Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


13. the fan

The next day i had to go to a photoshoot so i quickly took a shower. the boys went to an interveiw so i was here alone. as i was walking down the stairs i heard screaming outside. it sounded like a crowd so i looked out my window and i saw thousands of teenagers. ok, i lied there werent a thousand... there was about 25 of them. ugh ! i cant even go outside without people trampling me. i walked passed the living room and went to the back door. i opened it and decided to take the creek route instead. im happy its dry because i am wearing my new converse and did not want them to get dirty. i found a street where there were no teenagers... THANK GOD ! i went to the nearest bus station and waited for a good 5 minuted until the next one ariived. i payed the bus driver and went on. there were no teeneagers here either so i could get there without a problem. i arrived at the big red building where the shoot would be held and opened the door. i went up to the front desk where a short lady was sitting. "may i help you" she said in the most bored voice ever. "ummm im here for a photo shoot." i said waiting for her to say something. "name" she said still looking at her computer. "Alexandria" i said in a voice that sounded way more enthusiastic. "Ahhh Alexandria Styles, you will be heading to room 112." she said finally making her voice non monotoned. i gave a small smiled because she said Styles. "can i get an autograph?" she asked handing me a paper and pen. "sure thing" i said signing my name. i went into the room that she told me to go in and saw many cameras and people. i looked around to find someone i know. my mom came up to me and gave me a hug. "you look so beautiful" she said. "thanks, but i dont even have my makeup on yet." i said giving a small laugh. "haha i know, go to that room over there and they will get you set up." she said. i did as she told me and walked over to room with a small brown door. "hello, Alex." a guy came up to me and gave me kisses on my cheeks. "you are going to just look fab. when im done with you." he said in the most happiest tone ever. he pulled my hand and took me to a rack that had clothes on it. "well, i got you these lovely peices of clothing and also these." he said hold up a jean jacket and a pink and white dress. the dress had light pink flowers on them and had a white background. he gave me a soft push towards a dressing room. i quickly got dressed and came back out. i really did look great. "ohhhhh myyyyyy gosshhhh! you just look amazing! i am so good at this job! yippee for me. anyways... go over there to Rebecca and she will give you a makeover to wear you look as perfect as a peach.!" he said. i walked over to a chair and sat down. without words, the lady came and started patting some foundation on my face. then blush. then eyeshadow and eyeliner. then finally, mascara. she turned my chair around to where i was looking into a mirror. i looked, as the guy said, as perfect as a peach. "there you go!" she said. i got up from the chair and walked back out of the room. i saw a bed that had white and red pedals on it. "Ready?" my mom said as she stood next to me looking in the same direction. "ready as ever." i said with a confident smile. i walked over and layed in the bed/ couch thingy. my mom told me to lay on my stomach and lift up one of me legs. i gave a small smile until a lady came over and pulled down the top of my dress to wear my cleavage was showing. "thanks Abigail." my mom said. "people are going to say i look like a hoe in this picture!." i told my mom. "no they wont just smile" she said. i smiled when there was a bright flash shining onto my. "Done!, Dylan!!! come print out the pictures." the man behind the camera said. Dylan's eyes met mine and he just kept staring at me until the guy snapped his fingers int front of his face. "hurry" the man said. That. Was. Awkward. i got up to go see the pictures. i ended up not looking like a hoe and i was thankful. "ok, that's that. Alex! you can leave if you want, im just going to clean up. "she told me. "ok thanks mom." i said getting up from the couch thingy. i walked out the door and stood on the sidewalk for another bus to show up. The door opened behind me and i looked to see Dylan standing there with a smile on his face. "oh, hi" i said. "hi" he said kind of nervously. "how are you?" i asked trying to be polite."great, what about you?" he asked waiting for my reply. "im doing good. my bus pulled up and i turned to Dylan. "well i have to go but it was nice meeting you." i said about to walk away when he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. My eyes widened as i couldn't beleive what just happened. "Got It!" a girl said. i turned to my right and saw a little girl with her phone in front of her face. OH MY GOD! she took a picture. "wait till the whole world sees this! " she said as she walked off. "what was that for!!!!" i said giving Dylan a little smack on his face. and with that i walked onto the bus trying to get my mind straight.


(A/N) ahhhhh wait till Harry find out in the next chapter. sorry for posting this chapter like a couple of months later.i just had a lot of things on my mind and i have school :/... thanks for reading my beautiful little dumplings :D


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