One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


16. Wrong timing

             Louis POV: i woke hoping for that girl next to me but when i turn she was gone. Why would she leave. He put some shorts and a grey and stripe tank top and went down stairs. I asked "where did she go" "she left" harry said. "Bloody hell why did she leave?" " i dont know she bolted out." Liam said. " that hoe just pulled up into her driveway across the street" Meg said. " SHE'S NOT A HOE GOD DAMMIT!" Louis yelled "YOU MET HER YESTURDAY AND SHE HAD SEX WITH YOU AND U JUST GOT OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP!" Meg yelled. I got pissed and went to the door. "REBOUND!" Meg yelled. "BLOODY HELL MEGAN SHUT UP. I stormed out the door.

         Cloe POV: I just got into my house I couldn't even put my keys and purse down when the doorbell rang. I already knew who it was going to be and I wasn't ready for a fight. I opened the door and I was right it was Louis standing there with his stripe shirt trousers and the black suspenders that we used last night. The strange thing was that he had a stuffed bear with him. He asked if he could come in and I let him asking if he wants some tea. "Yes." He said, and I went to make tea I came back Louis was like " lets gets straight to the point. Why did u leave?" " I had to work." " Really you couldn't just take a day off?" Louis said. "I'm so confused right now Louis I don't know what's happening between us you just got out of a relationship." " what do u mean I had sex with you doesn't that mean anything to you." " DON'T FUCK WITH ME LOUIS." I shouted. "WHAT THE HELL WHY ARE YOU SO UPSET." Louis shouted. "I'M JUST A REBOUND AREN'T I." I started crying.

          I couldn't hold it back anymore. "WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT?" Louis yelled. " why are you crying?" He asked. " I felt that I was just a replacement for your ex girlfriend." " Cloe your would never be a replacement." He said. "How can I trust..... Louis pulled me in and gave me a big kiss. "I LOVE YOU CLOE ONLY YOU!!!" He yelled. I just bawled he wiped my tears. Louis's POV: I didn't like seeing her cry. I never want to hurt her. "We only known each other for a day and a half and you just got out of a relationship. How can you love me?" She said to me. " I just do Cloe. I want to keep you safe and never let you go." Cloe's POV: I tried to rub my tears away after Louis told me he loved me.

          All I could say back was.. " I love you too," and I did even if we just met. He made me feel different. After we both confessed our love we cuddle on my couch and talked. I knew sooner or later he was going to ask about y parents. He did. " what about our family?" He asked. " my mom is an ex playboy bunny and my dad owns a club I don't really have anything to do with them because they made me like this." " I like you like this a love person with a fun side." Said Louis. He just starred and was very exceptive of my past. I love him for that.

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