The Malik family

Leila Malik may look like an ordinary girl but shes not. Shes the daughter of Zayn Malik, and Perrie Malik, A.K.A Perrie Edwards. She has her fathers black hair, and her mothers blue eyes. She stuggles to find who her real friends are. Or if they are using her because of her parents old fame. Leila also dont get along with her mother very well. Leila also has a hard time finding love ever since she had her heart broken. Leila is just so confused.


1. Leila Malik

 BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. My alarm went off for school. I hit the snooze button and get up. I look in the mirror my blue eyes  standing out. My black hair also standing out. It was naturally curly. I get my blue eyes from my mum, and my black hair from my dad. My skin color is darker than my mum's but lighter than my dad's. I brush out my hair and grab my towel and head to my bathroom. I ran the hot water and got in the shower, quickly washing my hair, and my body. I step out and head to my room. And I get dressed for school, slipping on my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a pink undershirt, and my sweater shirt from Aeropostale, and my grey  Vans high-tops. I quickly fixed my hair and went down stairs greeted by my father. " Good morning sweet heart!" he smiled at me I smiled back "Good morning, dad!" "Ready for school?" he says while picking up his keys, " Yeah.". We head out the door and he drops me off at school. Im greeted by my one true friend I can trust, Jackie. "Hey Leila!" she hugs me and I hug her back. " Hey Jackie!". We walk around a bit and as we were walking I feel my phone vibrate with a new text. I look at the screen all the screen said was ' 1 new text from: Perrie'. And yes,Perrie Edwards is my mum, and Zayn Malik is my father.

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