Letters to you

I really do miss a lot of people and I wish I could just tell them what they mean to me but how am I meant to say something to someone who I afraid of talking to? How am I meant to talk to someone who has died? How am I meant to talk to someone who just left me?


1. Dear Grandad

Dear Grandad it's been 3 years now since you had your heart attack. I really do miss you I think about you most nights. Grandma misses you and so does everyone else. Christmas isn't the same any more, it's not as fun as it use to be.

Do you remember when you took me to the light house and we just looked at the view and picked flowers?
Do you remember when you would pick me up from school and the we would get and ice cream and eat it at the beach?
Do you remember when you took me to the fire station and we played in the seats of the fire trucks and then you would give me a tour around the station?
Do you remember when it was Christmas morning and you would come to my house and you would help set up all the presents we got?
Do you remember when you would take me and my family on long drives to random places and we would all just talk about everything and anything?

I only had you with me for 11 year but I really do think that 11 years wasn't enough but in that time we made so many memories. The last night I spent with you was really the best and worst night of my life. We were all siting down at the table eating out roast and then you just all of a sudden dropped your head. I remember mum telling me to go and wait at the front of the house and wait for and ambulance to come. I remember being in my room hearing all the beeping and all the sounds from my room. I remember being so scared and dad coming into my room to say you were gone. I remember all the good moments we shared together and I promise I will never forget them.

Love Abigail
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