New Life New Begining


3. Cute Boxers by the way

"So what do you want to eat." I looked around looking at the different food places. I really wasn't up for eating.

"Um I don't want anything to eat. I want starbucks. Actually I want some pizza and starbucks." I couldn't choose what I really wanted, so I was gonna get both.

"That's the weirdest ass combo i've ever heard of. But if it's what you want then it's what your getting." Caylie was giving a weirdo look.

"What are you getting?" She's probley gonna get something weird too.

"Well I think i'm gonna get a chicken sammich." Caylie started laughing. When we were younger I couldn't say sandwich so I called them sammich's.

"We'll get your stuff first." I didn't want my starbucks to melt while Caylie was getting her food.

"Good idea." We walked over to KFC so Caylie could get her chicken. "So Heather when you first land you have to call me so I know you made it okay."

"Yeah yeah. Your the first and only one i'm gonna call." I smiled at her and noticed someone walk up behind us. I turned around and there was one of the boys who were messing around. "It's not like i'm gonna call my parents or any of my siblings when I land."

"True." Caylie gave me this i'm sorry look.

"Hi welcome to KFC, what can I get for you?" The girl behind the counter asked Caylie.

"Um I want a Jr chicken with ranch and a large coke."

"Is that all?"

"Yes." While Caylie was ordering we stepped to the side so others could order too. "I just realized something. I'm not gonna have anyone here to stop me from doing dumb shit. Oh god the police are gonna have my photo up on the wall with the rest now." All I could was laugh.

"Caylie I will be texting you 24/7 so I'm still gonna be here. Just not here here." I looked behind me to see the other 4 boys who were messing around sneaking up behind us. One of them saw me and gave the be quite look, so I didn't say anyting. Just kept looking at them. The one who gave me the look ran up to his friend who was ordering his food and pulled his pants down and ran away. I started laughing because it took the kid like a minute to realized he had been depantsed by his friend. I couldn't look away it was too funny and it didn't help that he had green and black plaid boxers. two of my favorite colors.

"Lads that wasn't funny." The boy who got depants was yelling at his friends. He looked over at me and Caylie. "Sorry loves you had to see me like that." Me and Caylie looked back and forth at each other.

"Don't be." We said at the same time laughing. Caylie got her food and we started walking away, when I turned around and looked at the boy.

"Cute boxers by the way." I smiled at him and he blushed.

"Awe does Heather like someone?" I looked at Caylie while we were walking over to the pizza place.

" I just thought i'd tell him that so he wouldn't feel bad about what his friends did. That's all." I tried playing it off as that. Because I actually thought the boy was cute and I loved his accent.

"Oh yeah like I believe that one." I didn't say anything back to Caylie, I just order my cheese pizza and went to starbucks to get my double chocolate chip drink. "Lets sit here and eat Heather. There's no one around and you now I hate eating in front of others."

"Sure. I have like 30 minutes left until I have to go." I got even more sad. I felt bad leaving Caylie here.

"I know. Lets just eat fast then go over and sit and cry and hold each other." We started laughing, we had done that enough tonight. I don't want to do that anymore.

"Okie dokie but I don't want to cry. Done enough of that. And it's not like were not gonna see each other again."

"I know. But it's gonna be a while before we do though."

"Time will fly." We didn't say anything else while we were eating and drinking. When we were done eating, we got up and threw our garbage away and went to sit by my gate. When we sat down I looked over to where the boys were at and I noticed the boy who got depantsed looking over at us. When he saw I was looking he blushed and turned around really fast.

"In 10 minutes gate 3B will be loading." A women came across the speakers. I looked at Caylie and I started crying again.

"Oh Heather babe don't cry. We'll see each other again." Caylie looked like she was about to cry.

"Your telling me not to cry but your about to cry too." I hugged her tight and continued to cry.

"I'm aloud to cry. I'm not leaving you are."

"Gate 3B is now loading." The same women came across the speakers again. I finally let go of Caylie and started walking to the gate. I turned around and looked at her.

"I'm gonna miss you Caylie!" I yelled back at her.

"I'm gonna miss you too Babe!" I got my ticket out and handed it to the lady. She looked at it and let me by her.

I started walking down the hallway that lead to the plane. Standing at the end of it was another lady. I handed her my ticket and she pointed toword first class.

"Your seat is that way miss." The lady told me. I looked down at my ticket for the first time. My parents got me a first class ticket.

"Thank you." I looked at her and smiled. Then I started toword my seat. I noticed the boys had first class tickets too. I found my seat and sat down. I looked beside me and saw that 2 of them were sitting in the seats across from me.

"The plane will be leaving shortly could you all please buckle your seat belts and look forword." One of the plane attendents said to us. I looked around and it was only the boys and 2 other people besides me in first class. The plane took off about 5 minutes later.

"Would you like something to drink miss?" One of the flight attendents asked me.

"Um a water please." I smiled at her.

"Sure I'll be right back." I looked over at the boys and most of them had turned their seats back and were trying to go to sleep. Only like 2 of them were still awake. The other 2 people turned out to be flight attendents who were sitting down until the plane took off. "Here's your water miss." She smiled at me.

"Thank you. Oh um can we use ipods?" I gave her this boredom look.

"Yes you can miss."

"Thank you again." I opened my carry on and pulled out my ipod. I looked at my music list. There was some new bands in my music. I also noticed a sticky note on my ipod from Caylie.

'I put some new music on your ipod. God girl keep up with music now days :) love ya Babe -Caylie'

I smiled at the sticky note and turned on one of the songs she put on. It was really good. Sounded like a boy band and the beat was good. After being in air for an hour I knew every word to the bands songs. It was really getting hot. I took my sweatshirt off and looked around. One of the boys sitting next to me was taking his shirt off and then he put a blanket over him and he took his pants off. He probley thought I was sleeping because I did have my eyes closed and there wasn't a flight attendent around either.

"Um you know you could get in trouble for doing that right?" I looked over at them while I was saying it. The boy's eye's got really big and his face started turning red.

"I um I thought you were sleeping!?" Awe he had an accent too. I'm a sucker for accents.

"It's okay. I wont say anything." I smiled at him. "Why would I your hot and they'd only tell you to put your clothes back on and it's hot in here." His friend started laughing.

"Thank you I think." He gave me this cute smile. I turned over and went to sleep.

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