New Life New Begining


5. Bloody Hell Louis. You could've told us you were bringing Heather back!

"You two know eachother?" David was looking at us for an answer.
"Yeah when we were in the car and you asked if I was texting my boyfriend. I was tweeting Louis, he's my new friend." I laughed at Louis's face when I said boyfriend.
"I'm not her boyfriend but Niall wants to be her's." I looked at him and blushed. "Shit I wasn't supposed to say that. Pretend like you don't know." Louis was looking at me.
"I wont say a word. I'm not the make the first move kinda girl." I gave Louis a reasuring look.
"Well let's go eat. Dinners getting cold." Stacy motioned for us to go eat.
"Anna banana come here." Louis opened his arms for her to go to him. She inched away from him and her hold on me tightened. "My god Heather what did you do to my Anna Banana. She wont come to me!"
"I didn't do anything. She's been at my side since I got here. And she's my best friend so back off." I stuck my toung out at him.
"Oh that's so cold Anna Banana." Louis started pouting and she jumped at him. "Ha I knew that would work."
"Yeah yeah lets go before we get yelled at by Stacy." We were laughing while walking into the dinningroom. We walked into the dinningroom and sat down.
"So Heather, have you put any thought into if your staying for good or going back home?" I looked at David. I didn't know what he was talking about. "By that look, you have no clue what i'm talking about." I looked away. Tears were coming to my eyes. My parents really didn't want me back.
"Um I don't really feel like eating. Can I just go to my room." I didn't wait for anyone to say anything I pushed my chair out and ran to my room. Not meaning to but I slamed my door and layed on my bed and cried.
"I'll be right back." David went to get up from the table.
"No sit. I'll go talk to her." Louis got up and walked up to my room. He knocked on my door. "Heather it's Lou can I come in?" He didn't wait for me to answer, he opened my door walked in and shut it. He sat on my bed and rubed my back. "Heather love? What's wrong?"
"N.nothing. I'm okay." I was barely able to say. I sniffled.
"You don't seem fine. Talk to me love. I'm here for you. Remember i'm your frist england friend." I smiled at him.
"Okay but don't tell the others. My family they don't want me. They'd rather I stay here and not bother them. All because i'm nothing like them. My family's rich and I don't like to show it. I like the simple thing. Me being here was only supposed to be a break to find myself. Seems my family has other plans for me being here. They want me to stay here. Nobody loves me. I'm all a lone." By this time Louis had his arms around me, giving me the best hug i've ever had. I smiled at him through my tears.
"Love your not alone you have me and the boys. You have David, Stacy, and Anna. We all love you. We want you here." I knew Louis was only saying this to make me happy.
"Thank you for saying all this Louis but we just met today. How could you and the boy's love me?" I didn't believe a word he was saying.
"Simple your just like me. You love making others laugh and smile. You have this pull on Niall. The boy's couldn't shut up about you the whole way back to our flats. We all love you." His hug got tighter on me.
"Thank you Louis. I love you too." I smiled at him.
"How bout we leave and got back to mine and Harry's flat and watch movies and hang with the boys?"
"Okay just let me grab a sweatshirt and some shoes." I got up from my bed and started looking for my favorite sweatshirt. I couldn't find it anywhere. Damn it. I couldn't remember the last time I had it. Shit. I left it on the plain. "Shit."
"What's wrong?" Louis looked around like something was wrong.
"My favorite and only sweatshirt, I forgot it on the plain. Damn it." I grabed my boots and pulled them on my fee.
"Oh you can take one of our's we have alot. But I'll the air port and tell them I left my jumper on the plain. They'll get it and send it to my flat."
"Thank you Louis. You know your the best." I hugged him again. "Lets go." Louis put his arm over my shoulder as we walked down the stairs.
"I thought you two weren't dating? And where are you going?" David had this older brother look.
"Were not. I always put my arm over my mates shoulder while i'm walking and were going back to mine and watching movies with the boys." Louis gave David a duh look.
"Okay bye. Oh wait. Here's your house key." David handed me my key. "Don't let Lou get ahold it. Last time he got a hold of the key, I had an 4 am wake up call." I laughed and just walked away with Louis.
When we got out to Louis' car I went to open my door when Louis yelled at me. "No. I'm opening your door I'm the guy not you." He opened my door, I got in, and he shut my door. Like a real gent. I smiled. Louis got in and started up the car and pulled away from David's.
"You know you didn't have to open my door. I can open it myself."
"I know you can but a gentleman always open a women's door." He smiled at me. "And I'd like to think I'm a real gentleman."
"You are one of a kind Louis. Do you mind if I turn on the radio? I don't really like the quite."
"Oh yeah go ahead. Music don't bother me." I turned on the radio and one of the songs that Caylie put on my ipod was playing.
"Oh I love this song. I don't know what it's called but I love this song." I started singing and dancing in my seat. About a minute later a guy on the radio said that the song was 'What Makes You Beautiful' by the band One Direction. I looked at Louis and he was smiling really big. "What? What's so funny Louis?"
"Oh nothing." He continued to smile.
"One Direction is my new favorite band. I don't even know who they are. My friend Caylie, she put their cd on my ipod." With in a couple of minutes we pulled up to a building of flats.
"This is where we live." Louis parked the car and turned it off. Ran around the car and opened my door for me.
"You all live here? Thank you."
"Yeah me and Harry share a flat and then all the boys have their own." Louis walked over to the door put his pin in and opened the door for me. We walked down a hallway past a few doors and stopped at one. He opened it and all the boy's were sitting around in their boxers playing xbox.
"You didn't tell them I was coming did you?" I looked at Louis. He started to smile and shook his head no.
"Be quite I wanna see how long it takes for them to notice your hear." Louis walked into the livingroom and say down. I walked in behind him and sat between him and Harry. "What you doing mates?" Harry looked over to Louis.
"Playing the game." Harry turned his attenchen back to the game and a minute later he finally realized he saw me and leaped for a blanket off the back of the couch. "Bloody Hell Louis. You could've told us you were bringing Heather back!" All the boys jumped to find something to cover themself's up with.
"Hi!" Was all I could say with out laughing. "Took you boys long enough to notice I was here." I smiled at them.
"Not trying to be mean but why's Heather here. Thought we were hanging out tomorrow?" Harry looked between me and Louis.
"Well turns out my cousin Stacy is Heather's cousin. We were to have dinner but um something happened and dinner was put off for another day. So I thought why not order in and watch movies!" Louis sounded a little too happy about watching movies. I knew he was planning something, I just didn't know what. "So get pants on mates and Liam order some food and i'll go pick out the movies." Louis got up and all the boys just sat there looking at me.
"Come on i've already seen you all in just your boxers. Just stand up and get dressed you sissys." I laughed at them as they dropped their items that they had covering them and pulled their pants on really fast. "See that was so bad." Liam got out his phone and called some place. Niall and Zayn say on the couch. Niall sat between me and Harry and Zayne sat on the other side of Harry.
"The food will be here in an hour. I ordered a little of everything. Since Niall will eat half of it to himself." I looked at Niall and he was blushing.
"Then sit down so I can turn the lights out and press play." Louis had an evil look on his face.
"I'm cold. Can I have someones sweatshirt, I mean jumper." Niall leaned behind him and picked his jumper off the ground and handed it to me.
"You can use mine." He smiled.
"Oh i'm not using I'm keeping. Louis told me I could." I stuck my toung out at him and looked at the tv.
"We're not even dating and she's claiming everything of mine. First my blanket, which I intend on getting back, and now my jumper." I could tell he was joking around because he started laughing.
The movie credits started and I realized it was a scary movie. I don't do good with scary movies. "Can we please watch something else. I don't really like scary moives."
"Nope it's my night to pick and I picked this." Louis stuck his toung out and laughed at my face.
"Fine I pick tomorrow. Hope you boys like to cry." I smiled evil at them and looked at the tv. Part way through the movie I was really scared and rolled up in a ball. I notied Harry lean over to Niall and whispered something to him. Niall looked at me. He put his arm around me and cuddled me into him.
"It's okay. It's just a movie." Niall whispered into my ear.
"I know but it's still creepy." Another scary part came on and I jumped into Niall's lap. "Sorry." I was bout to get off his lap when he put his arms around me and smiled.
"It's okay." We cuddled until I heard a loud buzz and I screamed like a little girl. The boys all laughed at me and Harry went and buzzed the person in. Two minute later there was a knock at the door and Harry opened it. In walked this girl about our age carrying six bags of food. Harry helped her put it on the counter and he paid her and tipped her.
"Food!" Harry yelled and the boys all ran to the kitchen but Niall. On a count of me sitting on him and me not getting up. "My god Niall must be sick. He wasn't the first one here."
"I didn't want to knock Heather on the floor." I hugged him and he blushed.
"What a gentleman Niall." Louis was messing with him. I smiled and got off his lap and pulled him up and walked to the kitchen holding his hand. I didn't realized I was still holding his hand until Liam coughed. Now it was my turn to blush.

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