New Life New Begining


21. Don't do anything I wouldn't!

It's been a month since we all went out and cellebrated at the club. Tonight were going out to dinner. El was helping me get ready.
"El does this look okay?" I came out of my closet. I turned so she could see the whole outfit. I had on a pair of black skinnys, a white strapless top, and my knee high converse.
"I love it. I'm so barrowing those converse." El smiled. I sat on my bed. "I know just how to do your makeup." El grabbed my makeup and started.
"I think i'm going to leave my hair straight." I loved my hair straight. "El."
"Yeah?" I opened my eye's. "You look pale." I got up and ran to the bathroom. El ran with me and held my hair for me.
"God this is the second time this week that i've got sick." I washed my mouth out.
"Heather are you okay?" I smiled at her.
"Yeah i'll be fine. Probley just got the flu." We walked back into my room to get ready.
"You look pretty. I bet Niall's going to be awe struck." El hugged me.
"Awe thank you. Thanks for helping me. Your like the older sister I never had." We laughed.
"Thanks. I think of you as a little sister." We hugged. I heard a beep. I looked out my window Niall was here. El smiled. I glade she was here to help me. Sammy's still here, but she's not here with me. She moved here. Cory found a cute little flatt for her.
"Niall's here." I ran down stairs. Lou was standing at the door. Him and El were watching Anna for David and Stacy. I walked out the door into Niall's waiting arms. I kissed him.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't!" Lou yelled from the door. We laughed. Niall opened the taxi door for me. I smiled. He treats me like i'm a princess. The driver pulled away.
"So Heather you going to tell me what you have planed for tonight?" I smiled at Niall. Tonight was a suprise for him.
"Nope." I laughed.
"But I want to know." He gave me his puppy dog eye's. He knew it was hard for me to refuse those eye's. I closed my eye's so I couldn't see them. He laughed. "Fine." He kissed me on my nose. I smiled.
"Only thing I'll tell you is that you'll love it." I smiled at him. He makes me so happy. I've never felt like this in my life. I kissed him.
"There better be food." Niall laughed.
"There's always food." I smiled. The taxi stopped. Niall paid the guy and was got out.
"So we're at a park? There's going to be food. And i'm going to love it." I smiled at him.
"Yes. Follow me." We held hands and walked through the park.
"I take it the foods not here is it." I laughed.
"No not here, the next part of tonight has the food." We got to the other side of the park and turned towords the water. We walked to this little dock that you could rent little boats. I had rented a non-normal boat. It was a lot bigger then most boats, so I had to pay for the boat brought here and everything. We walked up to the rental both. I smiled at them and we kept walking.
"we were supposed to stop back there and rent a boat." Niall laughed. I didn't say anything but point. Niall smiled. "You did all of this?" I smiled.
"Yeah. I wanted tonight to be special." We walked up to the boat. Niall helped me on. This wasn't a little boat, but it wasn't a large boat. Just big enough for us to eat, relax, and spend time together. "I made some of the food and baught some of it." We walked to the front of the boat.
"I love this. It's different." Niall kissed me.
"This is only the begining. We're going out on the water for a little while." I smiled. It was going to be beautiful when the sun starts to set. I went into the cabin and got the food. I set it out on our table. We had a little of everything. Somethings I liked and some Niall liked.
"My favorite." Niall smiled and started eating. I smiled and started eating. The sun started to set. Niall smiled at me. "You know this sunset is beautiful but not as beautiful as you are." I smiled. It was corny but I loved it.
"Awe thank you." I had finished eating. Niall was picking at his food. "Ready for something else." I smiled at him. He had a sweet tooth. I had made chocolate covered strawberry's.
"There's more?" I smiled at him. I took the dinner plates with me. I braught out the strawberry's and Niall smiled.
"Chocolate covered strawberry's." We started eating them.
"I love them. Where'd you get them?" I smiled at him.
"I made them myself." Niall smiled.
"So that means I can get them all the time." We laughed. We finished them. Niall put his arm around me. The sun was completely down. The stars were all out. I smiled. This was romantic.
"I love this." I kissed him.
"Me too." He kissed me. Laying here just the two of us made me smile.
"Niall?" I looked away.
"Yeah love?" He put his fingure under my chin and made me look him in the eye's.
"That night...When we you know. Do you remember anything from that night?" I didn't remember anything.
"Actually I was trying to find away to ask if you remembered. I only remember little parts, but not much." Niall pulled me closer to him. I started to laugh. "What?"
"My first time and I don't even remember it." Niall hugged me.
"Hey it's not like it's going to be your last." Niall kissed me. We layed there not talking. "Why don't we go back to mine and watch a movie." I smiled.
"I'd love to." We got up and walked to the back off the boat. "I'll go tell the driver to dock the boat." I walked into the boat cabin and told the driver to dock the boat. It took five minutes to dock the boat. Niall helped me off the boat. I smiled.
"Let's go love." Niall put his arm around me. We walked to the street. Niall got us a taxi. We didn't talked on the way home. When we got there, there were a few fans but not many. A little girl came up to us when we got out.
"Hi. Can I get a picture with you?" She was adorable. Her mother walked over with a camera. Niall leaned down and picked her up.
"Sure." I smiled at them. I stepped to the side.
"No Heather I want you in the puture too." I smiled at her. I walked back over to them. I put my arm around Niall and the little girl. She smiled. Her mother took the picture. Niall put the little girl down and she hugged us both. She walked off with her mother.
"I love meeingt my fans." Niall smiled.
"I like meeting your fans too." Niall signed a few things, then we walked inside. Everyone was out doing things. Lou and El were watching Anna. Zayn was out with Someone. Liam and Dannie went to dinner with Liam's parents. Harry took Sammy out for dinner. We walked into Niall's. I went to get us something to drink. "Hey Niall what do you want to drink." Niall was in the livingroom getting a movie for us to watch.
"Would you mind if I had a beer?" I smiled.
"Nah if you want one I don't mind. I'm not going to drink though. I haven't been feeling good." I got Niall his beer and got myself some soda. I walked into the livingroom and Niall had a movie in. I handed him his beer.
"Thanks love." Niall kissed me.
"I have a question. Why'd you ask if I cared if you had a beer?" I was confused.
"Well I don't want to drink if you didn't want me too. Tonights about us spending time together." I smiled. Niall kissed me. He keeps suprising me.
"Awe Niall." I kissed him. Long and passionate. We've never kissed like this before. Niall layed me down on the couch. I smiled into the kiss. Niall tried taking my converse boots off of me. He untied them. "Niall." I was only able to get his name out between kissing. I leaned my arm down behind my leg and unzipped my one converse. Niall pulled it off, unzipped the other, and pulled that one off too. I pulled at Niall's shirt. He smiled.
"Come on." Niall picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. I smiled.
"Mr. Horan." I didn't even get to finish. Niall was kissing me again. He laid me down on the bed. He tugged on my shirt. I lifted it off, Niall pulled his off. I smiled. Niall kissed down my neck. I smiled. "Niall?" Niall stopped kissing me.
"Yeah?" He started kissing my chest bone.
"I love you." I pulled his face up to mine and started kissing him again. He smiled into the kiss. He unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. He tugged them a little. He wanted to know if it was okay to take them off. I pushed them down a little and he pulled them off the rest of the way. I heard two little thuds. I looked down and noticed Niall kicked his shoes off. I unbuttoned his pants. He didn't have to unzip them to pull them off. I rolled us. I started kissing down him. When I got to his bellybutton, I started kissing back up to his face. He unsnapped my bra. Niall rolled us back over. I smiled at him. I tugged at his boxers.
"Love are you sure?" Niall looked me in the eye's. I kissed him.
"I'm sure." I kissed him again. He slid his boxers off. He pulled my underwear off. He started kissing down my neck again. No dought giving me a hicky on the otherside of my neck. "Niall." I moaned.
"Yeah love?" He went back to kissing me.
"We..need a condom." Niall got up and ran into the spare room. Probley looking for the box of condoms we threw at Harry and Sammy. He came back into the room with one. He got back on the bed. I started kissing him. I heard the rapper rip. A second later Niall was on top of me kissing me harder.
"Love are you sure?" He looked me in the eye's again. Probley looking for some sign that I didn't want to.
"I'm sure. I know I wanted to wait but we've already had sex. We just don't remember it." I laughed.
"I love you." I kissed him.
"I love you too." Niall kissed me.
"This may hurt." I felt a pressure. It didn't hurt. He started off slow.
"Niall." I took in a breath.
"Yeah love? It hurt I can stop." Niall kissed me.
"No go faster." Niall smiled. I dug my nails into his back as he started going faster.

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