One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


33. Fit Pregnancy

         Kaylee's POV: The Japan tour was over and we just landed back in London. Everyone was parting ways until tomorrow for the baby shower. Cloe and Louis were going shopping. Harry and Megan were catching up. Liam was meeting up with Hailey and going shopping with Zayn and Perrie. Niall and I had to rush off the plane to go to our photo shoot and interview with fit pregnancy. "Bye guys," Liam said. "See you all tomorrow," Harry and Megan said. "Bye guys. I'm going to miss you," I said starting to cry. "Oh Kay, we are going to see you tomorrow," Zayn said hugging me and wiped away the tears. "Come on Niall and Kaylee. We have to get you to fit pregnancy," Paul said. "Okay, bye everyone," Niall and I said.

         There was a limo outside waiting for us. A women with a long black fitting dress that went down to her knees was sitting outside. "Hello I'm Jackie," she said sticking out her hand for Paul to shake it. "Hello, I'm Paul and this is Niall and Kaylee," Paul said pointing to Niall and I. "Hello," Niall said waving. "Hello," I said. "Lets get going to the shoot, shall we?" she said opening the limo door. "We're so excited to have you guys on the cover. You're just a beautiful couple," she said to us. "Thank you," i said smiling. We pulled up to a huge white building. Paul opened the limo door. "Come on time to take some photos," Jackie said.

         We entered where the photos were going to be taken. There were so many clothes. "Whoa this place is huge," I said looking at Niall. "Do you feel like a princess?" he asked laughing. "I feel like a princess when ever I'm in your arms," I said kissing him. "This way Kaylee. Niall you go with Paul to get ready over there," she said pointing to the other side of the studio. "Okay we are going to do the photo shoot and have some people filming the whole thing to see behind the scenes. Then we are going to get you two to sit down in the last outfit and do  the interview," she said as I sat down in the makeup chair.

         After about an hour I was finally ready to get dressed. They dressed me in a long white maxi skirt with white crop top so that my belly was showing. I got fake sprayed tanned so I would stand out more in the outfits. I finally walked out to where Niall was sitting down waiting for me to come out. "Wow, you look beautiful princess," Niall said. "Thank you baby," I said.

         We took photos for two hours and changed outfits about eight times. We were finally ready to sit down to do the interview in our last outfit. Niall was wearing black skinny jeans with a white t-shirt that said crazy mofos and I was wearing a long black and white cardigan with black heels and a strapless short black dress. Steve greeted us and the interview started

           "Hello Niall and Kaylee. We are so glad to have you two," Steve said giving us a warm smile. "Hello thanks for having us," I said. Niall just waved. "Lets get straight to it, so you guys are pregnant with twins right?" he asked. "Yes, I'm four months," I told him. "Any plans to get married?" he asked. Niall shot him a look and I was worried. "We haven't really talked about it really. We are just so busy," Niall told him. I was kind of hurt inside. We talked with Steve for about and hour. Then we all headed home.

           "I can't wait to sleep in our own bed," Niall said shutting the front door. "Are we going to get married?" I asked looking at his shocked reaction. "Of course princess. Now just isn't the right time," he said taking my hand and leading me up the stairs. I just wanted to take a shower to clear my mind. "I'm going to shower," I told him. "Okay, I'm going to watch some tv till you get out," he said kissing my lips.

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