"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


11. Chapter 11

When Laura woke up the bed was empty. She frowned wondering where Louis was. She looked at her phone and saw it was two in the afternoon. The hangover was pretty much gone, she only still had a little headache. She went to the living room. No Louis in sight. She looked in Harry’s room, it was also empty. Harry and the others must still be out. She decided to get a shower first and then find out where everybody was. 

She got out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her. She walked through the living room to her room and saw all of the boys sitting there. When they saw her Niall whistled and Zayn cheered. She just raised her eyebrows at them. It’s not like they haven’t seen her like this before. 
‘Oh just shut up you guys.’ She walked into her room, swaying her hips more than usual because she knew they were all staring. She changed into her favourite grey sweats and a tight white tank top, showing off her figure. She braided her long hair into a big messy braid, which hung over her left shoulder. 

She walked back into the room and sat down on the couch next to Harry. She kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him. 
‘Hello beautiful’, he said kissing her softly. ‘Did you enjoy your breakfast?’
‘Yes, thank you so much dear. I really needed that painkiller.’
‘Was it that bad? How are you feeling now?’, he asked concerned.
He was so sweet. She really didn’t deserve him. 
‘Yes it was that bad, but I’m fine now. My head still hurts a little bit, nothing major.’
He stroked her head and kissed her temple. ‘Better now?’, he whispered in her ear. The feeling of his lips on her ear sent shivers down her spine and gave her the good old butterflies. A nice tickling feeling in her stomach. She snuggled up against him and closed her eyes. 
‘You’re not seriously going to sleep again, are you?’, Louis asked. ‘You just woke up!’
‘Louis, if the girl wants to sleep, she sleeps.’ Harry hissed to him. 
Laura opened her eyes again and looked at the two boys. They were glaring at each other. 
‘Would you two please act nice?’ she asked irritated. 
‘I’m sorry Lou’, Harry said, ‘I think I’m just cranky because I’m hungry.’ 
‘Are the rest of you boys hungry?’, Laura asked looking around. They all nodded. ‘Then I’ll make some eggs and bacon, okay? Aaand Zayn may be my personal assistant today.’ She said pointing at Zayn. 

‘Zayn?’, she said whilst she was heating up the frying pan. 
‘I need to talk to you, well actually I have something to say. That thing we have been doing lately, when Harry gets insensitive, it’s over. I’m really sorry and I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings, but I can’t do it anymore. It’s just not fair to Harry. He is always sweet, at least he tries to be, and I have to work every day to be the girl he deserves, and that thing we do is not what he deserves.’ 

‘I think you’re right, ending it would be better. I feel kinda bad for Harry too, giving his girlfriend what he can’t give her.’, his voice sounded composed, but had a bitter edge to it. 

‘We are still friends right? Because I love you Zayn, I will always love you as a friend. As one of my very best friends.’, she said to him. 
He sighed and nodded. ‘I love you too girl.’ She smiled at him and he smiled right back. 
‘Now, why don’t you throw the bacon in, then I’ll fix the eggs.’ 
‘Yes ma’am’, he winked at her. 

She was so happy he felt the same way about it. It was over now, but her problems with Harry were still there. She knows she has to talk to him, but she doesn’t dare. But she has to or else she’ll lose him. So she will do it, eventually. 

When she and Zayn walked out of the kitchen Louis gave her a questioning look. He was probably wondering if she had broken it off or not. ‘Later’, she mouthed to him. Zayn gave each of the boys a plate and she put some scrambled eggs and bacon on it. They all smiled gratefully and ate their food.

When they were done Laura gathered their plates and went to the kitchen to wash them. On the kitchen counter were a lot of dishes. She sighed. She loved the boys, she really did, and she loved the way they are, but if they could only be a little cleaner. She had just filled the sink when Louis came in to the kitchen. 

He leaned with his back against the counter, looking at her.
‘So, did you talk to Zayn?’, he asked curiously.
‘Yes I did, and it’s over. He understands and we’re still friends. He also felt guilty for doing this to Harry. We really are on the same page about this.’
‘That’s good to hear.’ Louis said. 

‘Are you going to wash all those dishes?’
‘Well yes, I don’t do half work.’ She answered.
‘Let me help you, it’s too much work for one man,’ he said. 
She smiled at him gratefully and threw him a towel. He pouted. 
‘What is it, you want to help right?’ she asked, poking his cheek.
‘Yes, but can I wash please? I hate drying.’ He said in a tone that reminded her of a young child. 
This is what she loved about him, this childishness made him so innocent. He looked at her with big eyes.
‘Of course you can Lou, grab a sponge.’
‘Yay!’ he squealed happily. He started immediately. 
She rolled her eyes smiling, drying the clean plates he set down. They kept working like this, perfectly in sync. 

When Louis finished the last plate he threw the sponge in the water filled sink. Some water flew out and got on her, causing her to squeal. He grinned and looked at her. Something flashed in his eyes and before she knew it he splashed her with water. 
‘Louis William Tomlinson, you stop that!’ she squealed. 
He just grinned at her and splashed some more. 
‘You are going to regret that Tomlinson.’ She said, now splashing him too. She grabbed a glass, filled it and threw it at him. The water hit him right in the chest. He fake glared at her and quickly splashed her again. They kept splashing each other for a while, until Harry came in. 
‘What the fuck are you guys doing?’, he asked.
Laura looked at Louis, wondering if he was thinking the same thing. He nodded at her. She grinned back, he was definitely thinking the same. They both splashed Harry, who grinned and ran at them. Louis was already out of the kitchen when he heard Laura screaming. He spun on his heels and walked back in.
‘What’s wrong love, has Harry…’ he stopped mid-sentence, frozen by what he saw. Laura was crying on the floor, next to an unconscious Harry. Harrys face was white, and the pool of blood next to his head was bright red.

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