A Summer Love to Remember

First of all, this is a Harry Styles Fanfic. This year,2013, Simon decided that 1D took a "Season" off at an Exclusive super extra Private resort on a far away island where they could sing and write songs for their next Album, and clear their minds, relax without the pressure of the Paparazzi's everywhere and making up rumors about them. That Island is Heaven on Earth for them. Harry meets a slim,his height, hazel eyes,brunette, very pretty and she was a cloth designer. They have to say goodbye at the end of Summer and like fate put them back together. But, there's a problem. Some are simply falling for her and some just want to make her fall off of her cloud 9. Who would do such a thing?


1. Surprise, boys !

~Midnight at the hotel

The boys are all in their Hotel suite taking a break after their concert at Venice,Italy & the Meet and Greet. Zayn was sharing an italian leather couch with Louis and Niall who was eating a bowl of cereal all talking about the concert when Simon comes in. 

"Boys, I have the best trip planned for you guys!!" 

Zayn exhaustedly says "Simon, as much as I love and thank you for everything you have done for us, we don't want to know about our next concert until we recover from this one. Those Italian girls are so energetic." 

Simon says "Well, don't worry boys. It's not a concert."

Louis shouts "Just say it already!"

Simon says "Fine, in two days you will be off on a plane to a Island where you will spend an entire season on vacations!!!"

All the boys jump up with excitement on the couches and Niall says "I'll pay for that " when he realizes he spilt his cereal all over the italian couch; no one really cares though because they're having vacations !! Whoo !! 

Simon says "Okay, boys I'll have everything ready in two days. Remember, this is a trip to a secret island that only the best celeberities of the world know about. You can not tell anyone about this, only your Mums."

"Wait, not even the paparazzi's know about this?" says Liam

"Not even them." he says with a grin of satisfaction on his face. "Well, Paul will give you instructions later on. The next two days are off. Enjoy !" Everybody yells out "Thank You, Simon" 


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