Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


12. rough night?

"ummm, Niall sent me up here to tell you that he kinda likes you more than a friend and he wanted to know what you said about it..." he told me. "oh ummm ok, well tell him that i have a boyfriend and that i dont see him that way, and i like him but only as a brother." i told him in the nicest way i can. "try to say it in the nicest way possible." i added. "ok, but you cant tell anyone" he said. "ummm i dont think i can do that. Harry would be really mad if he found out that i didnt tell him." i said waiting for his reply "oh, your're right... ummm ill tell him." "ok thanks." i said with a smile. he got up and started walking to the door and i followed him. we walked downstairs and he went straight to the kitchen where Harry was and i went over to the living room with the rest of the boys. i sat next to Zayn who was playing video games. "hey." i said. "hey, ummm your mom called and said that you have to come with us to do another photoshoot." he said not looking away from the t.v. "ok, what time?" i asked. he paused the game and looked at him phone, im guessing he was checking a text message. "ummm. they said to come at 6, so in like 30 minutes." he said putting him phone back in his pocket. with that, i got up and walked over to the kitchen. "-so dont tell anyone." Liam finished. yup, he told Harry. Harry didnt look mad so that was a good sign. i walked over to him and he looked down at me and smiled. "hey, what you up to?" he asked. "nothing, we have to leave like right now so we can get to the photoshoot on time." i informed him. "ok" he said and gave me a little kiss on the lips and walked passed me to the living room where the boys were. without a word, we all went over to the door and got into the car. we listened to music and all sang off key, except for Louis, he beat. when we arrived, my mom started making her way over to the passenger door, where i was sitting. i opened the door and looked at her waiting for her to tell me what we needed to do. "first, go to the changing and make-up rooms and then come back to where the cameras are set up." she told me. "ok" i said. me and the boys went over to the shack next to a tree. this photoshoot was held at the park. i got changed into some black skinny jeans and a cute lime green shirt. the hair stylist did loose curls that went down my back. the make-up group didnt put a lot of make-up. they only put foundation, blush, and mascara. i walked out where the camera crew was and the boys were already dressed and ready. "ok, first we will have Niall and Alexandria on sitting on top if the monkey bars." she said puling me and Niall over to the playground. i looked back at Harry with an unsure looked and he just nodded and smiled. i turned back and we were already there. i looked over at Niall and he looked at me and gave a small smile. we got on the monkey bars and faced the sunset. "Alex, you're going to be resting your head on Niall's shoulder and Niall, you will be putting your hand around her waste." she said. we did as she told. the picture came out really nice... and it wasnt as awkward as i thought it would be. we finished the pictures and got to look at them. i loved all of them. we went home and me and Harry went to his bedroom. as soon as we walked in, Harry pulled me on the bed and layed on top of me. he started kissing me slow and passionatly.after a while, things got a little more rough. he pulled my shirt off and then his.

i next day, i felt really sore and sick. i got up really slowly, careful not to wake up Harry i made my way over to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. i heard shuffling in the living room, Louis was already awake. he saw me and walked over to me. i looked at him and he had a big grin on his face. "why are you smiling so much?" i asked. "oh nothing, it just seems like you had a rough night last night." what was he talking about? and how does he know that i did something last night? "what make you say that." i said with my eyebrows scrunched up. "ummm well you have a couple of love bites right there, there, and there." he said pointing to different sopts on my neck. my eyes got really big and i made my way to the mirror that was hanging on the wall in the living room. i had purplish and blueish spots all over my neck. ugh this was going to be a long day.


(a/n) yayyyy i got another chapter up! anyways... did you like my little twist at the beginning?......... ill take that as a yes. anyways, thanks for reading. BAD NEWS: i start school tomorrow and i broke my collar bone so i have to wear a sling so its going to be kind of hard putting up new chapters and stuff so hang in there. (: bye peeps

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