New Life New Begining


14. Don't worry love i'll keep you safe

I woke up to Niall already awake just laying there cuddling with me. I smiled at him.
"Awe if I could I would wake up like this every morning." I kissed him on the cheek. He looked up set.
"What no kiss on the lips?" I laughed cause he sounded like a little kid.
"I'd kiss you on the lips but I have morning breath." He smiled at me.
"I don't care." He kissed me. I smiled in the middle of the kiss.
"Mr. Horan you keep doing these cute thing and I'm never going to want to go home." I kissed him.
"That's the point." I smiled at him. "How about I make you breakfest since you made it yesterday." He got up off the bed.
"Sounds good. But do you know how to cook?" I laughed at him. He looked hurt.
"I can. You'll see." We walked out into the livingroom. We went to go into the kitchen and I was following him. "I don't think so. Go sit." I stuck my tounge out at him.
"Fine." I grabbed a chair and sat at the kitchen doorway. Niall turned around and laughed.
"Smartass when I said go sit, I ment in the livingroom." I got up and sulked away pulling my chair with me.
"Fine meanie." I stuck my tounge out at him.
"It'll be done in two minutes." Niall laughed. He was up to something. I knew it. Two minutes later Niall came walking in with a plate and song orange juice.
"Breakfest my lady." Niall set my plate infront of me. I stared at it.
"Cheater. I made your breakfest. All you did was warm frozen waffles." I laughed.
"I still cooked it." Niall sat down with his plate and started eating. We heard Sammy coming out of the spare room. When she walked into the room, my jaw dropped.
"Bloody hell Samantha. Your hair. It's not fake." I spit my food out. I couldn't believe it.
"My fake hair was clip in hair. I told you I didn't like it. So I'm not putting it back on." Sammy sat beside me.
"Oh Sammy there is waffles on the counter. I heated them up for you." He smiled.
"He means he cheated making breakfest." I laughed.
"Hey hot food is hot food. I made breakfest." I finished my food and sat my plate on the table.
"Thank you for breakfest babe." I kissed him.
"I'm going to start cooking more." Niall laughed. Niall looked at the time. "We have to get ready. Have to leave soon for the interview then the concert." Niall put our plates in the sink.
"I have to go borrow some clothes from Eleanor be right back." I got up and headed for the door.
"Okie dokie." Niall went into his room. I walked down to Louis' door and knocked. Harry opened the door dressed for once.
"Finally open the door dressed." I laughed and walked in. "Here to see Eleanor about clothes." I waved at Louis.
"She in the room." Louis pointed to his room. I walked over to the door and knocked.
"Wondering when you would get here to get clothes. Come in." I laughed opening the door. Eleanor was doing her hair.
"How did you know it was me?" I sat on Louis' bed.
"I know Harry and Lou's knocks." She got up and opened the closet. "Hm you want to wear something cute but nothing dressy." She pulled out a pair of shorts and a cute white top. I saw some saspenders hanging.
"Are those your's or Louis'?" I pointed to the suspenders.
"Lou's. You want to wear them?" I nodded yes. "Here." She handed me the clothes and suspenders.
"Thanks. Now all I have to do is shower and do my hair and make-up." I laughed. I hid the suspenders under the shirt so Louis wouldn't see them. I walked past him and Harry. "Bye guys see you in a little." I went straight back to Nialls and walked into his room with out knocking.
"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." I dropped the clothes and covered my eyes.
"It's fine." I could hear a smile in his voice. I turned around and walkout shutting the door. I can't believe I did that. I walked in on Niall getting dressed. I couldn't help but act like Harry and perv for a second. I couldn't do anything but smile. A second later Niall was opening his bedroom door and pulled me in. I still had my eyes closed. "I'm covered you can look now." I opened my eyes and Niall had boxers on.
"I should've knocked." I looked away. I had Niall not dressed stuck in my mind.
"It's fine. It happens." He laughed and put his fingure under my chin to lift my eye's to meet his.
"Okay." I leaned up and kissed him. "I'm going to take a shower and do my hair and get dressed."
"I'm going to watch some tv before we leave." Niall left and I walked into his bathroom. I got in the shower and did everything that needed to be done. I got out dried off and got dressed. I looked around his bathroom for hair gel. I did my hair then my make-up. I walked out of the bathroom ready for the day. I sat on Niall's bed and put on my flatts. My feet were going to hurt again. I walked into the living room.
"Niall you like." I pointed to my outfit. He smiled.
"Those Lou's suspenders?" I nodded my head. "He's going to scream. He don't let anyone where them."
"I'm not scared I can kick his ass." I laughed and tried to look big and bad. "Sammy you ready to go?" She got up and walked into the spare room and walked right back out.
"I am now." She fixed her shirt.
"Let's go!" I pointed to the door and Niall turned the tv off and got up. We walked into the hall way and everyone was coming out of there flatts. Danielle was coming too. We were going to have fun backstage while the boy's were singing.
"Wow you two made it on time this time." Liam was picking at me and Niall.
"Hey he was ready on time last time. We just didn't come out." I stuck my tounge out at him. Harry, Louis, and Eleanor came walking up to us all.
"Guy's El and I couldn't find my black suspenders. I was going to change it up and wear them. Guess i'm wearing the red ones again." Louis looked over at me and smiled. "Those wouldn't happen to be my black suspenders would they Heather?" I pretended not to hear him. I looked around.
"You talking to me?" I gave him angel look. He nodded his head. "Oh yeah my suspenders are your suspenders."
"How'd you get them. You weren't carrying them eariler when you left." I smiled at him.
"Eleanor said I could wear them. They were under my shirt." Louis looked at Eleanor.
"Hey how was I to know you were going to wear them today. You never wear those ones." Louis looked down like he was upset.
"It's fine. I stick with the red ones." He looked up smiling.
"Let's go everyone. We have to be there soon." Liam looked at his watch." We all went outside and there was a big car there waiting. Louis opened the door for everyone. He and Eleanor got in the very back, then me and Niall got in, then Harry and Zayn, then Danielle and Liam. Sammy got in last and shut the door.
"So this is a normal work day for you?" Niall smiled.
"Sometimes, we might have one interview or three or four then a concert. But we love it." Niall put his arm around me.
"Girls. What are we doing tonight, while the boy's are performing?" I looked behind me at Eleanor then infront of me at Danielle and Sammy.
"We sit there and mess around." Eleanor leand forword.
"I have an idea. I'll tell you later." I smiled at the boy's.
"Let me see your phone." I handed Eleanor my phone. She put her number in it. Then handed it to Danielle. "Your a direction girl and us direction girls stick together." I texted them both so they had my number.
"I just realized I haven't went around to see anything but some stores." I laughed.
"For you information. It's not store its shop Heather. If your going to live here you have to start talking like us." Louis leand up beside Eleanor.
"I will after awhile. I haven't been here but what three days. Give me time man." My phone went off. It was a text from Caylie. My god I forgot all about texting her when I got here. I fell so horible. I opened the text.
Please tell me you didn't die lol. I smiled. I texted her back.
No I forgot to text you. Sorry. I have to tell you something but I want to wait until I log on skype. I will in a few. Using my phone. I logged into skype on my phone.
"Hey Louis Eleanor slide over for a second. Boy's remeber my friend Caylie I told you about. She wants to skype and I haven't talked to her since I got here so she don't know about you." I clicked on her face and Louis and Eleanor slid over. "Just for a few. Then you can slide back over." I Waited for her to accept the call.
"HEATHER!! I miss you so much. What's it like over there. Meet any London boy's yet?" All I could do was smiled cause I met my boy. I laughed at her.
"Caylie calm down. Yes I met my London boy. Well actually Irish boy." I smiled.
"Is he hot? I want to meet him. Is he with you.?" I laughed.
"Yes he's here. So are his friends." I looked at everyone.
"Are you in a car?" She laughed.
"Yes I am. I guess I can let you meet him." I looked at Niall. "Do you want to meet Caylie?" Niall looked happy to meet her.
"You've met my friends." Niall turned my phone toword him.
"OMG it's Niall Horan!!" Caylie started creaming and yelling.
"Yes yes it is." I laughed at her. Niall smiled and Louis and Eleanor slid back over.
"Hi Heather's other best friend. I'm her new best friend." Louis stuck his tounge out at her.
"Hi Louis!" I never knew she was this big of a fan of One Direction. "Is Liam, Zayn, and Harry there?" Louis smiled.
"Yes they are. Heather turn your phone." I did as told and the boy's all turned around and said hi.
"OMG Heather your so lucky. I miss you so much." I smiled at her.
"Yes I am. I miss you too." Niall smiled at Caylie.
"Hi Caylie. Heather talks about you all the time." She laughed.
"I can't believe i'm talking with you. I love your music. Wait how did you guys meet?" I laughed.
"Remember the loud guys from the airport? Yeah that was them. I'm suprised you didn't notice them. Seeing as Louis depants Niall right in front of us. Then I got to see Harry naked and kiss Niall on the plane." I laughed.
"OMG I wish I was you. I know you've only been gone for four days. But when do I get to come see you. I miss you so much. It isn't the same here without you. Oh and my mom said to say hi."
"Tell mom I said hi too." I really thought of Caylie's mom as my mom.
"Wait a second, that whole Niall has a girlfriend thing all over twitter was about you?" I looked at Niall.
"Yeah it is. They saying anything bad?" I really didn't want to know.
"They were last night. But now half of them are saying #teamNiallHeather <3 I so should have put two and two together." She laughed.
"Were here everyone." The driver turned the car off. I looked out the window and there were a lot of girls. I couldn't believe it.
"Caylie we've got to go. Were at the boy's interview. I love you. Bye." I felt bad for getting off so soon.
"Bye Babe love you too." I signed out.
"There is a lot of girl's here. How are we getting in without any problems?" I kinda did a scared laugh.
"Simple we protect you girls and our body gards protect us." The boy's body gards opened the door and Sammy stepped out. The girls started screaming and yelling. Zayn and Harry got out and Harry put his arm around Sammy.
"I'll protect you." Harry was flirting with Sammy.
"Thank you." Sammy was flirting back. Liam and Danielle got out. Now it was mine and Niall's turn to get out.
"Don't worry love i'll keep you safe." Niall put his arm around me. Eleanor and Louis got out right behind us. It was crazy. We made it into the doors and the girls ran at the doors. The staff locked the door's so no girls could get in.

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