Not Another Valentine (one shot)

Brianna and Niall we're the perfect couple when suddenly her father interferes with her love life almost ruining it. Will it all change or will thing stay the same?


1. Not Another Valentine

Niall and I have been apart for 3 weeks now and Valentines day is tomorrow. I have to admit, I miss him, alot. It was just for the best. He was the perfect boyfriend. He always tested me Goodmorning and goodnight. He would give up his sweater and hug when I was cold. He would even sing to me when I was feeling down. But then my dad heard the news and rushed over to his house right away. I had not known what my father had said or done to him but the next morning he broke the one thing that I thought was unbreakable. He broke my heart. I felt alone and frustrated. I refuse to speak to him now. He told me that he had fallen for someone else. After a couple of weeks passed I learned why he had said that. Not only to protect himself but to also protect me too. See my father was never in my life and why he chose to be a part of it all of a sudden confused me. He used to be very abusive not only physically but mentally and emotionally. My mum left him and we moved to Ireland. Then I met Niall and everything changed for me. Things just suddenly got, better.
Niall had five best friends and ever since we broke up they were always trying to convince me to go back with him. Since I refused they did the worst thing possible. They kept sending me Valentines. Valentines and rhymes and little love poems from Niall. Every day I would here my door bell ring and it was soo annoying. I told them to stop but they wouldn't listen. Then Niall started to send me those cute fruit arrangements and gigantic bears everyday. As much as I wanted to feel special, I couldn't. I couldn't just let h send me thing like that, it's just too much, especially everyday. RING!RING! There goes the door bell. I could barely get down the stairs with all the stuff I had. RING!RING! "I'm Coming! " I shouted. I finally got to the door when I seen another big bear and chocolates. Urg! Where am I going to put this one? I took the massive plush thing and threw it way across the room. The the doorbell sounded again. RING!RING! Ahh! I'm going to go crazy. I opened the door and there was a letter and a lollipop with stripes. 'Louis' I thought. I started to walk back to the couch when I heard that annoying noise. I had to walk back to the for. RING!RING! I opened it and then there was some pencils and an eraser. 'Zayn' I thought. I walked back to the couch and there it was again. RING!RING! Ahh! Um gonna kill that thing! I walked back to the door and tripped on the massive bear staring at me. I opened the door and I was Liam. "Hi there Brianna. How is your day going? Before I had time to answer he continued on. "Well I just wanted to give you this letter from Niall. Alright well see you later then." He left and I read the note.
Dear Brianna,
Please forgive me for what I did. I miss you terribly and if that means me having to face tour father then I'm willing to take that risk. Please come back to me. And if you don't want to, will you at least come outside?
I wondered what it meant but I went outside anyway. I was shocked when I seen six stools there. Liam took me by the had and say me in one right across from the stool in the middle. Then all of a sudden there we're fiber boys coming out from behind cars and trees and bushes. I was confused and then I saw my ex. Everyone sat there and Harry gave me some pixie stix I laughed. "Sorry Bri but I forgot to give these to you." I smiled and stayed quiet. Then Niall sat there in front of me with his guitar. Harry sat down and they all started to sing. I started to blush and then when they said those words. 'So we can start it all over again'. I started to cry and when they finished the song Niall got up and hugged me. "So what do you say Bri, can we start it all over again?" I laughed. "Haha as long as you don't send me anything else."
"Are you sure about that?" He smirked when he said that. "Okay, I'm not so sure about that one. But please just not another Valentine." With that said he hugged me tightly and kissed me on the lips. His kisses brought warm caring feelings to me. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. His eyes were sparkling. "That's fine by me." I smiled and we continued to kiss while the wind brought the perfect moment together.
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