Vampire Academy- New Student

Sasha Queen is so excited about going to Vampire Academy. The principal knows that Sasha knows everything about Vampires. He assumes she is a Vampire. But Sasha isn't. Everyone sniffs at her when she passes by. She makes friend with Bella Terry who is a vampire like the others. Only difference is she is more kind and she knows Sasha is a human. Can Sasha survive Vampire High? Find out!


1. New student

"We need one more student and Sasha knows everything about vampire which means she is one!" said principal D. Blood. "Sasha you have achieved a Vampire High scholarship which is really rare. Congratulations!" exclaimed M. Blood. Sasha screamed till the top of her lungs.

Tomorrow is her first day! She had everything she needed. The weird thing was that the test was about Vampires and they were humans. Or are they? Sasha thought it was ridiculous to think that.

Today was the first day of school. The uniform was ripped up skirts with a ' trust me, I'm a vampire' signed T-shirt. The teacher introduced me to the class. Everyone started sniffing at Sasha and then stopped. "Maybe it was my perfume," whispered Sasha to her self. Sasha sat next a girl who looked like she would be Sasha's friend.

"So far, so good…," sighed Sasha
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