The Malik family

Leila Malik may look like an ordinary girl but shes not. Shes the daughter of Zayn Malik, and Perrie Malik, A.K.A Perrie Edwards. She has her fathers black hair, and her mothers blue eyes. She stuggles to find who her real friends are. Or if they are using her because of her parents old fame. Leila also dont get along with her mother very well. Leila also has a hard time finding love ever since she had her heart broken. Leila is just so confused.


7. Making new friends&enemies

I never wanna do that again. I just quickly walk away and sit with Jackie, Iris, and Kristine. "What took you so long?" Jackie asked me. "Carter" i say. Jackie widens her eyes. " so he finally talked to you? its about time he did" she says. I wanted to drop the subject. right now i wanted to get to know krstine and iris. so i did. So i asked " So how has everybody been?". jackie gives me look, then i just look back at her signaling that we'll talk about it later. " Nothing really, just been busy with all the work Mrs. Richardson has been giving us." Iris says, annoyed. Pretty much every one hates her. Us four just laugh. mrs. richardon thinks shes sooo cool. when shes really not. We talk alot and we do get to know each other. we get up and go dump our trays. as we're walking i see carter's friends talking to him, some giving me dirty looks, and i see carter glancing at me. I just roll my eyes and keep walking. do all they want.... Carter is never going to get me.

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