The Malik family

Leila Malik may look like an ordinary girl but shes not. Shes the daughter of Zayn Malik, and Perrie Malik, A.K.A Perrie Edwards. She has her fathers black hair, and her mothers blue eyes. She stuggles to find who her real friends are. Or if they are using her because of her parents old fame. Leila also dont get along with her mother very well. Leila also has a hard time finding love ever since she had her heart broken. Leila is just so confused.


13. Valentines day

I wake up to my alarm in the morning. I was to tired. It felt like i only closed my eyes for 5 minutes, next thing i know, i open my eyes and its now 7:49 am, and my dad knocking on my door. "Leila? You awake?" He ask. I respond " Sorry dad. I am now, dont worry i wont take too long" and i quickly jump out of bed and into my closet picking out my clothes, slipping out of my pajamas and into my my clothes for school, then i grab my gifts for Jackie, iris, and kristine . I set them aside i put on my shoes and putting my hair into a high bun. I grab my backpack and my gifts and rush down stairs, my dad already hearing me run he didnt ask if i was ready he just got up and we went to the car -few minutes later- Im at school now i enter the building setting my gifts on the table that already held many gifts and then the first bell of the day rang, whew. Just in time. I go to my locker where a single rose layed on top of my books next to it was a note. Carter. No doubt. A smile came onto my face. I quickly put the rose and note in my binder and hurry to class. And i take a seat, and read the note. All it read was 'Happy Valentines day, beautiful! (: -Carter xx'. Haha, looks like Carter really got lessons how to get girls from uncle Harry.

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