Valentine's Day

In Heather's 19 years of life she never liked or bothered with the whole 'Valentine's Day'. She never got it and hated it. Until her cousin and her boyfriend force her into going on a double date Valentine dinner.


1. My Valentine

Just like everyother year, I have no date for valentine's day. I'm not going to be alone though. My cousin Hallee is making me go with her and her boyfriend. He's bringing one of his friends. Hallee and her boyfriend have been together for almost a year and I have yet to meet this boy. So techically I have a valentine's date but I don't because I don't even know this boy. Right now I'm getting the do's and don'ts from Hallee. I've had enough.

"Shut heck up Hallee. It's not like I haven't been out with a boy before." I looked away from her to finish putting my make up on.

"I know this Heather but your cousin. I love you. I don't want you messing this up because your too shy." Hallee sat back down on my bed. I laughed at her.

"Shouldn't it be me giving you this talk. I am older then you." I turned around to show Hallee what my make up looked like.

"Yeah yeah. Turn around so I can do your hair." I smiled. We may be cousin's but we act like sisters. I liked when she did my hair. I always look so pretty when she does it.

"Thank you Hallee." She smiled at me.

"You don't have to thank me for doing your hair. You know I love doing it."

"I'm not just thanking you for doing my hair. I'm thanking you for tonight. You of all people know I don't like valentine's day. I've never had a valentine." Hallee finished my hiar. I turned around to face her.

"Don't make me cry. My make up perfect." We laughed. "You don't need to thank me. Trust me. I owe you." I gave her a weird look. "Okay promise me you wont kill me okay?"

"Okay I promise not to kill you. Why am I going to kill you?" I truely had no idea why she'd think I'd want to kill her.

"I'm not telling you. It will mess everything up." I got up from my chair and walked into my closet. I didn't know what to wear. I didn't know where I was going. I walked back out.

"Um Howie where are we going. Kinda need to know, so I know what to wear." Hallee laughed.

"I keep telling you not to call me Howie. Um wear something nice but not too nice." I laughed and walked back into my closet. I looked around. Can never go wrong with a little black dress. I looked at my shoes. I didn't want to wear black heals. That would be too much black. And silver would make it too dressy. I found my favorite zebra print heals. The bottoms were hot pink. I put the dress and my heals on and walked out. Hallee wasn't looking at me. She was laying on my bed talking to someone.

"Hallee?" She looked up. He eye's bout poped out her head.

"Um you better tell him to be prepaired to dool." Hallee laughed and hung up her phone. "Wow you look wow." I turned in a circle for her.

"Not too much?" Hallee shook her head no. "Wait right here. I have something for you to ear." I walked back into my closet and came out with my short white dress and silver heals. "Put this on. You'll look hot." Hallee gave me a weird look. "Trust me. Plus i'm not bout to be the only one wearing a dress." Hallee took the dress and put it on.

"I don't know about this." Hallee pulled on the dress a little. She thinks it's too short.

"Don't even think it. It's not too short. You look beautiful in it." I handed her the heals. "I listen to you about everything, and trust you. So trust me for once." I smiled at her.

"Fine." Hallee sat on my bed to put the heals on. I sat beside her.

"Are you sure he's going to like me?" I frowned. I hated how I thought so little of myself.

"Yes for the millionth time. I know he will." Hallee smiled and looked away. "He's seen pictures of you."

"What the." I was cut off by a car horn. "This is so not over Howie." I got up and looked out the window. There was a black SUV sitting outside. Hallee walked over and looked.

"Oh what do you know. Our ride to our dates!" Hallee grabed my hand and pulled me down the stairs and outside.

"So the boy's aren't picking us up?" I was so lost.

"No We're meeting them at their hotel." We got into the car. "We're having dinner and watching movies. You know typical date night." The car ride to the hotel wasn't long. When we got there, there were a lot of girls and camera's. I wondered why.

"What the." I was cut off again. What is a girl not to swear?

"We're her Miss." The driver got out and opened the door for us. The girl's outside were hoping for someone famous, cause when we got out they all look pretty mad. I'd hate to actually piss one of them off.

"Stay close Heather. I don't need to lose you." Hallee laughed. She grabed ahold of my arm. I followed her into the hotel. She looked like she knew where we were going. We walked into the elavator. I hated them.

"I'm not going on there. No way in hell." I backed up.

"It's not going to kill you." I backed up more. Hallee pulled out her phone. "Little problem, she's scared of elavators." Hallee looked at me. "I don't know come help. You might shock her and we can just pull her on." Hallee laughed. She put her phone away. I looked at her. "I'm sorry your meeting him like this." The elavator doors opened and Liam Payne. The Liam Payne was standing infront of me.

"What the." I was cut off again. Hallee was right. Him being here shocked me. Hallee pulled my arm. Next thing I know i'm standing next to Liam. He smiled at me.

"Hi i'm Liam." I gave him a weird look. Like duh I know who you are.

"Um i'm um I. Shit Howie what's my name?" I looked at her. She was laughing.

"Your name's Heather remember Heather." I looked to Liam.

"I'm Heather." The door's opened again. I ran off the elavator. "I hate you guy's." Hallee smiled.

"Yeah but in a matter of second's you'll love us." I started to freak a little. Which one of the boy's was I spending valentine's day with. It had to be Harry or Niall. The other two had girl friends. We walked to a door. Liam knocked on it.

"Come one man the girls are here." Liam smiled. The door opened. I looked right into my leperchaun's eye's. I smiled really big. Niall's eye's shined. He smiled.

"Nice seeing you Hallee." Niall looked to me. "Hi I'm Niall. You must be Heather." I couldn't move or speak. Hallee and Liam had already started walking towords the elavator. "Um guy's I think she's broke?" I heared Hallee's heals.

"Heather come on." Hallee pulled on my arm. I started walking. "Told you this was going to happen." Hallee and Liam started laughing. She pulled me onto the elavator too. I stood between her and Niall. The shock of meeting Niall was gone. I looked at him and smiled.

"I'm so sorry for that." Niall smiled.

"Don't be. It's cute." I smiled.

"I'm normally not like that." I looked over to Hallee and Liam. They were being all lovey dovey. "Ew not infront of me." I gave Liam a look. "If I yell hand check I better see those hands." I pointed at him. He smiled.

"Yes maam." We got to the bottom floor. I ran off the elavator.

"Thank the god's!" I turned around to see Hallee, Liam, and Niall laughing. "Not that funny. I hate elavators."

"We all know that Heather." Hallee laughed. Liam put his arm around her. I smiled. I was glad Liam made her happy. "Niall your going to have a fun time trying to get her to open up." Hallee laughed walking ahead. Leaving Niall and I to our selfs.

"So what does she mean by that?" I looked around. The restaruant must be in the back of the hotel. I looked him in the eye's and smiled.

"I don't talk much. I'd rather keep to myself then get hurt." I looked away. I heard a sigh come from Niall.

"I take it you've been hurt a lot?" I felt Niall's hand brush against my hand. I smiled.

"Not a lot of people but mainly the people that I loved and cared for. The one's that were supposed to love and care for me too." I smiled at Niall. "But enough about my not so happy past. Tonight's supposed to be fun and happy." I stuck my tounge out at him. He smiled. His hand brushed mine again.

"So is tonight the first time you really met Liam?" I laughed a little. Niall brushed my hand again.

"Yes it is. I'm kinda fan so i understand why it took so long." Niall smiled. "You know you can just grab my hand." I smiled. Niall grabed my hand. Niall smiled when I entertwinded my fingers with his.

"And Hallee said you'd be too shy to hold my hand." We laughed.

"Guess she don't know everything." We cought up to Hallee and Liam. They we're waiting at the restaruant door for us. Hallee smiled. We walked into the restaruant. A women was standing there waiting.

"Resavation for Payne." Liam smiled at her. She looked at her paper and smiled.

"Yes. Right this way." she turned and we followed her. The place was empty. I looked around confused. There was like no one there eating. The women lead us to a table in the middle of the room. Liam pulled out Hallee's chair for her. I went to pull out my own chair. But got cut off by Niall.

"Oh I don't think so." Niall smiled as he pulled out my chair. I sat down and he sat beside me. I looked around again.

"Okay so why isn't there anyone else here?" Liam smiled.

"Well I wanted tonight to be special. I wanted it to be just the four of us. So I reserved the whole place." Hallee leaned over and kiss him. Gah I hated lovey dovey stuff. The waiter came to out table.

"What can I get you to drink?" The boy looked around at all of us.

"I had a bottle of shampaine braught down." Liam smiled at the boy. He looked at all of us again.

"Right I'll be right back with it." He walked away.

"Um how did you get that? We're all under age." I laughed.

"Well it is valentine's day. And shampaines not that bad." I looked over at Niall he was looking at me and smiling. I smiled at him. He looked away and blushed. I think it's cute he blushed cause I caught him stairing. I smiled. The boy came back with our shampaine. He poured it into our glasses and steped back.

"Do you need time to order?" Liam smiled.

"Well we're having the valentine special. I don't know about you two." I looked down at the menu.

"I'll have the same as them." I looked over at Niall.

"Make that for all of us." The boy smiled and walked away. I felt Niall's eye's on me. I looked up at him and smiled.

"So tell me a little about you." He smiled.

"Well i'm 19. I work for Pep Polish studio's. I love my job even though I don't need to work. I live here in LA by myself. I'm the type that keep's to myself." Niall smiled when I finished speaking. "So tell me about you." I gave him the same smiled he gave me.

"Well i'm 19 even though, you already knew that. I'm in One Direction. I love what I do. I get to travel the world and sing. I also get to be with my best mates." I smiled at him. "I love nando's and hanging out with my friends in my free time." The waiter came back with our food. He sat our plates infront of us and walked away. I looked down at the plate and saw stake and potato's.

"My god did they think we were all open pits!" Hallee yelled. I laughed.

"Hallee the cook doesn't even know what we look like." We all laughed. We all started eating. It was amazing. I loved it. When it looked like we were finished with our food the waiter came back out and took our plates away.

"I feel fat for eating all of that." I heard Niall laugh.

"Don't I think a girl who can eat as much as me is sexy." I smiled and blushed. The waiter came back out wit our deserts. He put the plates down infront of us. Cheesecake. My favorite. I smiled.

"Before we start eating I have something for Hallee." Liam pulled out a small box for Kay's. I smiled. Hallee smiled really big. Liam opened the box and Hallee's eye's bout poped out of her head.

"Oh Liam it's beautiful." Liam pulled the ring out and put it on Hallee's right hand. Hallee kissed Liam. She turned towords me and showed me the ring. It was a beautiful silver ring wit a purpled dimond with a single white dimond on both side of the purple one.

"Hallee that's really beautiful." I smiled. Hallee pulled out her gift gor Liam and smiled. He opened it. It was gold watch.

"Hallee I love it. How'd you know I needed a new watch?" Hallee laughed.

"Well you tweeted yesterday that your watch broke. So I went and got this." liam kissed Hallee. I smiled.

"Heather. I um have something for you." I looked to Niall. I was shocked I didn't know we were giving gifts. I mean we didn't know each other.

"Oh Niall you didn't have too." Niall pulled out a box from kay's. "Niall I can't take that. I didn't get anything for you." Niall smiled.

"You being here is more then enough for me." Niall smiled and opened the box. It was a beautiful silver neckless. It had a heart on it. It had dimond's around it but on single dimond was a teal colored dimond.

"Oh my god Niall. That's beautiful. I can't take that." Niall smiled and opened the neckless so he could put it on me.

"Yes you can and yes you are." He put it around me and clasped the neckless. He smiled. "It looks beautiful on you. I smiled.

"Thank you Niall." I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed. We all ate our deserts. The waiter came and got our desert plates from us.

"How about we leave and go upstairs and watch movies." Liam and Hallee stood up. We stood up too. Hallee and Liam looked so cute together. I smiled. We all walked to the elavator to go upstairs.

"Am I going to have to pull you onto the elavator this time?" Niall gave me a half smile. I smiled.

"No not this time." I walked right on the elavator with no hasel. Liam and Hallee were kissing in the corner of the elavator. Niall grabbed my hand and held it the whole way up. The door opened and we walked off. Niall turned left and Liam turned right. I gave Niall a weird look. I half turned.

"Hallee don't do anything I wouldn't." I winked at her. She just laughed and walked into Liam's room with him. We walked two room down from the elavator and Niall opened it.

"Welcome to my room. What's mine is your's." Niall smiled. I sat my purse down on the stand by the door. I walked into his room. It was nice. I made myself at home on Niall's bed. "How about I buy a movie?" I smiled.

"Okay." I sat back while Niall looked for a movie to order. I smiled. Tonight may have changed my feelings about valentin'es day. Niall looked back and saw me smiling. I blushed. Niall bought The Lucky One. I smiled. I loved this movie. Niall sat beside me. "Niall do you mind taking a picture with me?" He smiled.

"No I don't." I pulled my phone out of my bra. Niall laughed. "You keep your phone in your bra?"

"Hey it's safe and I can't lose it." I smiled. I turned my camera on and slid close to Niall. We smiled and I took a few pictures.

"We have to take some with my phone." Niall pulled his phone out and we took some pictures with his phone. This was the best valentine's day ever. "You have twitter?" I laughed.

"Who doesn't?" I laughed again. "It's POKADOTzPANTS." Niall smiled and started typing on his phone. My phone went off. I picked it up and looked at it. NiallOffical follow's me. I smiled. "Thanks for following." He smiled. My phone went off again. I looked at it. NiallOffical had mentioned me. I smiled and opened it. Niall tweeted a picture of us. Under it said' My Valentine :) I know your jealous'. I smiled. "Awe Niall." I looked up from my phone and Niall kissed me. I smiled in the kiss and kissed him back. We kissed for awhile. He broke the kiss.

"So I take it you like me too?" I kissed him. "I'll take that as a yes." He smiled and kissed me. We kissed for awhile. "Heather I have a question for you." I looked him in the eye's.

"Yes?" He smiled. He kissed me again.

"Will you be my bird?" I smiled really big and kissed him. We kissed for a minute. "I'll take that as a yes." I smiled.

"You can take that as a hell yes!" Niall smiled and kissed me.

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