Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


15. the park

the next morning i woke up and the first thing i thought about was the crazy fan and why she wanted me to go to the park. well, dinner was good last night. i was thinking of telling Harry about the fan but i decided its better that he didnt know. i got out of the sheets and felt the cold breeze take over my legs. i stepped on the carpet afraid of what today was going to bring me. i walked to the bathroom so i can freshen up a bit. i looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my hair looked like a birds nest. "oh god, how do i have a boyfriend?" i grabbed a comb and quickly combed out my nasty looking hair. i grabbed the tooth paste and put it on my toothbrush. after i brushed my teeth, i went into my closet to pick out some clothes to wear. i picked out some black skinny jeans with a red shirt from american eagle. i picked out some out underwear and a bra and went back into the bathroom. i turned on the shower and waited for it to get warm and started taking a shower. i didnt wash my hair because i didnt plan on doing anything today. i washed my body and got out of the shower. i dried my body and then threw on my clothes. i put on my slippers and went downstairs. once again, i logges onto twitter and found that i had another message saying 'dont forget about meeting me tonight ;)' ugh! i just wish this stupid kid would leave me alone. i slammed my computer shut and walked over to the kitchen to get food. i decided to make thereso and eggs. grabbed my phone before i started cooking to put on music. why not have a little fun while i can. i tried to take my mind off the crazy fan. i was dancing and cooking and then when i was done, i sat down and ate. i sat down and put on bates motel. i soon fell asleep probably because i didnt really get to sleep because of the nightmares i kept having. i woke up what seemed like a half an hour later. i grabbed my phone and realized it was almost time to meet... her... 'walk over to my house with niall liam and louis becasue i am going to the park right now.' i texted zayn. *beep* 'ok' he replied. about a minute later, they knocked on my door and i walked outside so i can go to my car. "this is the plan, i am going to act like i came alone so she doesnt get mad. when you guys notice something bad happening like the kid starts strangling me, then you needa come and kick some butt." "ok. but what if she sees us?" niall asked. "ummm i dont know. just try not to be seen... ok come on." i led them to my car and we were at the park in no time. "remember the plan" i told the boys before getting out of my seat. "be careful." liam said and i nodded. i started walking on the grass looking for a figure that looked like the girl i was supposed to meet. i walked for a few minutes and still didnt see her. *click* i heard out of nowhere and soon felt something being held by the side of my head. i was too scared to look. in fact, too scared to do anything. so i just stood there with a tear rolling down my cheek because i knew exactly who it was and what they were doing.


a/n sorry for not posting alot but heres a good chapter... hopefully. read the next chapter to find out what happens to Alex. comment some of your ideas because im sure they will help. thanks for reading :)

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