Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


10. not my fault

they started working on Niall and i became more and more worried. after what seemed like forever, the room cleared out and it was only me and Niall in the room. he looked as if he was asleep. "Niall!" i said. he didnt move. "Niall!" i screamed even louder. a doctor came in and noticed me trying to get a reaction from Niall. "he's not going to wake up-" i cut her off. "what do you mean he's not going to wake up?!!!!" i yelled as my my eyebrows pushed closer together. "you didnt let me finish, i was going to say that he's not going to wake up for a while because we gave him some medicine because what he ate had too much phat in it and it " she informed me. "will he be ok?" i asked a little worried. "of course, we also did some tests while you were sleeping and you look really healthy and you might even get to go home tomorrow." she said changing the subject. i went back to the original subject which was on Niall because that was more important. "when can he go home?" i asked. "he can go home tomorrow to but he will have to be taking pills for a couple of weeks." she said before she left the room. the boys walked in and looked really worried. "the doctor told us what happened and when you guys can come home." Zayn said so that i wouldnt have to explain everything. "i am so sorry you guys, i never ment to hurt Niall like this." i said as a tear fell from my face. Harry walked over beside me and wiped my tear away with his thumb. "its not your fault, its no ones fault, you had no idea this was going to happen." he told me before he gave me a big hug. the boys walked out to give us time alone and harry pulled up a chair and scooted next to my hospital bed. "im not going to be able to talk to him anymore, be probably hates me." i said as i wiped some more tears away from my face. "he will still love you with all his heart, and dont think any different." he said. "can i ask you a question?" i asked. "sure" he replied. "no matter what happens-" i stopped. "will you still love me?" "yes... forever and always." he says as he rubs my forehead with his big warm hand. with that, he gets up and walks out of the room. i quickly close my eyes and fall asleep. "Alex!" someone says. this wakes me up but i thought it mustve been my imagination. "Alex!" the voice says again. i open my eyes and turn my head towards Niall. "hey" i say as i give a small smile. i could feel the dry tears on myy face and my eyes feel really warm. "the doctor is getting my medication and she said that we can go home now." he said. i guess he want mad at me because he seemed to talk to me without an attitude. this made me really happy. i saw him get up from the bed so i did the same. i realized that Niall's cast was off. he walked up to me and gave me a big hug. "what was that for?" i asked when we broke from the hug. "i just really missed hugging my favorite person." he said with a really big smile. even though my body was still sore, i hugged him again but even tighter. this hug lasted longer. "i love you" he said in my arm. "i love you to. i didnt mean i that way but i guess Niall did because he started leaning in. his lips crashed onto mine and i just stood there in shock. "Alex?" i heard a deep voice say. i turned to see Harry standing in the doorway. "its not what you think!" i said as i started walking towards him. he pushed me away and replied with, "im sorry Alexandria, but its over" and with that, he walked out of the room. "Alex! i am so sorry. i didnt mean to." Niall said. i just looked at him. "its ok" i said as i walked out of the room. the ride home was really weird because me Niiall and Harry werent talking at all and the boys were trying to figure out what was wrong with us. when we were at the house, i didnt walk to the boys' door... i walked to mine. i quickly opened my door and let all of my tears out. *knock knock*... who could that be? i opened the door and saw Liam. "hey" he said. "Niall told me what happened so i came here to talk to you about it." he said as he pulled me into a hug. we walked over to my couch and sat down. he pulled me onto his lap as i cried into his shoulder. "i could go and talk to Harry about what really happened." he told me, breaking the silence. "o-ok. i-if you want." i said. he sat me down onto the couch so that he can get up. "get some rest, ill tell you what he says in the morning." he said before he walks out. i fell asleep on the couch hoping for another chance with Harry. i felt horrible even though nothing was really my fault. i needed to fix this. i could live without Harry. i needed him back.
p.s. sorry i havent updated for awhile, my computer was being stupid so i had to go get it fixed. thanks for reading! I STILL NEED YOUR NAME FOR MY IMAGINES. lot you lots. <3 (:

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