"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


5. Chapter 5

The next morning she woke up with Harry’s arms still wrapped around her. He was still sleeping. She could stare at him for ever. He looked so innocent and beautiful when he was sleeping. She carefully rolled out of his arms to take a look at the time. It was 7:30 in the morning. She decided to go get a shower and make breakfast for the boys. She showered quickly and made pancakes. She was busy baking when Louis walked into the room. 
‘Pancakes?’, he asked excited. 
‘Yeah, I woke up early and thought let’s do something nice for my favourite boys’, she said to him. 
‘You truly are amazing!’, he exclaimed. ‘Can I help you with anything?’ 
‘If you don’t mind, you can go wake up the others and tell them breakfast is served in 15 minutes.’ 
‘Yes ma’am.’, he saluted her and spun on his heels. 
‘thank you Louis!’, she called after him.
He woke up Harry first, by jumping him in bed. She could hear it all go down and couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Louis then left the apartment to go wake up the other boys. She tried to continue her baking, but got interrupted by Harry. She didn’t mind him disturbing her at all. She could feel the butterflies come again when he whispered ‘good morning love’ in her ear. He then softly nibbled on her earlobe, which made her giggle. He then tickled her sides, causing her to burst out in laughter. 
‘Harry please let me go! I need to finish the breakfast’, she giggled. 
‘Okay, for all the hungry one direction members I shall release you’, he said with his I’m-pretending-to-be-serious face. She kissed him before she got back to the pancakes. Harry set the table and sat down at it. He was staring at her cooking. 
She giggled, ‘You know you’re making me nervous right?’ 
‘Yes I know, and I also know that you are really cute when you’re nervous. You get all giggly and blushy. It’s truly adorable.’, he said loving. 
She smiled to herself while finishing the last pancake. 
Then Louis came in, followed by Zayn who wasn’t fully awake yet, Liam who was already showered and dressed. 
‘Where’s Niall?’, she asked, looking for the blonde boy. 
‘I’m here and I love you!’, he yelled running into the apartment. He ran to her, picked her up and planted a big kiss on her cheek. ‘You made us pancakes for breakfast, you’re amazing!’ 
‘Yeah, you are!’, Liam added. She was blushing a little again, because of all the compliments. 
‘Okay boys’, she said, ‘I love you guys too’, she picked up the plate of pancakes. 
‘Now let’s eat!’ 
The boys really enjoyed the breakfast. And when they were finished they cleaned everything up for her. She was still thinking about how she was going to get Louis alone. The boys were always together, working or not. Just telling them wasn’t an option. It would sound weird if she said she and Louis needed to spend some time together. They saw each other all the time, so missing each other wasn’t an excuse. It would just make the others assume wrong things. She was still thinking about it when Liam came up to her. 
‘Are you coming with us to the movies?’ 
She looked at him and asked: ‘What movie?’ 
‘Didn’t Harry ask you? I did ask him to.. Well anyways, are you coming or not?’ 
She frowned, this was another of Harry’s forgetful actions. How could he forget to ask her? 
‘Is everybody going?’, she asked. 
Liam shook his head. 
‘No, Louis has a really bad headache, so he’s staying in. He’s asleep now.’ 
She immediately knew it wasn’t a headache. This was the perfect moment. 
‘No, I feel bad for Louis, I don’t want him to wake up to an empty house. You boys go make a man’s day out of it’, she said to him. 
‘Okay, give Louis my best when he wakes up.’ 
That said he walked out. Niall put his head through the door before they left to wave at her. Harry didn’t even say goodbye.

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