Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


5. the beach

i woke up to camera flashes and laughter. i felt someone's warm body next me. he had his muscley arms around me and his face in my neck. i acually thought this was a really comfortable position. i looked up to see the rest of the boys and Gemma taking pictures of me. " ugh shutup! you guys are so childish. " i said while kind of laughing and throwing a pillow at Louis. i guess i moved to much because i felt Harry move his arm and remove his face from my neck. he looked up but i guess didnt care that pictures were being posted on Twitter right now because he layed down and pulled me in tighter. " we should go so these lovers can go back to, you know, lovin " louis said with a wink. after they left, Harry opened his eyes. " you know those pictures are gonna be posted on Twitter? " i told him because i knew he was awake. " yeah, i dont care. " he said with a smile. " well im going to get up because now i cant fall back asleep and i have to go home to take a shower, " ok, and i told your mom last night that you wanted to stay and she said that it was fine, so you dont have any explaining to do when you get home. " he told me."thanks". i said while getting up and heading towards the door. i walked downstairs and saw Niall sitting on the couch watching tv and eating something, " hey im just gonna go home to shower and stuff " i said while grabbing my phone off of the table in the movie room. " ok, but come back because im gonna see if the rest of the boys want to go to the beach. " ok. ill come back in about and hour and a half. " i told him. " sounds good. " he said while taking another bite of his cereal. i walked outside and felt the cool breeze blow onto my neck. i got goosebumps and headed down their driveway and into my yard. i walked onto the grass and it was covered in frost. i could hear and feel it crunch under my black and white converse. i walked into the house and my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. " hi mom., the boys wanted me to come over later if that's fine with you. " i said while taking a peice of bacon off her plate. " that was my bacon but ok.... uhhhh what time are you gonna be back by? " she asked. " i dont know, ill probably stay the night again. " i told her kind of scared about what she would say. " ok, i have to go to a job interview today and probably wont be coming home until late. " she told me just before i started walking off the my room. my mom used to be a photographer but that was before we moved here. shes acually really good at it. she got to take pictures of famous people like The Jonas Brothers and Cher Lloyd. anyways, i went into my room and everything was already unpacked so i guess my mom did that. i went into my closet and picked out a pink and green bathingsuit with a cute flowery dress since we might be going to the beach. i took a  hot shower which made me feel really good. after i washed my hair, i got out and dried my body. i changed my clothes and them i blowdried it. i just straightened it today since it was probably gonna get wet. i grabbed my sunglasses, my phone, beach bag, and said bye to my mom. i knocked on Anne's door but Zayn opened it. he was only in sweats, exposing his bare chest and toned abs. he acually looked really hot. wait no! i cant say that, i like harry... acually love harry. anyways i said hi and went in. Harry was sitting on the couch with only sweats on and he looked hot also. all of the boys were dressed in the same thing... except for Niall. he was naked. i didnt notice him at first but he started screaming. when i looked at the direction that the screaming was coming, i saw Niall wrapped up in a blanket from wait to toe. " are you naked? " i asked. " uhhh yeah, sorry i didnt think you were gonna come right now, uhhh imma go upstairs to get some clothes on. " he said while walking up the steps. i turned to Harry laughing. his laugh made me feel happy... strange i know but his laugh was just so deep and loud. we walked out of the door and walked to the beach and it was only five minutes away. we got there and i got barried in the sand. when it was dark. me and Harry decided to go for a walk. we talked about how our childhood was and just random stuff. " can i ask you a question? " harry asked. " sure... " i replied while Harry stopped and stood in front of me. " will you be my girlfriend? " he asked while waiting for my answer. " id love to. " i replied as Harry's face grew really happy. he picked me up and then spun me around and kissed me on the lips. this kiss was really passionate and perfect. we walked back to where everyone else was and Harry said " SHE SAID YES! " while hugging Louis. " thats good man. " Zayn said while patting his back. we all walked back to the house but Harry carried my on his back. i was gald to be with Harry, he made me feel safe.

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