"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


9. Chapter 9

They decided to walk to the club, since it was a ten to fifteen minute walk, tops. That walk turned out to be a little longer than twenty minutes, but none of them cared. They were all way too excited. Outside the club was a long line, almost going round the corner. Laura groaned, they were never gonna get in there. Harry laughed at her and said:
‘My love, have you forgotten that we’, he gestured towards the boys and himself, ‘are One Direction? We don’t have to wait.’ 
Harry went to speak to the bouncer and called them over. 
‘Have a good night mister Styles’, he said, holding the velvet rope open for them. 

Once inside some people recognized the boys, but left them alone. Thank god the people here understand the boys want some privacy too. Niall and Zayn went to get everybody drinks while the rest of them occupied a booth which had a good view of the front door. Then Niall and Zayn came back with five coronas and a glass filled with a pretty blue liquid. She put the glass to her mouth and emptied it quickly. The boys all stared at her open mouthed, except for Louis, he had seen her do that earlier today. 
‘What are you boys staring at?’, she asked.
‘I don’t understand how you can take so much alcohol’, Niall said amazed. 
‘Sweetheart I’m from the Netherlands, remember? I’ve been drinking, really drinking, since I was fourteen.’
The boys looked at her in amazement. 
‘I’m going to get myself something stronger’, she said and with that she walked towards the bar. She came back with two glasses of vodka. She downed one of the glasses, winked at Niall who was staring at her with his mouth open, and downed the other. She felt the alcohol rushing through her veins.
‘Why are you drinking so much? Haven’t you had plenty today?’, Liam asked her.
‘Sweety, for this plan to work, I have to be on my very worst behaviour. I can only act so bad with a lot of alcohol.’ 
Louis smiled with a naughty twinkle in his eyes. He then put the corona bottle against her lips. He tilted it and she drank up half the bottle. Louis drank up the other half and grabbed her hand. 
‘Does anyone of you want a refill?’, he asked. 
Niall was just finishing is Corona, the other boys just stared at them, not even being half way their Coronas. 
‘Only one for Nialler then’, Louis said walking towards the bar with Laura. He ordered ten shots and three Coronas and a coke. The coke was for Liam, who can’t drink much because he only has one kidney. 
‘Louis Tomlinson, are you trying to get me drunk?’, she giggled.
‘It’s my turn, you got me drunk this afternoon’, he said to her, poking her stomach. Then the drinks were served. There were five different colours of shots, two of every colour. They carried the drinks back to the booth and sat across from each other, Laura next to Harry, Louis next to Zayn, Liam and Niall in the middle of the booth-chouch. 
‘Boys, I brought you all corona’s anyways, you need to loosen up’, Louis said, before turning to her. ‘And I, Louis William Tomlinson, dare you, Laura ‘giggly girly’, to a drinking game. The first one to finish five shots, wiiiiiiins’, he half shouted in his game-host voice. She took one shot of each colour and placed it in front of herself. 
‘You’re on’, she said to him. ‘Boys, you are the judges okay?’ They all nodded, excited for the contest. 
Harry counted down: ‘three,.. two…’, she raised her eyebrows at Louis, ’one.. GO!’ Laura and Louis both drank the shots very fast, but she put her last glass down just a little earlier than Louis. The boys all cheered for her and gave her high-fives. She smiled smugly at Louis who smiled back and applauded her.
‘The bitch is in the cage!’, Zayn said excited, looking towards the door. Eleanor had just arrived. 
‘Then it’s showtime’, Laura winked at Louis.

Louis smiled and walked over to her side of the booth. She happily jumped out and then stumbled into him. He caught and steadied her.
‘Wooha easy love, let us get to the dance floor first.’ He said. 
‘Laura sweetheart, are you okay?’, Harry asked, a concerned look on his face. 
She smiled at him and nodded, still standing in Louis’ arms.
‘Yeah, I shouldn’t jump up so fast after drinking so much.’, she giggled.
‘You shouldn’t drink that much in the first place’, Liam said. Harry nodded, agreeing with Liam.
‘Do you guys want this plan to work or not? As I said, I need to be on my worst behaviour and not think about you’, she looked at Harry. ‘and I need to want this guy’, she said pointing at Louis. ‘Now let’s dance my boys.’ They all went on to the dance floor. 
They were just dancing when Eleanor and her friends walked on too. Laura and Louis looked at each other, knowing what to do. She threw her arms around his neck, he put his hands on her waist. As soon as Eleanor spotted them Laura pressed herself close to Louis, grinding up against him. They moved perfectly in sync. Eleanor’s face was brilliant, it was full of shock and anger. When Zayn winked at her, she stomped on the ground angrily and went to the bar. Laura and Louis broke apart laughing. 
‘Louis, go get us drinks now. You have to walk right by her, but don’t look at her, like she’s not there.’ Laura said to him. 
‘Aye aye captain!’
Louis went over to the bar and did as she had said; he walked right by Eleanor, not looking at her. The girl behind the bar recognized him immediately and helped him first. ‘I’ll have a vodka and that special strawberry-lime shot of yours, extra strong. My girl likes to drink.’ He winked at the bartender girl. She blushed and made his drinks. After he took them from her he turned around, not giving Eleanor a single look. When he got back to the others they were all laughing. 
‘O my god Louis, you should’ve seen her face when you walked away’, Niall said wheezing. ‘It was absolutely brilliant! What did you do, kiss the bartender?’
‘No, I just ordered a vodka for me and the special strawberry-lime thingy, extra strong for mý girl.’ He handed Laura the drink. She winked at him and drank it all up with one big gulp. Louis threw his vodka back too and everybody danced again. 

When starships came on they all went crazy. That song makes you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow. let’s go to the beach each, let’s go get away (they all flapped their arms around, pretending to be rappers) I'm on the floor, floor I love to dance(Laura wiggled her hips and then dropped her butt to the floor and back up again, the boys all loved it)Starships (All the boys pointed at her) were meant to flyyyyyyy(Liam pointed out that Eleanor was looking again) hands up , and touch the skyyyyyy(She threw her hands up and jumped to the sky) can't stop, 'cause we're so hiiiiigh (Louis lifted her up from the ground), let's do this one more time She looked Louis in the eyes and kissed him passionately. He was still holding her up. He stiffened for a second, but then kissed her back with the same passion. They kissed each other deeply. He then set her down and they broke the kiss. They looked over at Eleanor, she was staring at them open mouthed. Louis winked at her and then she stormed out of the club. Laura and Louis high-fived each other and turned around to high-five the others. They were all grinning, except for Harry. He did give them a high five, but he had stopped smiling. She was not going to let him ruin the mood now, they just made Eleanor leave! 

They all danced and had crazy fun the rest of the night, except for Harry who was being really cranky. She danced with all the boys after Eleanor left, given the fact she didn’t have to pretend to be Louis’ girl anymore. She danced with Harry too, a lot at the end. That made him lighten up a bit, but he was still acting stupid. 

They left the club at 5:30. And got home at 6:15. The walk was way longer this time, because Laura and Louis were totally wasted, and Niall and Zayn were pretty drunk too. But they got home eventually. 

Harry went straight to bed, the rest of them wanted to eat first. Liam fried some eggs. They all sat down on the couch and told Liam he was awesome. 
‘Do you guys know what’s wrong with Harry? He was being all mopey and angry.’ Laura asked the boys. 
Liam and Zayn gave each other a look. 
‘What? Tell me now!’, she said annoyed.
‘Well, the plan worked and it was great, and we know you love him, Harry knows that too, but I don’t think he liked seeing you kiss Louis’, Liam said.
‘Yeah’, Zayn said, ‘It looked pretty real.’
‘But I think you just have to go to sleep and talk to him tomorrow, he’ll get over it.’ Liam said, trying to reassure her. 
Louis and Laura both had sad faces now, feeling guilty. When everybody had finished their eggs they went to bed, Louis to his room and Laura to her and Harry’s room. She threw her clothes off and put one of Harry’s shirts on. She kissed Harry on his lips and got in bed next to him. Because of all the alcohol she fell asleep quickly and she didn’t notice Harry rolled to the other side of the bed.

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