One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


31. Lunch date

           Cloe's POV: This is the day I find out if I'm really pregnant or not. I woke up to a sleeping Louis. I snuck out of the bed, even though Louis hates when I did that. "Where are you going love?" a sleepy Louis asked. "Just to get some food. I'm hungry," I said kissing his cheek. "Hurry back I will miss you," he said falling back to sleep.

           I quietly rushed over to the bathroom to put on some jeans and a tank top to meet Lou and Kaylee in Lou's room. Once I was dressed, I stepped out of our hotel room into the large living room that was connected to everyone's bedrooms. Kaylee was sitting on the couch listening to her belly rumble. "I'm hungry and want some pickles," Kaylee said with a straight face. "Okay well we have more important things to worry about right now Kaylee," I said laughing. "Fine, but you are buying me lunch after," she said looking at me with a mean look. On that note we walked out of the hotel room.

           The walked to Lou's room was quite mostly because Kaylee was not a morning person and was worst when she did not have food. We reached Lou door and I knocked on it waiting for an answer. "I hope she has food," Kaylee said looking at the door. "I'm sure she will," I said. The door opened and a bed head Lou answered. "Good morning guys, are you ready Cloe?" she asked letting us into her room. "Yeah, did you get the test?" I asked. "Yeah, I got it last night after Kay came and told me what was going on," she said giving me a warm smile. "Do you have any food, I'm staving!" Kaylee said. "Yeah, I have some in the mini fridge," Lou said pointing to it. "Oh thank god!" Kaylee said while running over to it. "Oh I remember those days being pregnant," Lou said laughing.

            Lou walked over to a plastic bag sitting on her counter. "Here you go Cloe. You can use that bathroom and when you're done, just come out here and we can be with you when you find out," Lou said rubbing my back. "Cloe just remember what ever happens you have Lou, Niall, and I no matter what," Kaylee said with a mouth full of food. "And I'm sure the other boys would welcome the baby with open arms, besides Louis has always wanted to be a father. It just came a little sooner then he hoped," Lou said.

              I walked into the bathroom and sat the little pink box on the bathroom counter. I took it out of the box and just looked at it. Okay Cloe you can do this. It's just peeing on a stick, nothing more. Once I had peed on the stick and finished up. I rapped it up in a napkin. I walked out and headed to the couch where Lou and Kaylee sat. "So did you do it?" Kaylee asked. "Yeah, it's right here," I said showing her it rapped up. "Okay now we only have to wait five minutes," Lou said. "Well if you are, you can come to the doctor with Niall and I," Kaylee said, "We are having one come on the tour with us and she comes today, so I'm going to see her," she finished. "Yeah, maybe before you and Niall and Louis and I can go to lunch and we could tell him there and then tell him about the doctor," I said smiling. This baby thing was starting to rub off on me. I mean I was 20 years old and Louis was 21, so it is not like we were young.

            The last couple of minutes went by super slow. "I think we could look at it now," Lou said. "Here you guys look, I can't bare to see it myself," I said. Kaylee took it out of my hand. She showed it to Lou and they both started to smile. "WHAT DOES IT SAY!!" I screamed. "YOU'RE GOING TO BE A MOMMY," they both screamed back. "OMG, I honestly am kinda happy. I always wanted to be a mom and I'm just happy it's with Louis," I said.

            Kaylee's POV: I was so happy for Cloe. I could tell how bad she wanted to be a mom from the first day I found out I was pregnant. She was always so interested in what was going on with my body. "Well we should get back to the hotel before the boys wake up," I said. "Yeah thanks so much Lou! I will come tell you later what Louis thinks about this all," Cloe said giving Lou a hug. 'Okay good luck babe," she said.

            Once we were back into our hotel rooms Cloe and I went to our rooms. I opened the door to Niall in a towel. "Hey princess," he said kissing my cheek. "Why are you up so early?" I questioned. "After you left me, I couldn't fall back asleep. I missed you to much," he said kissing my lips. "I missed you too. Well get ready, we are going to lunch with Louis and Cloe," I said smacking his bum. "Oh okay," he said giving me one last kiss before I walked into the bathroom to shower.

           Once I finished taking my shower, I walked out of the bathroom in a towel to get dressed. To my surprise Niall was not there. He must of went in the living room to get food. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a pink shirt that was fitted around my boobs and just below them then got loose. I always got my pink toms. I put on my black bra with black matching lace thong. I put on my shirt and then tried to put my pants on. I could not get them to zip. "OMG!" I screamed. I ran out into the living room where everyone was sitting watching tv. "What's wrong?" Niall asked jumping off the couch. "I CAN'T FIT INTO MY PANTS! I'M STARTING TO GET FAT!" I yelled. "Whoa calm down babe. It's just because you're getting a bigger baby belly," Niall said rubbing my back while everyone started to giggle. "Fine, but this just means we're going shopping," I said while turning around to walk into the bedroom. I decided to just wear black leggings with my outfit. Once I was dressed I walked back out into the living room.

             "Look at this belly," I said pulling up my shirt to show everyone how big it was. "Well that's because there is more than one baby in there," Liam said. "I know that. I'm the one that has to carry them," I told him. "Just think how big you're going to be at nine months," Harry said giggling. "I'm just not looking forward to all the yelling you're going to be doing to me in the labor room," Niall said laughing. "Oh rush, come on Louis and Cloe lets get going," I said walking towards the door. "Bye," all four of us said to the others.

            A car was waiting outside waiting to take us somewhere to eat. "Where are we going," Louis asked. "Well I don't know really. We just kinda picked a random place, because we don't speak Japanese," Niall said laughing. "I hope it's some place good," Cloe said looking at me. I could see she was scared to tell Louis. I knew that he would be happy. Niall told me how much he wanted to be a dad and since I have been pregnant he has been protecting me like the babies were his own. We pulled up to the restaurant. 

              "Welcome," a lady said. "Oh you speak English?" Louis asked. "Yes, this is an American restaurant," she said leading us to our table. "Niall why didn't you tell me?" Louis asked. "I thought it would be better for you not to know," Niall said laughing. We sat down at our table. "Your server will be here in a moment," the lady said. "So why did we come to lunch?" Louis asked. "We just wanted to get out of the hotel and I have some very exciting news," Cloe said looking at Louis. "You're pregnant?" Louis asked with a smile on his face. Cloe's face just dropped. "How did you know?" she asked. "Well you threw up on the plane, you have been moody, and last night you said in your sleep you might be pregnant," Louis said with a smile. "You aren't mad?" Cloe asked. "No I have always wanted to be a father and I think the timing is right," Louis said kissing Cloe's cheek. "Well after lunch do you to want to meet the doctor with Niall and I?" I asked. "Yeah," Louis said holding Cloe's hand. "Wow, now there are two pregnant people." Niall said laughing.

                Once we finished lunch we headed back to the hotel to meet the boys and tell them the news before the doctor came. "Guys, everyone come in the living room," Louis yelled. "What's up?" Zayn asked. "Cloe and I have some great news," Louis said grabbing Cloe's hand. "What is it?" Harry asked worried. "We are pregnant," Louis said smiling. "Congrats man," Liam said patting him on the back and hugging Cloe. "Oh no now we have to deal with two girls having random cravings," Harry said. "oh shut up," I said smacking Harry's arm when there was a knock at the door. "That's the doctor," I said opening up the door. "You must be Kaylee?" she asked looking at my belly. "Yes that is me. We also have someone else who is pregnant. Her name is Cloe," I said pointing to her. "Oh that's fine I can look at you both," she said, "oh by the way my name is Dr. Halle."

               "Can you lay on the couch Cloe?" Dr. Halle asked. Cloe went and laid on the couch. "This is going to be cold," she said while squeezing belly jelly on her belly. "Yep you're pregnant. Do you hear the heart beat?" she asked Cloe. "Yeah," Cloe said smiling. "The baby looks so cute already," Louis said smiling at Cloe. "Now it's your turn Kaylee," Dr. Halle said. I laid down on the couch and pulled my shirt up. "Are you ready?" she asked. "Yeah," I said as Niall grabbed my hand. I smiled at him. "Do you want to know the sex of your babies?" she asked. "No can you put them in a folder and give them to Liam," Niall said pointing to Liam. "Yes I can," she said smiling. "We want to find out at our baby shower," I said.

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