Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


2. The new house

as i walked up to the glass font door, i noticed that it was a two story house. i was really exited to see what my room looked like, hopefully i get my own bathroom. anyways, i waited for my mom to unlock the door and when she did, i saw the most beautiful living room ever. my mom must have sent some people to already move the couches in. they were white and looked really soft and the walls were a light brown color. " mom, can i go to bed? " i asked as my mom was carrying boxes in. " you can go to bed after you take all of these boxes to your room." she answerd. " ugh, ok " i went outside and saw the two worker men unloading the van and setting the boxes on the floor. i grabbed two of them and walked them into the house, if my mom wanted me to carry all of them upstairs to my room, then shes crazy. when i was done taking all the boxes inside and putting them in the corner of the living room, i changed and went to bed. i woke up from my mom screaming from downstairs. " Alexandria! take a shower and get ready because the neighbors have invited us for lunch today " she yelled. " ok! what time do i have to be ready? " i asked. " be ready by 11:30 " she answered still yelling. i went downstairs to go get the box that had all of my clothes in it and took it up to my room. i picked out and outfit that included black skinny jeans with a shirt that had the British Flag on the front. i took a shower and could feel the hot water streaming down my body. i got done and looked at the clock. it was 10:30 so i still had an hour. i changed my clothes and then went back downstairs to collect my hair things and went back up stairs. i went to my bathroom and did my hair. i put loose curls in it and put a light layer of makeup on. i knew lunch at the neighbors house was going to be really boring. i went downstairs just as my stomach growled. i went to the kitchen where my mom was drinking her tea. " mom im hungry " i told her. " we are gonna go over to the neighbors after i finish this" she replied lifting her up her cup. i went to my living rooom and turned on the tv and started watching ridiculousness. ( my show! ) after about 15 minutes, my mom told me to turn off the tv so we can go next door. i walked down the driveway and to the front door of our neighbors house. my mother rang the doorbell and i made sure my hair didnt look stupid because i wanted to make a good first impression. their house was really big to. a lady opened the door, she was really pretty. IT WAS ANNE!! ( harry's mom ) i suddenly got huge butterflies in my stomach. she reached out her hand for me to shake and i politely did. " hi, my names Alexandria, but you can call me Alex. " i told her with a smile. i kept me cool because i didnt wanna scare Anne by screaming and fainting like most girls would do if they met her. " wow, i was expecting a young girl like you to be freaking out. " she told me. " why would i? " i asked. at this time, she looked really confused. " yes, i know you're harry styles mom haha " i told her before she could ask if i knew who she was. " oh, haha well im glad that you like one direction " she said with a smile. Anne led us in her beautiful house and my mom looked at me. she knew i was in love with harry styles so she was kind of suprided that our neighbor was his mother. she led us to a big dining room that had nine plates set up. " why are there nine plates? " i asked confused. " because me, you , your mother, gemma, robin, harry, niall, zayn, liam, and louis are going to be joining us." she informed me. " they should be here any minute now " she continues. about a minute later, the door opened and i could hear the sound of boys entering. " looks like they're here " she said as she made her way to the boys. i got butterflies again, but they were the good kind. me and my mom followed behind Anne. " boys, this is Alex and her mother jessica. " she said looking at us and then back at the boys. they all smiled at me and said " hello Alex, hello Jessica. " " i think you guys know who we are so i guess we dont have to introduce ourselves. " louis said. we all walked to the table. i sat next to my mother and harry sat down next to me. " hello, beautiful " he said as he looked at me and smiled. " ooh i think someone has a crush. " niall said who was obviously listening to harry the whole time. my mom elbowed me and i turned to see what she wanted, she just smiled at me and we both laughed because we both knew what we were thinking. i knew i was going to have a good time.

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