(Harry styles fanfction) Emerson is going to London with her sister Emma, for Emma's birthday. Emerson runs into someone she's loved since the day she layed eyes on him, well a poster of him. She's seen him in videos and tv, but what happens when she meets him? Will she keep it cool? Or fan girl? Find out and read this fanfic. (Chances)


1. Late!

My names Emerson Ella Jameson. I'm from a small town in the mists of England called Framlingham. I just started my first year of collage and started my career as a CD seller just the next town over. My friends and family would probably describe me as the most fun loving care free girl they know.

My hobbies include, hanging out with my friends, shopping, skateboarding, oh and I love playing my guitar. Oh and how could I forget! My whole life revolves around fangirling for the one the only One Direction!

My family is great! I have one sibling, my sister. Emma. Emma is 2 years older then me. We live with our grandmother. Our parents died in a tragic car ascendent when I was 12.

My grandmother is taking my sister to London for her 21st birthday tomorrow, and I get to come along. I'm really excited.

"Emerson! I need you now! It's urgent!" My sister Emma yelled.

I ran out of my room, and down the hall to Emma's room. "Are you alright?" I said walking into her room.

She stared at me and laughed. I looked in her mirror and realized I had half of my head straightened and the other half puffy and curly. I giggled. "Anyways, what shirt should I wear tomorrow?" She said showing me two shirts. One red with aero across the top. And the other one was, blue and white striped.

"That's your big emergency?!?" I yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked out.

"Come on! Which one?" She hollered out her door.

"Red!" I shouted back.

I walked back into my room and finished straightening my hair. I packed my bag for tomorrow. It was only 4:30pm so I decided to take a little nap. I rested my head on my fluffy blue pillow and dozed off.

"EMERSON GET UP WERE GONNA BE LATE!" Emma yelled waking me up.

I looked at the clock and couldn't believe my eyes. 7:30am! The flight leaves at 8:30am. I got up and through on my shoes, grabbed my bags, and ran out the door. I got into my grandmothers car with my sister. My grandmother got in and drove off.

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