photoshoot today there were a lot of girls outside

For not a lot of people knowing about the photoshoot today there were a lot of girls outside. One little girl came up to me.
"Hi um Heather?" I looked down at her.
"Yeah sweetheart?" She was adorable.
"Can you sign this?" She handed me a little notepad and a pen. I looked down at it, she already had the boy's sign it before.
"Where would you like me to sign at?" She pointed next to Niall's name. El and Dannie signed by Louis and Liam. I smiled at her and signed it. "Here you go." She ran away with a big smile on her face.
"That the first time you signed something for someone?" El leaned over by me.
"Actually no. The night of mine and Niall's first date, we took a picture and signed something." I smiled at her. "It's weird though. I'm a nobody and they want me to sign their stuff."
"That's one thing that kinda comes with being around the boy's." Dannie put her arm on my shoulder. The boy's came out behind us.
"You girl's ready to get threw this and to the car?" Liam put his arm around Dannie. Louis put his around El. Harry held Sammy's hand. Niall put his arm around me. We started walking to the car. Some fan run up to us. The boy's were signing things. I'd sign something here and there. I looked over at Sammy and Harry. I felt a ting in my heart. I walked over and stood beside Harry. Sammy was on his other side. Some girls were flirting with Harry, and Harry being Harry flirted back.
"Come on guys it's time to go." Liam and Dannie started walking to the van. Niall looked around for me and walked over to us.
"Here Harry, it's my number. Call me sometime." The girl winked at Harry. He took her number and put it in his pocket. Sammy started to walk away. Harry turned to her.
"Sammy whats the matter?" She turned around. She had tears in her eyes.
"It's nothing." She frowned.
"Samantha what's wrong? You can't tell me nothings wrong." Harry steped toword her.
"Harry this thing between you and me. One minute I think you like me and the next your flirting with some girl. Taking her number. Like I wasn't just standing beside you." The girl had already started to walk away until she heard Sammy and Harry.
"I only took the number. I don't ever call any of the girls. You can ask Liam and Louis. No matter if the fans knew were taken. They still give us their numbers." I knew that. I saw a girl give Niall her number but I didn't say anything cause we knew we loved each other. "Sammy I don't want any other girl. If I wanted someone else I wouldn't be trying to get with you." Sammy kinda smiled. "Go out with me, be my bird." Some of the fans stopped and turned.
"I don't want you to ask me out because i'm pissed at you." Sammy walked toword him.
"I'm not, I was going to ask to a date and ask you then." Harry smiled at Sammy.
"Yes i'll be your bird." Harry and Sammy kissed.
"I guess you don't have to tell the fans." I pointed behind me. They smiled.
"Guess not." Harry laughed.
"Let's go before the pops get pictures of the beautiful moment." Liam yelled at all of us. We got to the van and got in.
"So what are we doing for the rest of the night?" Niall put his arm around me.
"How about we all go out and celebrate Niall and Heather, Harry and Sammy?" Zayn turned around.
"Wouldn't you feel weird going out partying with four couples?" I leaned toword Zayn. He laughed.
"No your like a little sister to me." I laughed at him.
"Awe your like a older brother." I hugged him. "I also think of Liam and Harry as little brothers. Lou your like my older brother." I laughed rubbing it in that i'm older then all the boy's but Lou and Zayn.
"Ha very funny Heather. We think of you as a sister too." Harry leaned over my seat and hugged me.
"So we're going out at celebrating?" Liam questioned.
"I guess. But i'm either going to have to go home and get a dress or barrow one from El." El laughed.
"Well we could stop at David's so you can get clothes." Lou told the driver where to go.
"So where are we going to celebrate?" I've never been out with the boy's before.
"We're going to their favorite club." Dannie smiled.
"Ah clubing with One Direction. This should be fun." I kissed Niall. He smiled. We pulled up to David's. "Sammy, El, and Dannie come with me. Boy's you can make yourselfs at home." We all walked in. The girls followed me up to my room. I pulled out my shopping bags from the other day. I pulled out the white dress.
"Oh Heather that is beautiful." El lefted the bottom of the dress. "Also short. I think you should wear this tonight." I smiled. I don't have shoes to match.
"I would but I didn't buy any shoes to match." I held the dress up to me.
"I have white flatts you can wear. As long as I can wear this red dress." Dannie pulled out the dress my mom baught right before she sent me here.
"Sure go ahead." Dannie held the dress up to her.
"Heather I can't wear this. The tags still on it." She went to put it back. I pulled out some red heels that I got to match the dress.
"No wear it. I just never had anywhere to wear it. And it would look much better on you." I handed Dannie the matching red heels.
"Thank you." We huged.
"No problem." I handed El a dark blue dress. "Wear this. I saw some heels in Lou's room that would look good with it." She smiled.
"Already we're acting like sisters." El huged me. We all laughed. Sammy came walking into my room.
"I'm going to wear this pink dress. Is it cute?" I looked at it. I had silver heels that would match. I pulled them out and handed them to her.
"Yes it's cute wear my silver heels with it." We all started walking towords the door. "Wait. I have to get my makeup." I ran over to my dresser and grabbed my makeup box. Okay let's go." We walked down the stairs. The boy's were playing with Anna. I smiled. "I take it some boy's missed Anna?" They all laughed.
"Yeah we did. It's fun playing with her." Niall smiled. I loved his smiled.
"Well then. I guess we're going to have to keep her for a few nights again." The boy's all smilled.
"YES!" Harry jumped up. I laughed at him.
"Okay boy's us girls are already to go. We have our dress'." We started walking to the door. Niall grabbed my box of makeup and dress from my hands.
"Let me carry this for you." He smiled. I kissed him.
"Thank you." I smiled at him. We got into the car and drove to the boy's flatts. When we got there, there were a lot of girls waiting for the boy's.
"Driver there's too many girls out here. Drive to the other side of the building." Liam leand forword to tell the driver. The driver pulled around front and we got out. We walked in and us girls went to Niall's flatt and Niall went to Harry and Lou's.
"Hey Heather you want me to curl your hair?" Dannie had already curled her hair.
"Sure. It's been awhile since i've curled my hair." I sat in a chair infront of Dannie.
"I love doing peoples hair." Dannie started on my hair.
"While Dannie's doing your hair i'm doing your makeup." El pulled out my makeup. "I know just how to do it." I smiled at her.
"So what's with the doing my hair and makeup?" I've never been treated like this. Sammy sat on Niall's bed straightening her hair.
"Well this is what we do. We like doing each others make up and hair. It's kinda like we're sisters." El smiled at me.
"Awe this is what having a loving family is like isn't it?" I loved it. It didn't take El long to do my make up. El handed me a mirror.
"Cute isn't it?" I smiled at her.
"I love it." I went to look at my hair.
"I don't think so. Your not aloud to look at your hair until it's done." Dannie took the mirror from me. I frowned.
"Sammy is my hair cute." I laughed.
"It's beautiful." Sammy smiled at me.
"Okay you can look now." Dannie handed me the mirror. I smiled it was cute.
"Awe thank you girls." I hugged them. I went to go put my dress on. "Shit." I turned to the girls. "Um I have a problem."
"What's wrong?" El walked over to me.
"My shirt. I wont be able to take it off without messing up my hair." I gave her a sad face.
"Um Dannie Sammy come help." They walked over to us. "We're going to pull this shirt off of Heather. Pull at the neck of the shirt." El told them what to do.
"El i'm wearing your shirt. I don't want it to get messed up." Shs smiled at me.
"It's fine I never really liked it anyways." she laughed. They pulled at the shirt and got it over my head. "See we didn't mess up your hair or the shirt." El smiled.
"Thanks guy's." I smiled at them. I pulled on my white dress. It was strapless so I didn't mess up my hair. I looked in the mirror. I loved this dress.
"Heather you look beautiful." El hugged me. We were all dressed and ready.
"Let's go girls." Dannie opened the door. We followed her. Dannie went over to Liam's to get her white flatts for me. When she came back over I put them on and we walked out into the hallway. The boy's were waiting for us.
"Dannie even though I already saw you and told you, you look beautiful." Liam kissed her.
"Heather I don't even have words." Niall kissed me. "I like your hair like this." I smiled at him.
"Thank you." I kissed him.
"Samantha you look wow." Harry kissed her. I think that's the first time I heard him call her Samantha. I smiled.
"Oh Niall you can thank Dannie and El for my hair and make up." I smiled at them.
"Come one people. Stop with the gushy stuff and let's go celebrate." Zayn pulled my arm. We started walking out. The car came to the side with all the girls. We started walking out. Niall put his arm around me. I smiled at him. We got into the car.

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