"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


4. Chapter 4

‘Laura!’, Louis yelled, ‘please, you have to help me.’ 
‘I’m coming Louis!’ She rolled her eyes and got up unwillingly. 
At the door she turned to Harry, ‘don’t leave’, she winked. 
‘What is it Louis?’ She looked around and got confused, he was not there. 
‘I’m in the bathroom!’, he yelled across the apartment. ‘The makeup won’t come off properly.’ 
In the bathroom she saw Louis, sitting on a stool by the sink, washing his face frantically with a washcloth. 
‘Look at me! I look like a Goth! Why won’t it come off?’ He was really upset. 
She did not understand why, it was only makeup. He was scrubbing his face so hard she cringed at the sight of it. 
‘Louis, sweetie calm down.’ She grabbed his hand, so he finally stopped scrubbing.
He looked up at her with a sad face. The white powder came off pretty good, but the black eyeliner was now everywhere on his face. He was such a fool, who would try to take that off with water anyway? 
‘You’re such a bóy Louis’, she said shaking her head. ‘Waterproof liner won’t come off with water dummy.’ 
‘Oh, it was waterproof?’ 
‘Well yes, the only eyeliner here is mine and I always use waterproof. Did you hurt yourself?’ She pointed at his hand, his pinkie and ring finger were swollen. 
‘Well actually, your foot hurt me. When we attacked you, you kicked my hand. But I kinda had that coming.’ He grinned at the memory. ‘You were really scared, weren’t you?’, he said smug. 
‘Yes, you guys really got me’, she admitted, ‘I’m really sorry about your hand, does it hurt?’ 
He shook his head. ‘Only when I use it.’ She frowned, she didn’t like it when one of them was hurting. Especially not when it was Louis. Harry was her boyfriend yes, and Zayn was her fling, but she always thought of Louis as her best friend. Louis and her were also so very much alike. The both of them were just a little crazy. Like they missed the same wire in their head.
‘Crap, I’m really sorry Louis. Let me help you with your face.’ 
She searched through her cabinet and quickly found what she was looking for. Refreshing face wash towels. These were perfect for removing makeup. She started on his forehead. It came off really easy. When she wiped across the skin he had been rubbing so hard he flinched. 
‘Oh shit, sorry sorry! I’m sorry Louis. I’ll try to be more careful.’ 
She looked him in the eyes. He looked at her with the same strange expression that he had this morning. 
‘Is there something wrong Louis? You’re giving me that look again.’, she said, continuing her work with his face. 
‘What do you mean, what look?’ 
‘The same one as this morning when you were acting so weird in the elevator.’ 
‘Oh that. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something. But it’s really hard to get you alone.’ 
She was thinking, about what does he want to talk? He never sounds so serious. He doesn’t know about her and Zayn, does he? But if he does know, she decided to end it anyway. Fuck fuck fuck.. 
‘What do you want to talk about?’ 
‘Well, you must’ve noticed that Eleanor hasn’t been here in a while.’, he started. 
She thought about it, and he was right. She only realised it now that he said it. She nodded to him, encouraging him to go on. 
‘Well, we had a really bad fight a couple of weeks ago, and I.. I..’, he looked up at her, tears in his eyes. ‘I don’t think we can fix it.’ 
She knelt in front of him. ‘I’m so sorry Louis’, she said. 
The tears that rolled from the corner of his eyes mixed with the makeup on his face. She couldn’t bear to see him like this. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling his head to her chest. She put her chin on his head and stroked his hair. He started sobbing. He put his arms around her waist, seeking comfort. Quietly she rocked them back and forth, trying to soothe him. They sat like this for a while, saying nothing. When he had calmed down enough to stop crying he let go of her. The makeup that had been on his eyes was now a big blur. He looked at her chest. 
‘O Sorry, my makeup is on you.’, he sniffed. 
‘Louis, really it’s okay, it’s just makeup sweetie. Let me finish your face okay?’ 
He obeyed. He sat perfectly still again, but his eyes never left her face. She could feel him staring. It made her nervous. 
‘I’m really sorry for this morning, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.’, she says. 
‘It doesn’t matter, I was acting weird and probably giving you the creeps, I’m the one who should be sorry.’, he said ashamed. 
‘God Louis no. You wanted to talk to me and I was just being a bitch. I hope I made up for it now.’, she said, removing the last bit of makeup. ‘So, you’re not a Goth anymore.’ 
Then, saying nothing, he took another face towel from the box and started wiping the makeup of her. He started at the base of her shoulder, down to her chest, where the makeup was. His pinkie was tracing a line just above her shirt. He looked at her with a seductive expression. He kept wiping, even after all the makeup was gone. She had a feeling where this was going, and she liked it. It was wrong in all sorts of ways, but she couldn’t help herself. She looked into his eyes, he stared right back at her. He moved in closer, hooking his pinkie in her shirt, pulling her towards him. Their lips were almost touching. She was closing her eyes for the kiss, but then they heard footsteps coming towards them. She quickly pulled away from him. Then Harry walked in. 
‘Harry, hey!’, she and Louis said simultaneously. 
He laughed and asked: ‘What’s taking you so long?’ 
Louis pointed at his face and the dirty face wash towels. ‘Laura helped me get my makeup off.’ 
She looked up at Harry and said: ‘Just get back to bed sweetheart, I’ll be there in five.’ 
Harry shrugged and walked back to the bedroom. She started picking up the towels and threw them away. She could feel Louis’ eyes on her as she cleaned out the sink and put her stuff back in the cabinet. 
‘You want to talk tomorrow? We can go somewhere, or kick the others out if you like.’, she said to him. 
‘Yeah, I’d like that.’ He smiled at her. 
‘The others don’t know right?’ 
Louis shook his head. 
‘Okay, then I won’t tell them. Goodnight Louis.’ 
‘Goodnight Laura, and thank you.’ 
She smiled at him and walked out of the bathroom, to Harry, hér Harry, who was waiting for her in the bedroom. He greeted her with a smile. She got under the covers and let him take her in his arms. She suddenly felt very sleepy. 
‘You’re tired, aren’t you?’, he asked her. She nodded and smiled, it was like he could read her mind. 
‘Sleep tight my love’, he said kissing the top of her head.
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