Vampire Academy- New Student

Sasha Queen is so excited about going to Vampire Academy. The principal knows that Sasha knows everything about Vampires. He assumes she is a Vampire. But Sasha isn't. Everyone sniffs at her when she passes by. She makes friend with Bella Terry who is a vampire like the others. Only difference is she is more kind and she knows Sasha is a human. Can Sasha survive Vampire High? Find out!


2. Room mate

Sabrina was Sasha's room mate. She was really nice. "So how many people have you bit?" Asked Sabrina. Sasha replied in shock, " I've never bit anyone!" " your a vegetarian vampire aren't you? I'm too," said Sabrina. "No, I'm not a vampire!!!" Yelled Sasha.

Sabrina told her it was a vampire school that they were in. Sasha thought it was just a weird, cool school. Sasha knew so much about a vampire because she watched Twilight. Sasha was so obsessed with Twilight that she started researching about the movie.

Sabrina decided to keep the human thing secret. As long as Sasha put a lot of make up.
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