Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


3. truth or dare

after we finished eating our dinner, i went up to Gemma's room and the rest of the boys went to Harry's room. they both had really big rooms. Gemma had a big white bed with sunset colored walls. she had many cute clothes. " so what do you wanna do? " she asked as she sat down on her bed and looked up at me. i sat down in a chair that was across the room. " i dont know, do you wanna play truth or dare with the rest of the boys so we can, you know, learn more about eachother. " thats sounds like a great idea. " she said as she walked over to her door. we walked across the hallway into harrys room and all of them were on the floor texting. except for louis, he was rolling around on the floor like the little dork he is. " we wanted to know if you guys wanted to play truth or dare in my room. " gemma said as all the boys looked up from their phones and at me and gemma. once louis stopped rolling in the floor, he agreed and then we all went off the Gemma's room. we all sat in a circle and we all agreed that Niall could ask the first truth or tell the first dare. " Alex, truth or dare? " he asked. everyone turned to me and as soon as i said dare, the boys did an evil smile. i kind of regretted what i chose but whatever. " i dare you to go downstairs and get me some food. " niall said. i laughed and went downstairs. everyone was dissapointed that Niall's dare was really boring. i came back up with tacos for everyone. " your mom said to not make a mess. " i told them as i sat down on the floor next to Gemma. it was louis' turn to ask the next question. " harry, truth or dare? " " Dare. " he replied just before the boys huddled up and started wispering. " we dare you to kiss Alexandria. " zayn said. mine and harry's eyes grew really big and we both looked at eachother. " And... " louis added. " it has to be a french kiss. " mine and harry's eyes grew even bigger. he turned to me and started leaning in. once our lips touched, i felt sparks inside and i knew i never wanted us to pull apart. our lips moved together, then i felt harry's tongue on my bottom lip waiting for me to allow it inside. his tongue felt really warm and soft and when it slid in my mouth, i could feel him smiling. when we pulled apart, everyone's mouth was wide open and they looked shocked. " what? " harry asked in his deep husky voice. " that was a bit longer that i expected. " louis told us. i felt my cheeks grow pink, i didnt feel embarrased that we kissed for a long time, it was just awkward that louis said that. " Alex, truth or dare? " Liam asked. " but i just went. " " just answer the question. " Liam demanded but not in a rude way. " truth. " i replied. " ok, which one of us do you like the most... or have a crush on? " he asked. i had a pit in my stomach and my eyes grew big. " uhmm......uhmmmm.... " i started. " Its harry isnt it? " zayn said. " uhhmmm yeah " " i knew it! " louis shouted. i looked at Harry who looked really happy. " im getting kind of bored. " Gemma stated. " why dont we watch a movie? " niall said. " sounds good " we all said. " we made our way to the movie room and i was in the back of the group. Harry slowed down so he could tell me something. " Its ok, i like you to " he said just before he winked. i smiled a little bit but blew up on the inside. Harry went to go pick out a movie and it ended up being Love Acually. we all sat down, Gemma next to louis and on the other side of her was zayn. next to me was niall and on the other side was liam. after harry put in the movie, he walked next to niall. " ill move so you love birds can snuggle. " Niall said. he scooted over and Harry sat next to me. during the middle of the movie, i started to get tired. the next thing i knew, i was sound asleep.
P.S. thank you for reading this chapter (: ill try to update more often. i will also be making imagines so comment your name and your age and a short description of yourself and ill post them (: THANKYOU x

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