Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


7. the photoshoot

" thats great news! " he said with exitement in his voice. " i know, and my mom and the rest of the world know that we are official because i guess someone saw us at the beach yesterday and took pictures of us." i explained. "ugh paparazzi are always following." he said with disappointment. "sounds horrible." i said as i started to get out of bed. "where are you going?" he asked curioulsy. "im hungry so imma ask one of the boys to make me breakfast." i said. "i can make you breakfast" he said while getting up. "are you sure you can handle something as big as breakfast?" i teased. "i think so." he said while laughing. we both went downstairs and all of the boys were awake. "ugh you guys were so loud lastnight! i could hear you banging on the walls the whole time!" louis said while the boys stood there in shock. "we didnt do anything lou!" harry said while laughing. the boys then had relief on their faces. "im hungry!" Niall whined. "ok, uhhh i guess ill make pancakes." he said while walking into the kitchen. we waited for about 15 minutes and then got to eat. the pancakes were delicious. i liked having breakfast with the boys, until Harry started telling a story about how he got his cat. i got bored in the middle and then pulled out my phone when suddenly he stopped talking and looked at me. "are you guys even listening?" he asked. "no" we all said at the same time. the biys were right, Harry does make a story sounf really boring. anyways we were sitting on the couch watching the vow. ( my movie ! ) then Niall's phone rang and he picked it up. " that was paul and management, they said that we need to go down to the beach for the photoshoot." he told us. "yayyy!" the rest of the boys said at the same time. "what am i supposed to do?" i asked. they all turned to me and laughed. "you're coming with us" Liam said. "ok, but i have to tell my mom." i said. "we have to be ready to go my 11:30 though." Niall informed us. "ok" we all said. i took out my phone and texted my mom. a couple minutes later, she said that i was fine for me to go with the boys. we all got ready and headed down to the beach. when we got there, there were many cameras and people getting ready for the photoshoot. "ok, you guys have to go in the dressing room so you can get your hair, makeup, and get some clothes." paul said as the boys nodded and headed to the shack that was on the beach. "ummm you can just sit down on that chair and watch." paul said while looking at me. "will do." i said. after a couple of minutes, i got bored, the boys were still getting ready and i was evesdropping on other people conversations. i know its rude but i was really bored. i head some lady talking to a guy in a tuxedo and she looked really worried. "the model isnt going to make it today! she has to go to the hospital because she injured her foot." she exlaimed. i decided to get my phone out of my bag that was sitting next to me. when i reached over, i guess i got the lady's attention because she turned to me and smiled. "would you look to take photos with one direction?" she asked as she walked over to me. i looked us at and she looked really desperate. "uhhh i never did a photoshoot before." i said. "it's gonna be easy, all you have to do is stand infront of the camera and look beautiful." she said while smiling. "uhhh ok i'll do the photoshoot." not aware of what i was getting myself into. the boys then came out and the lady walked over to them and i guess she told them because they suddeny looked really happy. after i got ready, we took many pictures. me and louis took one where he was carrying me on his back and i was laughing. i took one with Niall where he was playing gutiar while we were walking on the edge of the water and he was looking at me. i took one with Zayn and it was where we were plashing eachother with water and smiling. i took one with Liam where it looked like we were playing hide and seek and i was on one side of a tree and Liam was on the other side. the last one was with Harry and it was already dark so we decided that it would be romantic. we were both laying on a blanket on the sand and he was feeding me a chocolate strawberry. the next was where we were all standing on the beach looking at the sunset and Harry's arm was on my waist, that one was my favorite one. we got to look at all of them and the lady that asked me to helo with the photoshoot came over, "i have good news..." she said with a big smile on her face.
P.S. this was my favorite chapter (: im still looking for names to do imagines so comment your name, age, the boy you want it to be about, and a short description of yourself. thankyou (:

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