"Who do you love?"

I got this somewhere off the internet and the discription said everyone was allowed to post it on other websites so... here you go!

Laura has been living with One Direction for a little over a year now. She has been with Harry for almost a year now, and she truly loves him and he truly loves her. But lately just love isn't enough, and there are four other lovely boys living with her and Harry in that apartment building.. Someday she'll have to make a choice...


1. Chapter 1




She loves Harry, truly, with her and Harry it’s love, she is absolutely sure about this. When they have sex, you can barely call it sex. With her and Harry, it’s called making love. It’s never dirty, or passionate, it’s just love. Well it’s passionate all right, but loving passion, not hot, gory lusty passion. It’s love. Simple, sweet, caring and above all, true love. She really, really loves Harry. They have been together for almost a year now. Apparently the butterflies disappear after a month or three. Not with her and Harry, she smiles goofily to herself when she thinks about it. He still gives her butterflies, even after all this time. 

But, for the last four months or so, she has had the feeling something was missing. She and Harry made love all right, but not very often anymore. She sometimes missed her old boyfriend, who she did not love like she loves Harry, but with whom she had real hot sex. She didn’t make love with him, they had sex. She missed sex. In the earlier days of her and Harry’s relationship they made love at least three to four times a week. Now it’s down to less than once a week. This is also because he has his modelling job, besides the band. Because of that he has to go away a lot, and when he’s home he is always tired. She is kind of feeling like Harry is taking her for granted. He doesn’t really try anymore, cause he knows what they have is real, so she won’t just leave him. Or maybe he doesn’t even know what he’s doing to her. She can’t make herself tell him how she feels. It would really kill her to hurt his feelings. Sometimes he tries to do something sweet, but she sees he actually needs to sleep then. So she always lets him. This does cause a high level of sexual frustration.

She has found the solution for all her desires she can’t give to Harry. The solution has a name: Zayn. She feels wrong every time she’s with him. She really doesn’t want to cheat on Harry, but she needs to. She needs to release herself sometimes. Harry is really forgetful lately, he forgets dates, appointments and he doesn’t seem to listen to her when she talks. Because he works so hard and is really tired most of the time she doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. But all those things he does (or actually, does not do or doesn’t even remember at all) make her angry. She holds in all of her anger, and it builds up like a big ball of rage that she has to get out of her system, one way or another. Sex with Zayn is the perfect way to do so. She loved him as a friend, but she doesn’t think she could ever love him like she loved Harry. Actually, she doesn’t think she could love anyone like she loves him. 

But lately love wasn’t enough anymore. Harry gives her butterflies yes, but Zayn makes her knees buckle. He drives her totally crazy, dancing along her lips with his tongue to get her begging for just a kiss. He teases her, something Harry never does. He always tries to please her yes, but to do so you sometimes have to deny someone something first. Harry can’t deny her anything. He once tried teasing her, but he couldn’t last for long. He was getting all worked up himself and he felt bad for her, cause he knew she wanted him badly. 

The times when Harry comes home after being away for a long time and he’s not tired, are the times they have really good love making. Still not sex like with Zayn, but it’s really good. Sadly, that almost never happens. The travelling just wears the poor boy out. 

The other boys in the band don’t know about her and Zayn. She and Zayn agreed to keep this all to themselves, Zayn’s best friends, meaning Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry of course, don’t know and her best friends, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry don’t know either. Yes the boys are her best friends too, that’s why this whole Zayn thing has to be kept quiet. If they find out they will choose Zayn over her and she will lose them all.
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