One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


35. Mobbed

           Kaylee's POV: We just arrived in America and it felt good to be back somewhere so familiar. I grew up here and their was a part of me that wanted my daughter and son to as well, but I knew London was safer and were they needed to be. "It feels so good to be back," Megan said. "Hey you don't like were we live?" Harry asked. "No I do, but Kaylee, Cloe, and I grew up here. It's home to us," she said kissing Harry's cheek. "Can we just get to the hotel?" Liam asked. "Okay Mr. Grumpy pants," Hailey said kissing him. We were in the car on the way to the hotel in New York. "I don't know about you girls, but I'm going shopping today," I said. "Same here," Megan agreed. "I'll join too," Cloe said. "Me too," Lou said. "Me also," Hailey said. "So then it's a girls day," I said. "I wish Perrie was here too," Hailey said. "well she has Little Mix business," Zayn said with a frown. "Well we are at the hotel. You girls take the car. Us boys are going into the hotel to sleep, because we have to catch up on some sleep. See you when you get home," Louis said. All the boys got out of the car.

         "Oh, Kaylee I know what we should do," Megan said with a huge smile on her face. "What?" I asked her. "Lets go to the bridal store, so you can find a dress," she said clapping her hands together. "I don't know. I don't know how big I will be then. It's to early," I said. "Well then we can at least do some wedding stuff. Like getting our dresses and picking the wedding color and other things. You only have like four months to plan," she said. "Can we just wait to plan that? I mean I just got engaged like two days ago. I just want to let myself have some time to enjoy it without stressing," I said. "I know, how about we do most the planning and just get you to approve everything?" Lou asked. "I guess we could do that. I just want to agree on everything, because it's my big day," I said. "I have known you like my whole life. I know the wedding you want and besides you will get to pick everything before we make it final," Megan said. "Okay I agree," I said laughing. "Yayyy, this is going to be so much fun," Hailey said.

          We arrived at fifth ave. where all the famous people shop. Not to lie Megan and I shopped here a lot before we met One Direction. I mean we came from money. "Just like old times," I told Megan. "Yeah except all the old times we would talk about meeting the boys and now we are both dating one and you're pregnant and getting married to Niall," she laughed. "AHHHHHHHH," we heard girls scream from behind us. "IT'S THE ONE DIRECTION GIRLFRIENDS," the girls screamed. "Quick lets go into this store," Paul said pulling us in. "Wow, have things have changed. We can't even go outside anymore. This is crazy," Cloe said. "What if the hurt my babies?" I asked Paul worried. "It's okay I called the police to help us clear some up, so we can go back to the hotel," Paul said.

          An hour later we finally were able to go back to the hotel. We all walked into the hotel room. I did not know what to say. I can not even go outside anymore like I used to. My life is at risk whenever I do and I am carrying babies that could get hurt. America is not like London. There are barely any people that come up to us when we are out and about. Here they do not care at all what you are doing. "How was shopping?" Niall asked. "We didn't get to. We got mobbed," Cloe said. "Wow, I'm sorry," Harry said. "Now you see what we go through all the time," Liam said. " YEAH WELL YOU DON'T HAVE TWINS INSIDE YOU THAT COULD GET HURT, SO DON'T TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH LIAM. I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT. I'M HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. I'M MOODY ALL THE TIME. I CAN'T SEE MY OWN FEET ANYMORE AND NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE ALL AROUND ME. YOU MAY BE USED TO THIS, BUT I'M NOT," I yelled and ran into one of the rooms. "HEY THAT"S MY ROOM," Zayn yelled. "I DON'T CARE," I yelled back at him.

          Niall's POV: "Don't take it personal Liam. She is just moody and stressed," I told him. "I know mate," he said with a smile. What just happen. I feel so bad. This was all my fault. I'm the one that made her life this. I made it so hard for her. I knocked on Zayn's room before going in. "DON"T DO NOTHING NASTY IN MY ROOM NIALL!" Zayn yelled. "I won't," I laughed. "Princess?" I asked. "Yes," she answered. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Yeah. I'm just a little moody," she said as I wiped her tears away. "I know. I can't imagine what you are going through. It has to be harder then what we go through. I mean you're doing it pregnant," I said. "Yeah, but I wouldn't change it for the world," she said kissing me. "Zayn said not to do anything nasty in his room," I said laughing. "Okay well lets go back out to the others so I can say sorry to Liam and get food," I said rubbing my belly. We walked out of the room hand in hand.

          Kaylee's POV: I walked over to Liam and hugged him. "Oh daddy direction can you forgive me?" I said with a smile. "Yeah I can," he said laughing. "Oh feel that babies are kicking," I said putting his hand on my tummy. "I WANT TO FEEL," Louis yelled running over to me touching my tummy. "That's bloody cool," he said. "Soon Cloe will have the same thing," I said laughing. "It's weird having a baby in me," Cloe said. "I know, you are never alone anymore," I said laughing. "Everyone is having a baby," Harry said. "Watch out you may be next mate," Niall said laughing. "Unlike you guys I know what a condom is," he said laughing. "Okay can we order food?" I asked. "Always hungry," Zayn said laughing. "Hey I'm eating for an extra two," I said smacking his arm. "What do you guys want?" Niall asked. "PIZZA," all the boys yelled. "Lets just have pizza and watch movies," Megan said. "Yeah," Hailey agreed. That is what we did for the rest of the night. Just eat and watch movies. I feel like I finally found the place I was meant to be. They were all my family and I finally felt complete.

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