Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


14. threats

i walked into my car confused about what just happened. the only thing that was going through my mind was "What will harry do? i got in my car and drove to my house to get changed and get my mind straight. i got to my house and walked up to my door. "Hey Alex!" i turned to my right and saw Harry standing there with a smile on his face. "Hey! im just going to get changed and i was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight for dinner." i said happy that Harry hasnt found out about that thing that happened with Dylan. "ok, see you in a bit" he said and with that, i walked into my house. i went upstairs and into my bedroom to find some comfortable clothes. i walked into my closet and picked out a pair of yoga pants with a blue tanktop. i went back downstairs and turned on my computer that was sitting on the couch. i went on twitter and saw that i had a new message from a girl named @josie_jo123 do what i tell you or else your dirty little secret goes viral. "oh, fantastic." it was the girl that took the picture earlier. @josie_jo123 what do i have to do to make you stop threatening me? i went on my phone so i can text Harry to see what he wanted me to cook for dinner. 'hey babe :) what do you want me to cook for dinner? xx-Alex' i looked back to my computer screen and saw that the girl messaged back. @alex_143 just meet me at the park tomorrow at 8:00 on church street. i didnt know if i shouldve did what she said because what if something bad happens? what if she put the pictures online anyway? i need to tell someone so i dont get hurt. @josie_jo123 ok. deal. i went to go text Zayn and saw that i had a new message from Harry. 'you should cook tacos ! xx-Harry' 'ok, come over at 6 :) xx-Alex. i decided to just call Zayn. after a few rings he answered. "Hey Alex how are you?" "not to well and thats what i called you for." "why whats wrong?" "a fan took of a picture of me and another guy kissing and now shes threatening to post it online." "wait? youre cheating on Harry?" "no i would never do that! he kissed me and now shes telling me to meet her at the park tomorrow at 8 and i want someone there with me so i dont get hurt." "jesus." he said under his breath. "ok, ill tell Liam and i already know not to tell Harry." "ok but you have to stay in your car so she cant see you." "ok, i have to go because Harry's walking down the hall and i dont want him to hear our conversation" "ok bye Zayn and thanks for everything."


a/n: sorry if its short and you didnt like it but i had to publish something. thanks for reading :)))))))))

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