The Malik family

Leila Malik may look like an ordinary girl but shes not. Shes the daughter of Zayn Malik, and Perrie Malik, A.K.A Perrie Edwards. She has her fathers black hair, and her mothers blue eyes. She stuggles to find who her real friends are. Or if they are using her because of her parents old fame. Leila also dont get along with her mother very well. Leila also has a hard time finding love ever since she had her heart broken. Leila is just so confused.


2. Just another day

I opened the new text I had recived from my mother only having it reading ' Have a good day'. Nothing else. Thats all she said. You probably can tell I dont have a very good relationship with my mum, but I am very close to my father. Strange I know, but Im more of a daddy's girl. I have an older brother, Kaiden. And an older sister, Adriana. Kaiden is a junior in college, and Adriana is a freshman in  college. While im a freshman in boring old highschool. As soon as the bell rings for first period I run inside, the faster I get in the faster I get to go home. It make me mad that people try to be my friend but they really arent. Just using me for the old fame. I dont see why they would want to be my friends though. Im just another girl. Im just Leila. Im snapped out of my thoughts when my english teacher Mrs. Richardson came in. Greeting the class with her signiture " Welcom to english class, folks!", she says it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh and by the way  I absolutly HATE this class. My day is instantly better everyday when the next bell rings. I really dont pay attention in her class. But when the bell rings I jump out of my seat and fly out of there. The day goes by, History, Math, Science, and all of that other stuff. As i sit in my last class I stare at the clock. Finally it rings. The time of the day I LOVE. I run outside into my dad's car. " Hello, Darling! how was school?" he asked and I just replied with " Just another day"





A/N: hello loves! i hope your enjoing my story so far! :) ill try to update everyday as long as im not busy! Any way.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY! :D <3 -Claudia

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