"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


13. Chapter 13

The following days Laura would only leave Harry’s side to go to the bathroom. She didn’t even eat. Niall tried to make her eat, but she threw up after that. She just couldn’t keep it in. She had only showered once and didn’t even care. She slept at the hospital every night, in the chair next to Harry’s bed. The boys took turns, one of them also sleeping at the hospital, the others sleeping at home. When Louis came back the next day he brought her clothes. 

‘Thank you.’ She smiled weakly at Louis, who handed her clean clothes. 

‘Why don’t you go take a shower, I’ll stay with Harry. ‘And please, you have to eat something, because honestly, you look awful.’

Her eyes grew wide at Louis’ harsh words. She took the clothes from him and went to the showers angrily. She actually didn’t want to leave Harry, but she didn’t want to stay there with Louis either, because of what he said. After she showered she looked in the mirror. Louis was right, she did look bloody awful. She had bags under her eyes, and she had lost some weight. Too much actually, her face looked anorexic, her lips were split due to the dehydration, but the worst of all; the light in her eyes was gone. She always had had a lively twinkle in her eyes, but it was gone now. She could do something about the weight and the dehydration, but the light will only come back when Harry comes back. 

Downstairs she ate a simple sandwich, and drank some water. On the way back up she felt extremely nauseous. She barely made it to the bathroom across from Harry’s room. She was just puking her meal out when she heard a knock on the door. 

‘Laura?’, Louis asked. 

‘Go away Lou,’ she groaned. Then she puked again, and she rested her head on the toilet seat. This was hopeless, she didn’t think she would ever be able to eat again. 

‘Laura are you okay?’ Louis sounded panicked. ‘Open this door, please.’

‘No, I don’t want you to see me like this, please go away. Shouldn’t you be with Harry anyways? You didn’t leave him alone, did you?’ She panicked when she thought about Harry all alone in that room. 

'No, Liam is with him now.’ Louis said reassuring. 
She didn’t feel nauseous anymore, so she got out of the bathroom stall. Louis looked at her, eyes wide with concern. 

‘You have to eat you know.’

‘I tried Lou! I tried! But it just comes out every time, what can I do about that? Everything is just wrong, nothing works anymore! My body doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do, the doctors don’t fix Harry, and Harry doesn’t open his eyes. The world has just fallen apart, and you’re concerned about me?’ she was just screaming things now, all the sadness and fear and frustration rolling out of her in words. She was crying again, and Louis just stood there. When she was done screaming she collapsed on the floor, pulling her knees tight to her chest. She buried her face and cried, again.

Louis sat down beside her and said nothing. He put one arm around her shoulders and put his other around her knees. She didn’t move at first, but after a while she buried her face in his neck and cried for almost half an hour. When she had finally stopped crying Louis’ neck was covered in her tears.

‘Sorry.’ Laura mumbled when she got herself together. She wiped some tears out of his neck. ‘I don’t know what came over me, it’s just all so hard.’ She said to him, her eyes tearing up again. 

‘I know sweetheart, I know.’ Louis said, wiping her tears from her cheeks. ‘But he’s going to be okay you know.’
‘How can you be so sure Lou? He’s in a fucking coma you know, how do you know he’s going to be okay? You can’t make promises you can’t keep.’ 

‘I know he’s going to be okay, because he loves you more than anything. He won’t leave you, not even a coma or brain damage or blood in the brains can make him. I know that. That’s why I’m so sure.’ Louis said this with a serious expression on his face, his usual bubbly voice stern and serious. 

Laura nodded at Louis and let him guide her out of the bathroom. He led her past Harry’s room towards the elevators. 

‘Lou where are we going? Harry’s room is back there you know.’, she said pointing in the other direction. 

‘I’m going to help you eat, and if it doesn’t work this time I’m taking you to the nurse.’ Louis said it like he was talking about the weather. She tried to turn around, but he grabbed her at her shoulders and pushed her out in front of him. ‘NO, you have to eat young lady. When Harry wakes up and sees you like this, he’ll die of guilt I’m sure of it.’

He leaves her no choice, putting it that way. ‘Okay’, she sighed, ‘to the cafeteria!’

Louis stopped and looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes. ‘To infinity and beyoooond!’ he yelled, one arm stretched out like superman. 

That was the first time she laughed in days.

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