The Malik family

Leila Malik may look like an ordinary girl but shes not. Shes the daughter of Zayn Malik, and Perrie Malik, A.K.A Perrie Edwards. She has her fathers black hair, and her mothers blue eyes. She stuggles to find who her real friends are. Or if they are using her because of her parents old fame. Leila also dont get along with her mother very well. Leila also has a hard time finding love ever since she had her heart broken. Leila is just so confused.


14. Valentines day

Lunch time rolled around and as i was walking in the hall on my way to my locker i bumped into some one, i quickly stop " i am so sorry" i apologize, then i see who it is. Shaylee Horan. Uncle Nialls daughter. Shaylee just smiles at me "its fine Lelia" and then she quickly walks away i see why she was in a bit of a hurry her older brother, Conner, was right behind her pushing her along. As they walk away Connor looks back at me. Then i realized that Carter and Connor are bestfriends. Then before he could stare at me any more i go to my locker, Kristine, Iris, and Jackie are waiting for me. Gosh they're fast. "Hey guys" i greet them 'what took you so long?" Jackie asks, of course it Jackie. "Sorry, i was in a rush and i bumped into Shaylee and Connor... well mostly Shaylee" i open my locker and put on my stuff i close it "lets go" i say then we all walk to the cafeteria. We get in line and after minutes of waiting we get our food and head to our usual table, a few people there, we just sit down and we were normal. -last class- its minutes just before the bell rings and just as i suspected i had so many balloons, then the bells rings, Jackie helps me to take my balloons to my dads car, as we walk out even though my sight is being blurred by balloons i see Shaylee Horan, Mia Payne, Valerie Tomlinson, and Darcy Styles walking out with their many balloons as well, i find it quite hilarious -later on- After minutes of load and unloading all of my balloons we were finally home, Jackie and i carried them into my room, only to be surrounded by more balloons and roses i let out a sigh and set down the ones that were in my hand. Gosh. Jackie and i then go back downstairs to get the rest of them, after hauling them i open mine and Jackie opens hers. Many from people i never talked to. Then my friends and my parents but so far, none from Carter. After i finish with the ones i got at school i get up to see the ones delivered here i walk around and read the cards on all of them... and all of them from one person... Carter. I was actually happy. Then i get a text i immediatly check who it is. Its Carter i smile again and read it 'Hey,beautiful, hope you enjoyed your gifts, but i was hoping if you would like to go out on a date or something, like a movie, yeah? (: ' i think about it.. it dont take me very long i reply with 'Sure (:'

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