"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


2. Chapter 2


Today was another Zayn day. Harry had been gone for a week and when he got back he went straight to bed, without even giving her a simple ‘hello’. Of course she understands that he’s tired and that all he wants is his bed, but he could’ve said hello. Zayn saw the expression on her face no doubt. 

He went to his apartment and texted her.
- Wanna come over? 
It took her less than a minute to reply.
– Yes!

She stood up from the table and walked out of Harry and Louis apartment, which also was kind of the ‘living room’ in their lives. From the corner of her eye she saw Louis following her out. He followed her into the elevator. She hit the button for the lobby. 

‘Where are you going?’ Louis asked in a strange tone. She really didn’t like the way he said it, like he was accusing her of something. She quickly tried to think of a clever answer. 

‘I.. I’m just going out for a walk, I really feel like I could use some fresh air.’ 

Louis looked at her with his unbelievably blue eyes. It seemed as if he was looking right through her. ‘And why is that?’, he said with a weird look in his eyes. He was really getting on her nerves. 

‘I don’t know Louis, okay! I just want to take a walk outside in the fresh air, what’s so wrong about that?’, she snapped. Louis looked at her in surprise because of her sudden burst of anger. This is exactly why she needs Zayn now. 

‘Well love,’ he started, ‘I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s pouring outside’, at that moment the elevator reached the lobby and opened with a loud ding!. Then she saw what Louis meant, it was pouring, hell it was raining cats and dogs! 

‘So?, she scoffed, maybe I like the rain.’ 

‘All right’, Louis said while putting his hand up in the air, ‘never mind.’ And with that he stepped back into the elevator and went back up. 

She stared at the closed elevator doors, confused. She didn’t know what just happened. She only knew she wanted Zayn even more now. 
She took the elevator back up to the 5th floor, one floor above Harry and Louis’s apartment. That’s where Zayn’s apartment was, two doors away from Liam’s and across of Naill’s. She walked up to Zayn’s door and knocked once. 

The door opened ever so slightly. She walked in carefully, wondering why he didn’t just open the door. The curtains were closed and the lights were out. The only light in the room was coming from a few candles in the bedroom. Then she heard the door close behind her. 

Two strong arms wrapped around her and a warm mouth attacked her neck with hungry kisses. She moaned softly as the hands roamed over her breasts down to her stomach searching the hem of her shirt. 
‘I’ve been waiting for you’, Zayn mumbles against her skin. She felt her knees buckling. She closed her eyes and tilted her head so he had better access. He placed butterfly kisses across her neck and jawline. She reached back and grabbed his hips, pressing herself closer against him. She could feel him getting hard already, he really wanted her today. She gasped when his hands suddenly found their way under her shirt to her breasts. He massaged them over her bra and groaned in her ear whilst she ground against him. He grabbed her shirt and yanked it off. Then he spins her around, so she is facing him. He kisses her hungrily and grabs her hips firmly. His hands never leaving her hips he lifts her up. She wraps her legs around his waist as he carries her to the bed. 

He throws her on the bed and places himself on top of her. He bends down and softly bites her bottom lip. She whimpers softly as he goes lower and starts working on her boobs. He quickly unclips her bra with one hand, his other hand already cupping one of her breasts. He keeps massaging them while he sucks on her nipples. Softly he bites in her right nipple and tugs it. She runs her hands through his black hair. He starts placing his kisses lower and lower, until he reaches her shorts. He props himself up on his elbows and looks down at the shorts. She opens her eyes and looks at him in confusion. ‘Why’d you stop?’, she asks pouting. 

‘Aren’t these Harry’s?’ He asks, nodding towards the shorts. She looks and sees he’s right. 

‘Oh, yes they are, so what?’, she replies.

‘Well, it was kinda strange seeing my band mate’s pants, like I was going to suck his cock.’ She laughs, the thought of it was funny. 

‘Okay, the shorts apologize for confusing you. Now please continue with what you were doing.’, she orders him. 

‘Yes ma’am’, he winks at her and quickly gets rid of the confusing shorts and her panties. She moaned as he began to stroke her clit with his tongue. She pushed her hips up against his mouth when he started on her entrance. He was driving her crazy and he knew it.

‘Z-Zayn p-p-please’, she choked out. 

‘Please what?’, he chuckled darkly, not stopping. 

‘Please just – FUCK!" she yelled as he pressed his tongue against her clit. He chuckled again and kissed her sensitive area. Then he figured she’d had enough. He positioned himself on top of her entering her. She moaned loudly, and wrapped her legs around his waist so he would hit her sweet spot every time. He started moving, slow at first, but quickly gaining speed. Only after a few minutes she had her first orgasm. She screamed his name loudly. Then, with nearly all her strength she flipped them over, so she was straddling him. She sat straight up, quickly moving over his dick. He grabs her hips, controlling her speed. When he felt she was close to her second orgasm he grabbed her boobs, squeezing her nipples. 

‘OH FUCK!’, she screamed, tilting her head back in pleasure, while she gets her high. Then he came too. She collapsed on top of him, covered in sweat. They both needed to catch their breath. After five minutes she got up and walked to the window. It was still pouring outside. 

‘I’m just going to shower real quick and then I’m going to the grocery store.’ She told him. 

‘Grocery store? Why?’, Zayn asked her. 

She rolled her eyes at him. 

‘Do you want to eat tonight or not? FYI, the fridge is almost empty. And Harry just got back, so I thought let’s have a big delicious welcome home meal’, she smiled at the thought of Harry and the big meal. He will love it, she was sure of it. 

‘Good point’, he told her, ‘do you need help shopping?’ 

She nodded, ’Yes please, I could use a strong man to carry the groceries.’ 

He smirked at her and flexed his muscles. ‘Am I fit for the job miss?’ 

‘Well yes, you seem to have all the qualifications.’ They both smiled at each other. 

She showered first and went to fix her hair and makeup while he was in the shower. She was constantly distracted by him, being naked just a few feet away from her . But, she managed to make herself look good again. 
When they both were clean again they went to the grocery store. They went on foot, because it was only two blocks away.

She texted Niall. 
– ‘s Harry still sleeping? Niall, good boy as he was, replied almost immediately 
–Yes, why? Do you want me to wake him up for you? I know he will get out of his bed for you :). 
This is why she loved Niall (as a friend of course). He always said the right things. 
– no, no let him sleep, I’m going to the grocery store now to get food. We’re having a welcome home dinner tonight. I know he will get out of his bed for that ;). The text that followed made Laura laugh out loud, leaving Zayn confused.

‘What’s so funny?’ 

‘Niall just texted me after I told him about the dinner tonight:
- YES woman LOVE YOU. Us men, we all happy now. Dinner NICE. 
Then her phone went off again: - By the way, do you need help? She smiled, Niall was so thoughtful. A true sweet boy. 
She replied – No, I already captured Zayn and made him my personal slave. See ya in half an hour! 

She and Zayn did some quick shopping and he, the gentleman, wouldn’t let her carry a thing. 
When they arrived back home all the boys looked at her with wide grins. 

‘What’s for dinner?’ Liam asked curiously. 

‘Taco’s, because it’s Harry’s favourite food, with chicken and with meatloaf, I also have potatoes, and I’ll make a salad. Niall, you can choose; potatoes mashed, cooked or baked?’ 

‘BAKED!’, he yelled in his Irish accent. 

‘Okay’, she smiled, ‘then I’ll get started, who wants to help?’ Liam stood up from the couch. 

‘Thank you Liam, okay and will the rest of you please set the table?’ Louis, Zayn and Niall quickly jumped in line and saluted her. 

‘YES MA’AM!’, they yelled. Everybody went to work. 

She was happy Liam went to help her, he could cook a little. With her supervision he did everything good. After thirty minutes dinner was almost ready. 

‘Liam sweety, can you finish this? Then I’ll go wake up mister sleepy head.’

‘Yes of course, you go get your man’, Liam smiled. She smiled at him gratefully.

She skipped happily through the room towards Harry’s bedroom. She silently opened the door to see him sleeping. He looked so innocent. She almost felt bad for having to disturb him. She crept up to his bed and laid herself beside him. He was still asleep. She kissed him ever so softly on the lips. She inhaled his scent, and there were the butterflies again, god she had missed him. Then his eyes fluttered open and a big smile spread across his face. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly. 

‘Hello beautiful, I’ve missed you.’ He mumbled, their lips still touching. 
She smiled and kissed him again, harder this time. She really missed him too, and now she was back in his arms she didn’t want to get out of them anymore. 

Suddenly Louis ran into the room screaming ‘HELLO!’, then he jumped on the bed, on top of Harry. Harry groaned and looked at her, making sure Louis didn’t accidentally hurt her. She just smiled at him, letting him know it’s all right. 

‘Oh Harry I’ve missed you so much!’, Louis exclaims. They can hear the others laugh in the living room. 

‘Yeah, yeah I’ve missed you too Louis.’ 

‘Harry, get your ass in here right NOW! I’m hungry!’, Niall shouts from the other room. 

Laura laughs and goes to the living room. The boys have set a lovely table, it looks good. As Liam puts the last plate on the table Louis walks into the room, followed by Harry. Harry looks at the table in awe.

‘O my god TACOS!’, Harry squeals happily. 

‘You guys did this?’, he asks surprised. 

‘Well’, Zayn said, ‘I carried the groceries, and set the table with Louis and Niall, but your lovely girlfriend did all the cooking, with Liam as her assistant.’ 

‘It was also her brilliant idea to give you a big delicious welcome home dinner.’, Niall adds.

Harry turns to her and smiles. 

‘YOU definitely are the very best girlfriend someone could ever wish for.’ 

That made her tear up. Not only because it was so sweet, but he really meant it. She felt guilty. Her heart now ached when she thought about every time she’d been with Zayn while she should have been with him. 

‘Babe are you crying?’ She couldn’t answer, she just shook her head firmly, hoping the tears would go away. It didn’t help. ‘What’s wrong love?’ Harry asks concerned. 

‘I .. I’, she doesn’t know what to say. Saying I’ve been cheating on you for the past couple of months with your best friend, but I still love you and feel guilty all the time is probably not the best answer. She notices that everyone is staring at her. ‘I’ve just missed you very much, that’s all.’ Harry looks at her lovingly and hugs her tightly. One arm wrapped around her shoulders, the other arm around her waist pressing her tightly to his body. 

He mumbles in her hair: ‘I’ve missed you too my love, more than I can ever say.’ 

She wraps her arms around his waist, pulling him closer to her. She closes her eyes and enjoys the moment. The moment of love. He kisses the top of her head and lets go of her. He cups her face and asks: ‘Will you have this awesome delicious dinner with me and my band mates?’ 

‘I would love to Mr. Styles’, she says to him smiling. 

The dinner she and Liam made was awesome. Niall couldn’t stop saying how delicious it was. He also kept saying it with his mouth full, which she found rather amusing. When they just finished their food, the doorbell rang. Zayn grins widely and nearly runs to the door. They all look at him surprised, why is the boy so excited because of the doorbell? He opens the door and there’s Giusseppe, the nice Italian ice cream man from around the corner. He’s a typical Italian man, a little fat, black and grey hair and he’s getting balled. 

‘Harry!’, he says with his cute Italian accent. ‘signor Zayn called and told me about the dinner, and what’s a dinner without desserts?’ While he said that he pulled a cute little cart through the door. 

‘I’ve brought you all ice cream for dessert!’ They all cheered. They ate ice cream and chit chatted a little with Giuseppe. He didn’t stay very long, he had to get back to the shop. They all thanked him. 

After sitting for a while Laura started cleaning up, at least she tried, Liam stopped her, saying: ‘No, no love, me and the guys will do it. You’ve already done enough for the night. Why don’t you and Harry go spent some quality time?’ 

‘Thank you Liam’, she whispered. He smiled at her, he didn’t mind.

Harry then took her hand and led her into his bedroom. He locked the door behind them. The other boys cheered, which made her flush a bright red colour. 

‘Have I ever told you how cute you look when you blush?’ she shook her head. ‘Well shame on me then. You look absolutely adorable.’, he said to her. Her stomach was totally filled with butterflies. 

‘I love you so much Harry.’ 

‘I love you too angel.’ 

‘You know, you still give me butterflies.’ That made him smile. He took her shirt off and then dropped down on his knees, his head in front of her stomach. ‘Hello butterflies, how lovely that you guys are still here’, he said in a goofy tone. She laughed so hard, she dropped down on her knees to so she was facing him, but he made his goofy face so she fell on the floor laughing. He loved her laugh. He laid down on the floor beside her. When she got herself together again she kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss hungrily. She smiled against his lips. 

‘You’ve really missed me, haven’t you?’ 

‘Yes babe I did, and I want you nów.’ 

‘Okay mister, you can have me in five minutes. All you have to do is take off all your clothes nów.’, she said, impersonating him. She got up and walked into the walk-in closet. 

‘All right missy, all my clothes are off, now you come over here.’ She teasingly stuck one leg out of the closet, just like in the movies. He whistled exited. Then she flashed her other leg. She wanted to continue this game, but what she didn’t know was that Harry had sneaked up to right next to the door. So when she stuck her arm out he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. 

They ended up making out on the floor, both naked. He looked deep into her eyes while he entered her. They made love for about half an hour, and it was just as always. Sweet, simple lovemaking. She did scream his name loudly when she came, which got him over the edge too. He pulled out of her and collapsed on top of her. He nuzzled his face in her neck, closing his eyes. He seems so vulnerable now, she thought to herself. He really showed himself now, no fakeness, no jokes, the real him. The real Harry that loved her more than anything. She ran one hand through his big black curls, thinking about how much she loved him. They just stayed like this for a while, enjoying the moment. 

‘Let’s get in the bed love, I don’t want you to get cold’, Harry said. He propped himself up on his elbows and kissed her on the lips. Then he got up and waited for her to get up too. She just looked at him cheekily. She didn’t feel like getting up. ‘Well if you’re not going to get up I’ll just have to pick you up.’ He bent down and scooped her up from the floor, then he carried her to the bed, bridal style. He laid her down and jumped in on the other side. He turned on the TV and pulled her in close. He had his right arm around her shoulders, she had her head on his chest. She looked up at him and smiled when she saw he was looking at her. She kissed him softly before telling him that she loved him.

‘I love you too sweetheart, I love you too’, he whispered, before kissing her again. She snuggled up against him and closed her eyes. She was perfectly happy. He traced lines across her arm, his touch leaving a trail of goose bumps. He kissed the top of her head, trying to put all of the love into that little kiss. She felt herself drift off to sleep. Harry was a little tired himself, so he said goodnight to her and closed his eyes too.
Such a long chapter!!
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