(Harry styles fanfction) Emerson is going to London with her sister Emma, for Emma's birthday. Emerson runs into someone she's loved since the day she layed eyes on him, well a poster of him. She's seen him in videos and tv, but what happens when she meets him? Will she keep it cool? Or fan girl? Find out and read this fanfic. (Chances)


3. Mystery girl!

"Would you hurry up in there!" I yelled. The door opened revealing the same beautiful green orbs.
My body is starting to shake. Ok don't scream don't scream! I keep thinking. "I'm sor-" I began "You don't have to be nervous or apologise, love." He said. "Yeah but your-" I got cut off. "Just cause I'm Harry styles, doesn't mean You shouldn't have to apologise for every thing you say or do." He said. I smiled. "Well, I'm Emerson." I said out of the blu. "Hahaha, I'm Harry." He said. He put is hand out and I shook it. His hands! AHHHH so big!! I was blushing like crazy. "Well, do you need to use the restroom?" He asked. "Umm not any more." I replied. I really didn't. I guess I was in so much shock from seeing him again that I lost all the feeling of the need to pee. "We will be landing in London in 3 minutes." The flight attendant said. "Your going to London?" He asked. "No I'm just on this plane for fun!" I teased. Shoot. I keep letting my embarrassing personality show! He chuckled. "Well maybe I'll see you around?" He said. "I hope so!" I giggled. "But I'm only out here for a month." I sighed. "Plenty of time!" He giggled. "What do you mean?" I said. "Well I'll be around town for a month, before we tour." He stated. I have tickets to one of those concerts! "Oh, well maybe I'll see you at one of them." I said. "What do you mean?" He asked. " I have tickets to one of those concerts." I replied. "Really? Your an fan?" He asked. "Cough cough directioner cough." I said. I giggled. "Well maybe I'll see you there then." He said. "The plane has landed! You may all get out of your seats!" The flight attendant said. "C'mon!" Zayn said pulling harrys arm
"Bye." He said running out of the plane. "Bye." I sighed. "C'mon loser!" My sister yelled pulling me out of the plane. I decided it was best not to tell her about Harry and I. You know cause she might try to find him and try to date him. *** We entered the big beautiful hotel room and settled in I washed up and watched the Telly: one directions harry styles mystery girl! WHAT?!?! I saw the pic of me with harry at the airport. Oh. My. God.
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