One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


13. Recked

               Kaylee's POV: It's 2 weeks later and it was finally my 18th birthday! The boys have been staying at my house these past weeks. Louis broke up with El a week ago, because he found out she was cheating on him. He has been depressed ever since. It has been pretty good. Megan and I aren't really on good terms about me maybe being pregnant, but we have been talking acting like our old self's. We haven't really brought back up the fight since that day. Which I'm happy about. Niall seems to be happy about this all thought. He has been looking up baby names. I just hope he isn't crushed if we aren't. Today is the day though, the day I find out if we really are going to be teen parents.

           I woke up before Niall did today, because I wanted to go get the test without Niall knowing.  I told him we still had a week left yet. I got up and decided to take a quick shower. I peeled my clothes off and turned on the water waiting for it to warm up. Then my phone started to ring. It was my mommy. *PHONE CALL: "Hey mom," I said. "HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BABY!" she screamed into the phone. "Thanks," I said laughing, "but I'm about to get into the shower," "Bye, LOVE YOU BIRTHDAY GIRL," she yelled. "bye, love you too," I said back.*

            I finally got into the shower and just let the warm water run down my body. I soon got out, when the door open. Niall walked in. "NIALL I'M BLOODY NAKED! GET THE FUCK OUT!" I screamed at him. "Sorry love, I didn't know," he said laughing, "It's not like it's the first time I saw you naked." I just grabbed my towel and walked into my closet. I pulled out some sweet pants and a hoodie. I quickly put on my bra and underwear. Then followed my sweet pants and hoodie. I walked back into the bathroom and Niall was brushing his teeth. "I'm going out. I will be back later babe," I said kissing him on the cheek. "Okay, bye love," he said with tooth paste in his mouth.

             I walked out of the house and over to my rang rover. I drove for about 20 minutes before I got to the pharmacy. I don't know if I could go in there and do this. I'm kinda scared to know the results now. I finally got the courage to get out of the car and walk to the door. I walked into the store and was searching for the pregnancy test. "Are you okay?" a strange girl with long brown hair asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said, but then started crying. "Oh no, Don't cry," she said. "I don't know if I can do this, I think I'm pregnant!" I told her. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just told a stranger about my life story. She probably thinks I'm a slut now. "Oh, I see. It's okay, here let me get it for you," she said. "No, I can't let you do that!" I said. "Let me, you live across the street from me and I feel like I need to be neighborly!" she said. "Oh, you're the new neighbors?" I asked, "This may be blunt but are you single?" "Yeah, sadly I am," she said with a sad face. "Do you want to come to my party? I may know someone perfect for you!" I asked. "sure, sounds fun," she said. "Oh by the way, I'm Kaylee," I said smiling. "I'm Cloe," she said cheerfully.

               After I got the pregnancy test, I went straight home. I was hoping Niall left with the boys because their car wasn't there. I walked in the house and called everyone's names. No one answered so I walking up stairs into my bathroom to take the test. I sat on the toilet and took the test. I had to wait 20 minutes for the results. I sat it on the counter waiting. These felt like the longest time of my life! "KAYLEE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE SO WE CAN GET YOU READY!" Megan yelled from downstairs. 'OKAYY COMING!" I yelled back. Oh shit what about the results. I still have 15 more minutes. I decided to hide it behind the tissue box. Then I walked downstairs to them.

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