Letters to you

I really do miss a lot of people and I wish I could just tell them what they mean to me but how am I meant to say something to someone who I afraid of talking to? How am I meant to talk to someone who has died? How am I meant to talk to someone who just left me?


2. Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,
I remember when we were in prep and you were new to the school and you walked into the classroom not knowing where to sit. At lunch time you came and played with me and my friends. Weeks later on I invited you to my house to have a play date, we had so much fun. By the time we were in grade two we were best friends and no one would be able to break to the friendship. By the time we were in grade four were were so close together that you could say we were sisters, we would tell each other our biggest secrets. When we were in grade five you made it to the states swimming team and I made it into the state gymnastics team. We were still very close. On the 25th of July my grandad passed away right in front of me. I was so upset so I called you like we alway would if we had a problem or just needed someone to talk to. I called you, you didn't answer. The next day I didn't come to school and the teacher told the class why I wouldn't be at school for afew weeks. Two weeks passed and I was back at school. When it came to lunch time I went to our meeting place that we would meet at whèn it was lunch time, you weren't there. I knew that you were at school because I saw you. Weeks passed and still hadn't talked to me and yôu were now hanging out with the 'popular' girls. Months passed and I had called you afew times and we would talk for a litte bit but you never had much to say to me. It was only every the how are you? how's school? convasations. Grade six soon came around, I asked you towards the end of they year why did you just leave me when i was hurting but you just ignored me. Grade seven came around. New school (high school) and a new start. I made a lot of new friends and so did you. I would see you walking through the hallways with your books in your hand and you wouldn't even say a friendly hi or hello, you wouldn't even look at me. Then when term two of grade seven came around I would see you at your lockers and you had so much makeup on I could barly recognise you. You had changed and to be honest it wasn't a good change, you became really mean to people you would make them feel like dirt, like they were nothing.

Now when I see you down town with you 'popular' friends I just think to my self why did you just leave me? We hadn't even had a single fight. We wee the best of friends, sisters.
Some times I wish that I could of had you as my friend for just a little bit longer. I hope that you have a good time at your new school.

I really wish that I could ask you in person why you left my when I was hurting when I was crying my self to sleep at nights. You know what I didn't only loose my grandad that year I lost you, my best friend, my sister.

From Abigail
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