A Summer Love to Remember

First of all, this is a Harry Styles Fanfic. This year,2013, Simon decided that 1D took a "Season" off at an Exclusive super extra Private resort on a far away island where they could sing and write songs for their next Album, and clear their minds, relax without the pressure of the Paparazzi's everywhere and making up rumors about them. That Island is Heaven on Earth for them. Harry meets a slim,his height, hazel eyes,brunette, very pretty and she was a cloth designer. They have to say goodbye at the end of Summer and like fate put them back together. But, there's a problem. Some are simply falling for her and some just want to make her fall off of her cloud 9. Who would do such a thing?


2. Tell us what you know..NOW!

Okay, so I know I'm obviously not goignt o have likes and stuff If I have one chapter but, get me likes please? Help me because honestly if no one is going to read my stories there's no point in doing them so I'm sorry if this is harsh but, If i dont get more than 5 comments on this I'll stop writing. Please comment, like, favourite,fan me. <3 I will appreciate it and will do the same with your stories (; 


As soon as Simon left the room the boys sat around Paul. 

"Can I help you, boys?" , said Paul kind of intimidated. Louis asked first 

"So, how is this place?"

"What does it look like?"Asked Niall eagerly to know

"Yeah tell us."Said Liam

" C'mon tell us" said Harry makign a puppy face 

"Please please please please please please please please"started pleading Zayn

Paul put his hand over Zayn's mouth and said "Fine." right about when Zayn bit him and said "Ouch! Now, I'm not telling you.."

"Why? "Asked Louis 

"Because your Bradford bad boy bit me and now I'm not saying anything to you.."He looked away as in trying to look mad. All the boys automatically looked at Zayn trying and stared at him trying to kill him with their eyes. Then, Harry told Zayn with anger "Great, now he wont say shit. Way to go, Bradford Bad boy!!" 

Nelly came in the room, "What won;t he tell you now?"

Niall answered "You see, Simon is sending us all off to a secret island for vacations and we want to know how it is and Paul was about to tell us when Zayn bit him and now he's not going to spill the beans..."

"Paul?" Said Nelly 

Paul answered "What?"

"Would you tell us how that place it please..?"


"Let's make a deal. You tell us how this place is and I will cook you anything you want for a week once we get back."

Everyone wiped their heads around to see Paul's reaction; he loved Nelly's food,Nelly is the boys and Staff's personal chef.

Paul grinned at them,"3 weeks"

Nelly knew he was hard to bribe, but went for it "2 weeks"


"2 and a half."

Paul thought about it for a few seconds and then answered "Deal." They all cheered and gave there thank you's to Nelly. 

They all gathered again in the circle around Paul including Nelly. 

"So, I haven't really been there yet but, I have some collegues that have. They've told me its all like a big Resort City. it's super safe from Papparazzi's. There is no cars though its all golf carts, and  no hotels well there's big Houses and those are like the hotel rooms I guess you can order room service and all, and you can pick out your house with a theme if youwant a beach house, a cabin, a tent type, super cozy one or those cold modern ones. It's pretty cool, I saw pictures. By the way, it's rare you pay for something, the food is free,spa treatments, clubs, tournaments whatever it is it's all free. Except Night clubs, stores,gasoline and other stuff. It's pretty sweet."

Everyone was in shock of what they had heard with their mouths open. Finally, Liam asked "Wait, everything is free? What kind of business is that?"

"Well, when you pay for the resort its like a packet thing but there's only that packet, you pay the stay and with the stay you pay "extra" for the free things."

"That's sick" scramed out Harry "Hold up, did you say night clubs?"


"I'm already in love with the place" 

Nelly looked over at the clock, it reads 2:34 A.M. "Guys, do you want some midnight breakfast?"


"How does blueberry pancakes and bacon sound?"

"Perfect." said all together

About half an hour later she came back in to the living room with Paula, her best friend which is also a chef and helps around with anything else, and set down 7 plates of pancakes and bacon on the big crystal center table along with the boys' favourite Jams and Syrups and 7 glasses of apple and orange juice. 

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