One Night That Changed Everyting

Kaylee has always been the shy girl. Until the day her best friend got her the one direction meet and greet tickets. It all started out as a crush on her favorite boy band singer Niall Horan. Will their actions lead to extreme outcomes that neither can take back? They will be forced to face the spotlight and learn to grow up quickly. Besides it takes two to raise a child.


28. First Day and Goodbyes

             Kaylee's POV: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Ugh the day I was regretting. Niall was leaving for tour and It was my first day of school. I got out of bed and made my way over to the bathroom. Niall was still asleep and I did not bother waking him up yet. It only takes him about ten minutes to get ready anyway.

             I peeled my clothes off and started the shower. While I was waiting for the water to warm I noticed my growing bump in the mirror. "You look beautiful with your bump," a raspy morning voice said behind me. I quickly turned around, "Oh my gosh, Niall you scared me," I said holding my chest. "Sorry princess," he said kissing my cheek, "I just wanted to join you in the shower." "Oh okay, that's fine babe," I said taking his hand and pulling him into the shower.

             The warm water ran down our bodies and made me want Niall even more than I did already. His lips found my neck and began to slowing make their way down to my shoulder. "Niall I want you now," I whispered into his ear.  He picked me up, so that my legs rested on his hips. He slowly entered in and then back out again, driving me crazy. I slammed my hips into his wanting him to pick up the speed. "Calm down baby girl. I want to make this one last," He said humming into my neck. Our bodies began to go in motion with one another. I felt my self climaxing, "Niall I'm about to cum," I said biting down on his shoulder. "Hold on baby wait for me," he said into my neck, "Now." His thrusting began to become sloppy and I felt him explode inside of me.

              We finished up our shower and got out, because unlike Niall I had to leave soon for school. One thing I'm thankful for is that it's a private school and I do not have to wear the uniforms public school do. I dried my body of while Niall walked into his closet to get dressed. Once I was all dried, I walked into my closet and began looking for an outfit to wear. Everything I own shows off my curves and I do not want people to see the baby bump forming. I fell like I'm already being judged enough being Niall's girlfriend.

               I decided to wear leggings, a long sleeve kinda bagging sweater with a lion on the front, and my brown boots that come up to my knees with a red zipper in the back. I quickly got dressed and went to do my hair and makeup. Niall was at his sink brushing his teeth singing to himself. "Niall I swear you get weirder and weirder everyday," I said laughing and grabbing my makeup. He just looked at me and smiled, then went back to his singing.

               I just put on light makeup and a little smokey eye and did my lips a soft pink color. I did not want to do anything fancy with my hair, so i just put it up in a loosely formed bun on the top of my head. I took a final look in the mirror and decided I looked okay for the first day of school.

            "You look beautiful babe. Although I wish you wouldn't hind your baby bump," Niall said frowning at me. "I just don't want to show it off the first day of school and I won't be able to hind it for long. Soon it's going to be huge. I heard it gets bigger faster with twins," I said looking down at my tummy. "I wish you would just home school and come on tour with me," Niall said looking at me with puppy down eyes. "Niall I can't just give up my whole life. I moved to London with you and this is just one thing I want to try," I said kissing his lips. "I know, I just feel like I'm going to miss out on a lot. I won't be there when they first kick or for the nights they are going to keep you up," he said placing a hand on my tummy.

              I never really thought about all that. Was I really going to keep Niall from all the things that normal dads get to witness for nine months. I mean I could always home school and go on tour, but then I would never have a normal life. "Kaylee, earth to Kaylee," Niall said waving his hand in my face. "Oh sorry, got lost in my thoughts," I said giving a weak smile. "It's fine, what I was saying was that I want you to do what makes you happy." he said kissing my cheek.

            We went downstairs, so I could get some food before I had to leave and say goodbye to Niall. His bags were all at the front door. "I can't believe that you're leaving me," I said staring at his bags. "It's only 8 months and when I have a break I'll come see you and you can come see me on tour," he said looking at my worried face. "Yeah you're right," I said pulling the milk out of the fridge. Niall's phone went off. "Oh looks like my ride is here," he said with a frown. I walked him to the door. I gave him the longest hug and just kissed him. "I'll face-time you tonight when we get to our hotel," he said giving me one last kiss. "I love you," I said. "I love you too," he said back.

            I closed the door and ran upstairs. I was going on tour with One Direction. I wasn't going to let Niall miss out on anything and I couldn't be away from him that long. I called Cloe and she agreed on going as well. I got on my computer and to look for two flights to Ireland. I bought the tickets and started getting ready. Our plane was leaving in three hours.

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