One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


21. London

                Kaylee's POV: I can't the week flew by. It was finally the day I was moving to London. This was going to be so hard. I was going to start and finish my senior year over there. They schools in London though started 2 weeks ago, so once I'm in London I would be starting in a week times from today. I was scared the only people I know over there are the boys, Cloe, and Megan. Even worse Niall was leaving for tour the day before my first day of school. He tried to talk me in on going on tour and just being homeschooled, but I want to go to prom and get to know some people. I figure school is the best place to do that. It wasn't going to be so bad. Louis asked Cloe to move in with him, so she was going to be with me over there, and Megan was staying for four weeks till the schools in America started.

                Niall also told me the week before he goes on tour we are going to look for a house and while he is on tour I can do anything I wanted to it. It was all mine to paint, get furniture, and just be creative as long as I have plenty of space for food in the kitchen. That boy could really eat. I can't believe that these 18 years flew by like they did. It seems like just yesterday I was in middle school. Now I'm moving out, a senior, and I'm going to be a mother.

               "KAYLEE!" my mom yelled from downstairs. "COMING!" I yelled back. I opened the door to my now almost empty old room. Before closing the door I just stood there and thought about all the memories in this house. To think 18 years of being here and now there is only my bed and dressers. Tears started to fall, but I fought them back. I didn't want to make my parents cry even more. I closed the door and made my way down the stairs for the last time for awhile. I just looked at the pictures of my parents and I. I looked down at my belly and whispered, "Mommy loves you two and so does everyone else. Everything that I'm doing is for you." When I made it to the bottom of the stairs my mom ran over in tears and just hugged me.

             "I'm going to miss my baby girl so much and my grant babies. Just remember we are always a phone call away, and your car is here waiting for you whenever you come home. Come home anytime you want," she said to me. My dad embraced me in a hug. "Honey I love you and I'm going to miss you so much. Don't forget to call every now and again," my dad said. "I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for just being my parents," I told them.

              After about an hour of tears and the goodbyes, Niall and I made our way to the airport. "So Kay are you alright?" Niall questioned. "Yeah I'm peachy. Why do you ask?" I asked him. "No reason you just seem kind of out of it today babe," he said. I just have to be blunt and tell him. Hope this goes well. "When are we going to tell people about us and being pregnant and what about the paps?" I asked. "Ah, that's what has been bothering you?" he asked. "Yes," I said scared of his reaction. "Babe don't worry about the paps, they make things up all the time and they can say all the shit they want about us. I don't care what they think I love you so much baby, and we can tell everyone whenever we are both ready. First we might want to tell my mother first," he said laughing. I smiled at him, gosh I really am in love with him. "I love you too baby," I said back to him.

           Niall's POV: We finally made it to the airport to get onto our private jet. "Niall you got us a private jet?" she questioned me. "Only the best for the best," I said smiling at her, "And this way we can have some fun time to ourselves." "Niall, the pilot is on the plane," she said slapping my arm. "It's okay, and beside we would be part of the mile high club," I said grabbing her hand and leading her towards the plane.

            I can't wait to get to London and see her face when she realizes that I bought the house we looked at online. I really wanted to keep her safe when I was about and I knew she would be at OUR house. There would be a gate and cameras. I just wanted her to feel at home to. My mom brought up that she might feel like my apartment isn't her, because all my shit is in there and not hers. The reason the boys and girls left two days before us was to get the master bedroom set up for our romantic night tonight. I always knew she needed a new car, since hers stayed in America, so I bought her a light pink range rover like she had.

             "Niall are you okay?" she asked on our way to the plane. "Yes, I'm fine babe, just lost in thoughts," I told her. "Talking about how I seem out of it. I know something is wrong with you Niall. Just please tell me babe," she said with sorrow in her eyes. I couldn't tell her everything that I was thinking about. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I just told a little white lie to her. "I was just thinking about what my mom said," I told her. "What was it about?" she asked. "She brought up that you might not feel like my apartment was yours now, since all my stuff is in there," I told her. "Babe, trust me where ever you are, it's home to me," she said kissing my lips.         

             Once we got on the plane I was in the mood. "Are you sure we can't?" I asked her. "Niall, we had sex like a week ago," she told me. "Yeah that's a week Kaylee, I'm a man, and when you dress in short shorts and wear loose tank tops like that, just makes me want you more," I said walking towards her with a smile. "I'm going to the bathroom before the plane takes off," she said laughing while walking away.

               Kaylee's POV: Niall and i boarded his plane and after I came out of the bathroom, someone came in and asked us if we wanted drinks. Niall just had to order a beer of course. couldn't have one, so i ask for hot tea. I knew that he order a beer so he could and try and pull something later.

              Niall's POV: I finished my beer and was ready to play. Kaylee was sitting across from me. I moved my foot closer to her legs. I slowly moved it up her leg. She looked at me with a surprised look, but she knew what was going to happen. I didn't want to waste time so I picked her up and carried her to our room on the plane.

             Kaylee's POV: Niall was slowly kissing me when he started striping each piece of clothing off of me. I did the same starting with his shirt and moving to his pants. We held each other for a couple of minutes kissing, before we moved on. He put his cock half way and then all the way. I felt a rush flow through me. Each time he slammed into me, I felt different, but good. He started moving slowly but quickly starting picking up his speed. I tried not making any noise. I knew people were not on the plane, but I didn't want the host to hear. He knew that I was holding back, "No one will hear stop holding it in," Niall said. I let out my moan that I so desperately needed to. After 30 minutes we both found our release and laid back on the bed. I put my head on is chest and said, "I don't know what it is but you always get your way with me you ass." "No need for names now love haha, but welcome to the mile high club," he said. "Oh shut up. Should we put clothes on before we go to sleep or what?" I asked. "We're fine naked. No one will walk in on us. Besides I like cuddling with you naked," he said with a smirk.

             Niall's POV: I awoke from the pilot saying, "Mr. Horan we are landing in 30 minutes if you would prepare for landing." I got up grabbed my boxers and sweet pants. After I had them on I kissing Kaylee on the lips to wake her up, "Wake up baby, it's almost time to land," I whispered in her ear. She sat up and looked around for her clothes. After she found them she quickly got dressed. "What time is it here," she asked while buckling her seat belt while I did the same. "It's five in the morning," I told her. "Wow looks like we won't be going to bed today. Guess we can start furniture shopping or something today," she said. "Oh I already planned for that. Trust me we are going to need to anyway like really soon," I said with a smile. "Why?" she asked. "Because we only have this week together before I leave for about a month for tour, then I will be home on break for about two weeks. I just want to know you are at our house safe with a gate," I told her. "Niall, you can't protect me from everything. I mean people already know we are dating and moving in with each other. It's only a matter of time before the notice I'm pregnant, and also I have to go to school, so I will have to leave the house for that," she said looking in my eyes. "I know all that, but it just helps me more knowing that you will be in a house with a gate were crazy people can't come up and knock on our door or something," I said.

                "Prepare for landing," the pilot said cutting off our conversation. "Hold my hand Niall, I'm scared," she said. I grabbed her hand and fifteen minutes later we were on the ground. A car was parked waiting for us. We grabbed our stuff and made our way to it. "How long before we are there?" she asked. "About two hours, so if you want to nap you can baby," I said kissing her. "Okay, I think I might, because I know we have a long day ahead of us," she said smiling.

                  Kaylee's POV: It seemed like I closed my eyes for about 30 minutes before Niall was shaking me to wake me up, "We're here love," he said. I opened my eyes and looked out the car window. It didn't look like an apartment building. "Where were we? "Niall where are we? This doesn't look like an apartment building," I asked. "We're home love. Remember how I had you look at houses online?" he asked. "Yeah why?" I asked back. "Well I had my mom check out this one. This was the one you liked the most and I just couldn't pass it up, so I bought it. We already have a house love and this is it," he said. "Niall it's beautiful. It's more then I was expecting us to buy," I said. "Oh one more thing princess. I got you a light pink range rover like the one you had home. It's in the garage, but we can look at it later. I want you too look around the house first," he said handing me a set of keys.

                    I went up to the door and put the key in to turn the lock. When I opened the door I was shocked. "It's beautiful Niall," I said kissing him. "Not as beautiful as you love," he said kissing back. We took a quick tour around the house. It was both our first time seeing it. The last place we looked was the master bedroom. I opened the door the room was whole and there was already a bed with white lights hung around dimly lit. "Is this why they left before us?" I asked. "Maybe. How about we really make this house ours and seal the deal here?" he asked grabbing my ass. I started to kiss him roughly and he picked me up to carried me to the bed.

                    "Lets take this slow tonight baby," he said looking into my eyes. The one kiss turned into two, which turned into three, soon there was no break between them as he pushed down on me so he was hovering above me on the bed kissing me passionately as I ran my fingers through his silky dark hair. “I love you so much” he muttered breathlessly between embraces. All I could do was let out a subtle agreeing murmur before tugging at his shirt forcing him to lift it over his head revealing his gloriously tanned and toned body.

                       Running my fingers down his abs I smiled into our kiss, I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d gotten to land myself with someone as incredible as him, everything about him was undeniably gorgeous, especially his heart, I couldn’t help but wonder why me? Of course I didn’t want to dispute his choice, he was mine and that was all that mattered.

                       He moved his hands down to the bottom of my t shirt and pulled it over my head carefully before returning his mouth to mine, our chests pressed together he moved his kisses lower, to my neck then my collar bone and proceeding to my stomach, he knew his light kisses and warm breath on my abdomen drove me crazy and he tickled it softly with his mouth. He moved to my trousers quickly pulling them off followed by his own, he returned to my level a smile on his face that made my heart melt now even though I had known him for what felt like a lifetime. He kissed my mouth once more while his hands travelled beneath my underwear, rubbing me softly I moaned into his ear satisfied.

                      “Oh Niall.” The more I moaned the more he gave me, using two fingers to push their way inside of me working his magic whilst still remaining to look flawlessly good. “Niall I want you now” I whispered heavily into his ear as he withdrew and swiftly removed my underwear followed by his boxers, every time I saw him naked I had to wait a moment to take in every detail of his magnificence, tonight was no different, his strong form hovered above me, I bit my lip gently admiring him searching his body with my eyes for something I might have missed before, one tiny flaw that might have made him seem less than perfect, I could never find one.

                     Positioning himself over me he kissed my neck once more before moving himself into me with ease, slowly and skillfully he drove himself in and out our hips clashing together with every thrust.

                   “Uhhh” I moaned out grappling at the smooth skin of his back for something to hold on to, feeling nothing my nails scratched along him out of pure pleasure. He groaned along with me as his brow furrowed from concentration, I wrapped my legs tightly around him wanting him deeper, I wanted to feel at one with him totally and completely. Niall seemed to get the message as his thrusts became more power driven, faster and harder he pummeled in and out of me making my whole body shake with sexual bliss. “God, oh yes, that’s it, right there!” my cries seemed to spur him on as the sweat forming on his brow showed his efforts clearly.

          The all too familiar feeling that I experienced every time I slept with Niall started building up inside of me, soon enough it had taken over as I screamed out his name desperately still feeling like this was so fresh and exciting even though we’d done it so many times before.

          He continued his work becoming increasingly aroused as eventually I sensed him nearing his peak, I leant up to his ear and took the lobe in my mouth gently before groaning softly in his ear, I knew this drove him mad and evidentially it worked, I felt him tense as his breathing was ragged and uneven.

        “Ohh Kaylee, Fuck yes.” he released inside of me before ending his movements and removing himself from me to lay beside me. We just laid there before he broke the silence. "My mom, brother, and his girlfriend are staying at the old apartment tonight and tomorrow, so we are going over there to have dinner and tell them the news," he said. "I guess we have to. I'm so worried now," I said. "Don't be baby, I love you goodnight," he said wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck. "Love you too goodnight baby," I said snuggling up to him.



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